This remarkable book published by the American Jewish Committee will appeal to WWI history buffs and those interested in the plight of the Jews during that tragic conflagration. The following excerpt provides just a taste of what is to be found within the covers of this book: 24 THE JEWS IN THE EASTERN WAR ZONE Count A. Bobrinski, a Conservative member of the Imperial Council, declared, in a statement to the editor of the “Dehn”:*

“The conservative members of the Imperial Council raised no objection whatsoever against the recent Government measure granting permission to the Jews to reside outside of the Pale. I believe that we shall have to become accustomed to the idea of seeing the Jews dwell in all parts of Russia after this war is over. There can be no return to the old conditions. The necessities of the war must lead us also to sanction future concessions toward the Jews whenever the need thereof will be recognized by the Government in order to be able to place a Government loan in America.”

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