The words of Harlan Cleveland, long-time internationalist change agent who served as the first U.S. Ambassador to the Common Market, are of utmost importance. This paper prepared by Cleveland and Marc Luyckx for the European Union seems to have set the stage for future discussions of the role of religion in the new EU Constitution and especially the role of traditional Christianity. The second to the last paragraph is clear regarding the relegation of Christianity to a position of “equality” with other non-Christian religions. It reads: “The transmodern way of thinking outlined in this paper is ACTIVELY tolerant. It acknowledges that it is important for all civilizations to be receptive to that which is alien, whatever form this may take. It is open to the transcendental, while resisting any authoritarian imposition of religious certainty. The truth is at the centre of things; each person converges toward it with his/her own culture, along his/her own path. Nobody has a monopoly of the truth any more “yet it does exist.”

Download WRNF-European Commission Forward Studies Unit-Religion and Governance-1998