This old globe is now belted with battle, in the greatest war that ever was or ever can be, to settle the problem of the brotherhood of man and of nations.

When the smoke shall have cleared away, there will be a new day for the whole world, and a new meaning to Christian brotherhood, as there will be a brotherhood of nations for the first time in human history.

In the future, national disorder must not be allowed anywhere in the world, for it leads tointernational disorder.

The idea that Mexico is a land to be exploited by foreign princes passed away with Maximilian. The idea that it is to be exploited for the benefit of the United States must soon go by the boards, if it has not already gone.

What is wanted is a clear path to extend help to Mexico – Mexico in its normal disorder, moral, social, financial, and political.

As a student of the war and human progress, I went to Mexico to study the oil situation. I came back with something more important – “The Mexican Problem.”

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