I feel confident that today the great majority of the thinking world is more or less interested in Occultism. There has never been a time when the thought of inter-communism between the spiritual and the material worlds has brought such comfort to the human mind and heart, and in view of the cataclysm through which this planet has just passed, and the ensuing march of epochmaking events, it is impossible to believe that life is but chance : We must more and more be convinced that the destinies of men as of nations, lie in the hand of God, and that His ministering angels are striving to help us establish a great Brotherhood wherein selfishness, greed and creed may for all time be eliminated. We cannot advance far into the spheres of life and thought, without recognizing that the evolution of the world is as necessary as individual evolution, and that life would be purposeless, were we not thinking and working for those things that help us to get into touch with God, and to know ourselves. The League of Nations that is advocated today, represents an effort toward unity of soul as well as material force. Those vast numbers of men and women who have paid with their lives for victory in the titanic struggle of the world-war, would not be satisfied if peace were to be established merely along physical lines and without consideration of the spiritual ends for which they fought.

Download The Meeting Of The Spheres-Letters From Dr Coulter-Edit By Charlotte G Herbine-1919