This series of lessons has been given in substance in half a dozen cities in the United States and Canada, and in parts elsewhere. The talks were all extemporaneous, but those delivered to a private class in Washington were taken in shorthand and many of the chapters put into shape from these notes. The corrections and writing of other chapters were done in Florida, where there were no books available, so that citations to references had subsequently to be made in footnotes. Philosophy is rather difficult for the average reader, for which reason the simple and conversational style of the talks has been retained so far as possible. Metaphysics is a closed book to most, and I have long felt that the subject should be stated more plainly and made accessible to more people. This work may seem to lack finish and polish for that reason, yet it is hoped that it may at least contain suggestions not entirely devoid of value or interest to trained philosophers as well as to other seekers after truth.

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