Having myself been through a social revolution it became steadily clearer to me that the propaganda employed by the dictators in their respective countries was leading to a far more momentous program than was apparent on the surface. When the free press and the rights of free assembly and all other vestiges of individual liberty were finally destroyed in the dictator countries, I became genuinely alarmed. My past boiled into my mind and I saw, dimly at first, but most vividly as time went on, an idealistic boy who desired to destroy a tyrannical old world so that a better one, a world where all could be free and equal and enjoy impartially the fruits of the earth, might be built upon it. That boy had been frustrated and disillusioned, for out of all the Russian struggle for freedom of so many years had come – Stalin.

And the man saw that out of poverty and disorganization of the Italian kingdom had come – Mussolini.

And the man, again, saw that out of the humiliation and hungry despair of the German Reich had come – Hitler

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