“Alice M. Weir” is a pseudonym. The author has chosen to conceal her identity in writing And There’s Tomorrow for two reasons.

First, the book is partly biographical. Mrs. Weir, like Sarah, the story’s heroine, was born in the early 1900’s and raised in New England. She worked on a newspaper for many years and married late in life. Thus it might prove embarrassing for friends and family if the fictional areas of the book were confused with facts.

Two, the book is controversial. While “Alice M. Weir” has published much material under her real name and is known in the fields of religious and political discourses, this is her first attempt to reach the general public through the medium of fiction. Here, her arguments and reasoning are presented by characters such as “Great Uncle John David Barr”, “Mr. Carter”, “Congressman Kahl”, “Amy Dimmock” and “Sarah”, herself. However, the narrative is not diffused by the “Causes” Sarah exposes. Detailed political information including names, dates, reports and referrals, can be found in the back of the book as an attached addenda.Thus a reader has the choice of delving deeply into an amazing conglomerate of mis-used and mis-guided national power, or merely riding the surface of its devastating undercurrents.

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