The Aim of this Book-We must neither Mock nor Disdain the Occult Sciences before we Know them-The Immense Documentation of the Author-What called Occultism, its Origin, its Development, its Sleep and its Reawaking during the last Century-In how far Occultism is Moral, Therapeutic and Divinatory- Fatalism, Determinism and Free Will-The Justification and Experimental Reality of Astrology-The Astral Sign-Manual-What is Physiognomony and what are its Uses-The Planetary Types-Definite Interest Chiromancy-Graphology and its Useful Introduction into the Upper Schools-Theory of Cartomancy-Thoughts on Dreams-Clairvoyance and its Marvels–Word as to Magic,Witchcraft, Alchemy, the Kabbala, Psychism and Metapsychism-Attempted Deductions by the Writer of the Preface himself.

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