“Consider the way by which a new study is introduced into the curriculum. Someone feels that the school system of his (or quite frequently nowadays her) town is falling behind the times. There are rumors of great progress in education being made elsewhere. Something new and important has been introduced; education is being revolutionized by it; the superintendent and board become uneasy; the matter is taken up by individuals and clubs; pressure is brought to bear on the school’s system; letters are written to the newspapers… editorials appear; finally the school board ordains that on and after a certain date the particular new branch… shall be taught in the public schools. The victory is won, and everybody… unless it be some already over-burdened and distracted teacher… congratulates everybody else, that such advanced steps are taken.”

The above quotation sounds as if it came from the year 1968. However it belongs to John Dewey in the year 1901. He perceived the need for a systematic way of bringing an innovation into a school district.

“This booklet is designed to acquaint the reader with processes of change. A vocabulary common to change literature is used. It is recommended that the user study the glossary in advance of the reading or as needed for clarification.

The planned change strategy advocated herein should be easily adapted by teachers, supervisors, administrators, business executives, organization offices or church leaders.”

Download The Point Plan-A Strategy For Bringing About Change-Roger Harrell-1968