In order to make your technical experience in reading and using the PDF files on the site as effective as possible, please read on as to how best to use them. Many are large and are best handled as follows.

When downloading a file you should save it directly to your hard drive. With Internet Explorer you should right click and select Save Target As, then select where you would like the file saved to. With Mozilla Firefox you just left click the link and you will be prompted with a choice to save the file to disk. This is due to the issues that arise when using Browser Based Adobe Acrobat/Reader plug-ins. Simply put… you will have much better capability and functionality using the free Adobe Reader stand alone version. Selecting, copying, pasting and overall viewing will be much smoother. For best results in viewing files, please keep in mind the following points:

The latest version of Adobe Reader is best for viewing. If you do not have it you can obtain Reader for free by clicking on the Adobe Reader logo on the lower left of the screen. You will then be taken to the download location on their site.

Turning down your monitor brightness helps for reading long files.

Using the Adobe Reader Search function will quickly find subject matter of particular interest. If it’s not visible you can click the binoculars icon at the top of the window.

The files have cut and paste capability, due to optical character recognition technologies. Occasionally there are digital character recognition faults and we suggest you proof cut and paste sections before sending in an email or other document.

The files are also voice capable and can be read aloud if need be. The function is on the View menu as Read Out Loud.

The magnifying function will allow you to set the document to a comfortable level for reading. Find it at the top area of the Adobe Reader window.

Should you need to stretch the window: click and hold the lower right hand corner of the window to drag it to the desired size.

Use the Pages tab to the left side of the window to preview page thumbnails and select sections by clicking the region of the page once.

If you would like to scroll faster through a file it is suggested that you use the Down Arrow key. If need be…the blue right or left arrows at the bottom will jump pages. Faster than that would be click-holding and dragging the vertical bar on the right to zoom through a file. You can also select the Page Tab to the left and visually scroll down through the file, then clicking the thumbnail you would like to view as a page.

File Tags for categorization purposes are as follows:

SEC_SOC–Secret Societies

For your convenience it is suggested that you create a folder in which to place the files so that you’ll know where they all reside.