The history of Great Britain since the war has been characterized by an unusual absence of political leadership. None of those who have governed the destinies of the nation from Downing Street between 1918 and 1932 have been able to uphold the best traditions of British statesmanship. During a period in which Italy produced a Mussolini, France a Poincare, Russia a Lenin and a Stalin, Germany a Stresemann, the politicians of the nation which through many centuries has acquired a reputation for statesmanship, failed to live up to the high standard established by their predecessors. None of the Governments that have succeeded each other since the war have been able to give a lead to Europe, in accordance with British traditions. If, in spite of this, the British nation has maintained its prestige for its statesmanlike qualities, the credit is due to a man whose sphere of activity has been outside politics. This man is Mr. Montagu Collet Norman.

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