May, 1957 issue of The Communist magazine, “A magazine of theory and practice of Marxism-Leninism published by the Communist Party of the USA.” This issue carries an article “The Schools and the People’s Front” which states in part: “The schools are community centers which bring together the broadest strata of the population; discusses role of the labor unions in American education, especially the AFT…states “the universal Catholic Church had been broken up in the process of the bourgeois revolutions; thus great numbers had been liberated from any well coordinated institution for the indoctrination of the minds of the populace with ideas conducive to peaceful submission to the ruling class…” It also states “The dissatisfaction with the present on the part of many educators may be lead in either of two directions – either backward toward scholasticism or forward toward Marxism.” And … “The purpose is to guide and direct that spirit of rebelliousness which already exists. This means to root ourselves in the lives of the students.” This article clearly explains the role of communism in the alienation of young people from traditional American values and religion.

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