One of the earlier papers dealing with the international community education concept whereby elected officials take a back seat to the council (unelected soviet) form of regional government.Do not dismiss this paper as something off the wall. This new council form of government is presently being planned for us at all levels. Former Senator William Bradley, (D) N.J., recommended this change to unelected council form of government during an interview on Sunday morning TV several years ago. Some quotes follow: It will enable you and your neighbors, not distant representatives, to assume effective and beneficial control of the neighborhood in which you live in a dramatically different way right now. We, the people, can lead our leaders towards national and international cooperation by doing it ourselves first so we can all see there is a way other than the competitive and nationalistic approaches we are now using. You will be able to create a new social, economic and political force that represents you as individuals and families living in a block in a neighborhood.

Download Cooperative Community Development-Joe Falk-1975