I worked for the Devil and he was a bore and mediocrity. Although the methods and goals of Novosti* are devilishly evil, its daily routine is so boring that it does not produce outrage. It simply debilitates. For those in the West (and East), whose knowledge of our system is based on spy thrillers, the reality is much less exciting. If the free world wants to survive, it has to mobilize itself to take dominion over this deadly dangerous disease called in APN’s newspeak “ideological subversion.”

*Novosti Press Agency is a front of the KGB used for disinformation. It was founded in 1961 to replace Cominform (Communist Information Bureau) Working directly under Agitprop and the KGB, Novosti Press Agency is the biggest propaganda and ideological subversion organization of the U.S.S.R.

Download World Thought Police-Tomas Schuman-1986