IN THE LATTER PART OF 1971, THE AMERICAN PSYCHOANALYTICAL Association held a four-day meeting in New York City. Dr. Peter Hartocollis, a research director at the famous Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas, addressed the group of almost two thousand psychoanalysts. Dr. Hartocollis spoke of the current rising interest in areas of mysticism and the occult. “The resurgence of mysticism in America,” Dr. Hartocollis told his audience, “can be seen in the mindexpanding drugs, the proliferation of religious cults-such as the Jesus Freaks-and a growing fascination with astrology, Oriental philosophies, rustication, monasticism, and matters of the occult. It is mainly extant among the young, who are finding that material progress is valueless, science is immoral and the corporate organization of modern society is oppressive.

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