This book is the last work of the late William Kingsland and is published under the auspices of “The Kingsland Literary Trust.” This Trust was inaugurated by the author shortly before his death, and is by his wish composed of the Council of the Blavatsky Association, who are thereby empowered to publish his MSS. at their discretion. The “Gnosis” had occupied much of Kingsland’s time and thought during the last two years of his life, and was not completed , until shortly before his death, he had, indeed, hoped to make a few alterations to the manuscript but did not live to do so, and except for the correction of some typist’s errors it is published as it left the author’s hand. In this work Kingsland shows how the fundamental teachings given to the world at the beginning of the Christian era were derived from the Gnosis or Ancient Wisdom, but in time have become so perverted that the modern interpretation of Christianity represents merely their debased survival. It should be mentioned that the author’s title for this work was The Gnosis in the Christian Scriptures, which the Trust altered to its present form. The cost of the publication has been met by many friends whom William Kingsland had helped to a truer concept of the realities of life through his deep understanding of the Ancient Wisdom. The contributors have been glad to assist in the production of this work as a memorial to one whom they regard with enduring gratitude and affection.

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