What happened to our schools? Why are some so woefully lacking in discipline and order that guards have to be brought in to prevent violence? What about the children? Why do so many fail to graduate? What is wrong with the education system? In THE HATE FACTORY Erica Carle reveals the truth about destructive classroom changes that began many years ago, but continue to this day. No doubt about it, the curriculum has changed, and in most cases, not for the better. What is behind the changes that have destroyed the enthusiasm for learning for so many students? And what has happened to love for God, family, and country? Why are some children alienated from their parents and parental instruction? THE HATE FACTORY reveals the history, goals, and methods of those who are using children to bring about changes in our social, moral, political, and economic principles and customs. It is an ongoing process, and we know of nowhere else that this vital information is available in such an easy to read, compact form. Thousands of copies of THE HATE FACTORY have been sold since it was first published in 1972. We are pleased to make it available again to parents, teachers, and students of the 21st Century.

Download The Hate Factory-Erica Carle-1972