This book is in response to literally hundreds of requests from parents and teachers around the nation who have looked to the author and to the Anaheim Bulletin for guidance in the controversy over sex instruction and sensitivity training in the schools.

Readers of the author’s daily newspaper column realize that the problem they face is multi-faceted and deals with much more than a few dirty words used in a classroom or the imparting of clinical knowledge to children before they are old enough to absorb it.

Sex instruction is only one small part of a massive bulldozer operation to convert America’s public school system into a series of behavioral science clinics for reshaping and restructuring the children into the International Child of Orwell’s 1984.

In writing the foreword for “The Child Seducers” my initial impulse was to enthuse over the completeness of John Steinbacher’s chilling expository. My considered opinion is, however – this book needs no endorsement, for Mr. Steinbacher has so precisely presented a vast amount of research that the book stands superbly on its own merits. The author graphically demonstrates the fact that the children of America are being gripped in the vise of either an unwise or unscrupulous education system, and are being forcefully made accessories to the incomes of huge publishing empires, and others. This factually presented information is sufficient to unsettle even the most complacent or indifferent reader.

– M. Royer, M.S

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