What I learned at that conference is contained in my first report, Report on the Governor’s Conference on Children and Youth. It tells about the plan to control all of the children of Missouri. Parents may be allowed to be caretakers, but the state plan is to professionally manage and control every aspect of child development. Those who refuse to participate in the scheme are forced to submit in two ways: 1. A hot-line call for child abuse or neglect OR 2. Referral of a professional I knew that the child abuse reporting system or hot line, as it is now called, had been functioning for years. Any anonymous call could lead to the removal of children from their homes. What I hadn’t known until this conference was what Governor Bond announced in his opening remarks. Four thousand Missouri children are taken away every year. The full impact of how the “referral of a professional” worked was not revealed until a subsequent conference in March of 1982.

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