“Having read `The Rape of Palestine,’ I stand amazed at the scholarship, the courage and the competence of William B. Ziff, its author. The book is full of political dynamite -in its documented indictment of the British camarilla which in betraying the Jewish nation is betraying the British nation as well ; in its unsparing exposure of self-deluded Zionist leadership ; in its passionate and convincing demonstration that anti-Semitism threatens to annihilate not only us Jews but everything connoted by `Christian civilization.’ It is a moving and powerful and vastly significant book, the kind of book, it seems to me, that makes history.”

~ Eugene Lyons

“The Palestine problem is not a local issue. It has become one of major significance to the world at large. Mr. Ziff’s great book is a splendid contribution to the clarification and ultimate solution of that problem. It is a perfectly amazing historical document. Its clarity and charm of style, its forthright logic and masterly presentation’ of facts make it one of the outstanding books of this generation.”

~ William Griffin, Editor and Publisher, New York Enquirer

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