Note: The opinions expressed by the authors of the documents presented herein are those of these particular authors and not necessarily the opinions of the site’s creator. They are presented here for educational purposes.

This project actually began before World War I and is now finally coming to fruition, due to the late developments regarding information dissemination technologies. Prior to Internet distribution, many library archives have been in hiding, due to the possibility of destruction. Had the internet not intervened, many of the rare and important books and documents on this website would have found their way to the dustbin of history. There are and have been many groups whose role it is to search and destroy on a daily basis the historical record of what has brought us to where we are today. They have also for many years been removing from public libraries and global distribution networks books which counter their subversive activities. Their goal has been to cover their trails. Interestingly enough, many of these books were written by their own planners.

Many of those involved in our project have passed away, some even under rather mysterious circumstances. Three important researchers suffered severe strokes in the same week; one of whom died; another was never able to speak again. These individuals held important positions within the global underground societies. There are some who would call them infiltrators. We call them heroes and lovers of freedom. These individuals risked their lives so that we might not share the fate of civilizations destroyed in the past due to ignorance and government conditioning.

The current creators of this site have for many years been aware of many of the behind the scenes activities taking place in our world. They have been searching out the truth and connecting the dots day in and day out. Apparently we were well enough “in the know” to be trusted with the vast archive of information collected by the researchers mentioned in the foregoing paragraph.

There is also major content from many other sources regarding recent history. Much relates to American and global economics and politics. A very large part of this website deals with the subject of education. Most of us would wonder how anyone, short of a Hitler or Stalin, would possibly want to harm innocent children. Government and corporation-funded projects dedicated to the manipulation of our children’s minds, souls, is included on this website. One will realize that we are looking at psychological manipulation of the future citizens of our world so that they will accept totalitarian dictatorship run by an international elitist government/corporate partnership. Children are being programmed to accept whatever is thrown at them, without question or concern.

Should one not clearly see a diabolical agenda today we only ask that you investigate further and stop depending on the nightly news which is devoted to mind manipulation and conditioning to a particular viewpoint. Those controlling the media are the same individuals who have been running the world for hundreds to thousands of years. That’s why nothing historical is ever attached to the daily happenings. We’re not being informed; we’re being misinformed and conditioned on a daily basis.