THE EGYPTIAN TEXT ACCORDING TO THE THEBAN RECENSION IN HIEROGLYPHIC EDITED FROM NUMEROUS PAPYRI, WITH A TRANSLATION, VOCABULARY, ETC. The present volume forms part of a work on the Theban Recension of the Book of the Dead, which I have prepared for Messrs. Kegan Paul and Co. with a view of supplying an edition of the Egyptian text in hieroglyphic, a full Vocabulary to the same with copious references, and a complete translation, with introductory chapters upon the history, object and contents of the Book of the Dead, in a handy form and at a moderate price. It is the most complete edition of the Theban Recension hitherto published, but future discoveries in Egypt may at any moment result in the recovery of papyri containing Chapters at present unknown to us.

Download The Book Of The Dead-The Chapters Of Coming Forth By Day-EA Wallis Budge-1898