“On the National Archives Building in the Nation’s Capital, is etched the inscription, “What is past is prologue.”

“In the Atomic Age in which we now live, it is important that Americans understand the past so that we may better plan for the future.

At the time of Yalta, eleven years ago, there were two hundred million people behind the Communist Iron Curtain. Now there are approximately nine hundred million who have lost their freedom to the most godless tyranny the world has ever known.

Elizabeth Brown has done a great deal of research and with insight has developed additional facts in helping to explain the strange course of our foreign policy during the past eleven years.

Not until all of the documents are published on Teheran and Potsdam, will we have sufficient information on which to base final judgments on that crucial period.

In the meantime, however, THE ENEMY AT HIS BACK will be of value to all individuals anxious for a free world of free men. We must recognize that in dealing with the Kremlin, the road to appeasement is not the road to peace. It is only surrender on the installment plan.”

~ WILLIAM F. KNOWLAND, United State Senator

Download The Enemy At His Back-Elizabeth Churchill Brown-1956