Important paper written in 1978 by educational researcher Mary G. Williams which documents and explains purpose of community education, affective education, sex, drug, death, human development, career, world order, moral, health education, etc. and etc. Good excerpts from Humanist Manifesto II and excellent, informative coverage of destructive programs in public schools, including Magic Circle, New Model Me, etc. Important quote re UNESCO’s Birth to Death Community Education (Re-education) follows which, by the way, is being implemented across the nation and internationally in 2006. Lee Pavola, a Mott Foundation intern, clarifies the true intent: “It seems to me the end result of community education until now has been that we will get somebody in to play volley ball and will think we have changed their attitudes. Well, they will have played volley ball for three years and end up with the same attitudes they started with unless the teacher imparts a different set of standards.”

Download Education Designed To Deceive-Mary Williams-1978