An uncanonical tradition records a question by the Almighty at the entrance to Paradise: “Where wert thou when the Lord God created the world?” Similar reflections cannot be far from the mind of any German who has to look back to-day on twenty-two years of war and revolution, and asks himself the question : “Where wert thou when the German people had to go through a purgatory of twenty-two years?” I answer this question on my own behalf in the following book, which may be regarded as my confession.If,notwithstanding age, ill-health and disgust with politics, I have been able to complete the work, my thanks are wholly due to the help given to me by Fraulein Myriam Becker, whose youthful energy and enthusiasm never failed throughout. It gives me the greatest pleasure to be able to offer her, in this place also, the expression of my gratitude. J. BERNSTORFF

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