Following articles published by Conscience Press in 1995: OBE and Choice: The Fatal Flaw in Compromise, Iserbyt; Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, Iserbyt; Training our Children for the Global Economy; The Multinational Corporations’ Role in Dumbdown, Fascist/Socialist Planned Economy, Iserbyt and Fields; A Debate with William Spady, Iserbyt; From Choice to Work Force Training, Iserbyt; School-to-Work: the Great Perpetual Workforce Machine – A Lifelong Learning System, Lewis; The Madness is in the “METHOD”, Iserbyt; The “Skinner-Box” School, Jed Brown (public school educator). The title of this booklet relates to the primary role of the neoconservatives, working,of course, with the left, in implementing, through the schools, what is now belatedly understood to be the corporate-fascist (socialist) agenda.

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