OUR AMERICAN HERITAGE Turning back the pages of the past, we see an interesting and colorful panorama. As the result of economic pressure in the old lands or because our forefathers craved the right to think their thoughts and live their lives according to the dictates of their own consciences, they braved the terrors of a sea that was still little known and came to this land determined to establish here homes for themselves and their children. With few exceptions they refused to be turned back. They were ready to endure every privation, to face boldly every peril. With such motives and such a purpose they could not fail to conquer. And they did conquer. The first real test they faced was one with nature, that nature that can be so implacable and cruel in one mood and so alluring and disarming in another. Landing on the Atlantic coast they began to cut out of the dense forest, land upon which to build their crude cabins and from which to get food and clothing for their needs. They subdued nature, they fought back the Indians and generation after generation their roots sunk more deeply into the soil of the new land.

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