In its issue of September 5, 2005 the number three weekly news magazine, US. News and World Report, which boasts of being “Rated America’s Most Credible News Service,” ran a major article by its reporter Jay Tolson, titled, “Inside the Masons”.

The purported facts set forth in the article by staff writer Jay Tolson, actually are contradicted by the true facts set forth in the official Scottish Rite monthly magazine, the New Age, which underwent a name change in the early 1980s. One aspect of the article also is contradicted by a news article in The Washington Post some years earlier. As a matter of fact, the US News article is typical of a variety of articles on Masonry that have appeared over the years with some regularity in a variety of newspapers and magazines across the country. Apparently the purpose is, and has been to dispel – as one letter writer from Indianapolis wrote in the magazine’s September 19 issue – “misinformation about the [Masonic] fraternity.” Those newspaper articles, have all the appearance of press releases by the Masonic fraternity, leading the public to believe that this late 18`’ century Fraternity is comprised of a group of good of boys dedicated to helping their fellow man by their support of hospitals dedicated to ministering to burned children, and spreading good cheer among all people by their parades and circuses. Cities, large and small, across this country have two things in common: a Protestant Church and a Masonic Lodge. However, little known to the public at large, research shows those lodges are themselves a type of a church teaching the pagan Ancient Mysteries and other occult matters, as a review of Masonic literature will certainly evidence, particularly the New Age, and the magnum opus, Morals and Dogma, written by their late 19th Century Grand Commander, Albert Pike.

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