Barbara Morris, brilliant writer on political and education issues, provided the early warnings regarding changes in public education from traditional moral and academic education to what is known as humanistic education following the tenets of John Dewey, B.F., Skinner, Sidney Simon, et al. As Morris says in the preface to her book “’Why Are You Losing Your Children’ is about the most deceitful hoax of modern times: The promotion of the non-theistic religion of Humanism in public schools. It is also about ‘values education’ (a form of behavior modification) which is used in schools as a means to promote the principles of the religion of Humanism.” This book served as the basic primer for activist parents during the tumultuous seventies and eighties when their children were being subjected to values- destroying, non-academic programs developed by the federal government as a result of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. Her words make more sense now than ever as we observe the disastrous academic and moral results wrought by humanistic education, the UNESCO, and the U.S. Department of Education and its federally-funded and trained “agents of change”.

Download Why Are You Losing Your Children-Barbara Morris-1976