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Strategic Planning and Furthering Excellence, 1983 Page from important U.S. Dept. of Education funded project "Strategic Planning and Furthering Excellence, in Millard, Nebraska Public Schools", by Shirley McCune, Midcontinent Regional Educational Laboratory, Materials Prepared for the Millard Public Schools Board of Education, July 1983. Content taken directly from John Naisbitt's "Megatrends" to be used as pilot project for the nation. Draft Materials---Not for General Distribution. Calls for incredible shifts in American culture, politics and economics, amongst which are: move from a representative democracy to a participatory democracy; move from family as basic unit to individual as basic unit; move from machismo society to androgynous society; move from left vs. right to a politics of the radical center.."    
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Trotskyism_And_Terror-The Strategy_Of_Revolution-R

In the wake of the Socialist Workers Party's suit to halt surveillance of its activities by the FBI, there has been a steady flow of media comment suggesting the party is simply a group of peaceful "Socialists," of no particular danger to anybody.--- A recent example is the August 8, 1977 issue of The New Yorker, containing a long article by Richard Harris on the alleged misdeeds of the FBI in its dispute with the SVVP . Harris depicts the Socialist Workers Party as "a small, peaceable, and wholly ineffectual political party," shamefully harassed by the FBI. He goes on to describe the SWP as "these Socialists," and to assert that, "despite the SWP's harmless political efforts, the FBI did its utmost to destroy The Party . . . . "    
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Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr.,twenty-months old son of Colonel and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh, was kidnapped from his crib in the Lindbergh home at Hopewell, New Jersey, on March 1, 1932. The abduction has been characterized as the "most abhorrent crime of all time." The kidnappers have been called "Public Enemy No. 1 of the United States of America." The abduction shocked the world. Its effect reached the furthest corners of this and every other nation. The authors have tried to tell the "true story of the Lindbergh kidnapping." If the present effort serves the purpose of telling as much of the story of the crime as is pertinent and interesting, its purpose will have been achieved. J.B. and E.R. New York, 1932.    
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Trust_Me_Express-Cecile Caldemeyer-1989-46pgs-EDU-

During the 1987-88 school year the small community of the East Gibson School District in south-western Indiana was embroiled in a dispute over a "thinking skills" program which had been implemented that fall. Supporters viewed the new "knowledge transfer" methods as innovative blessings to help equip our students with the scientific and technological knowledge necessary for the twenty-first century. Another group which became a much larger group--recognized elements of hypnosis--an altered state of consciousness, at best an affective thinking which reduced children to "sponges" being programmed with information.    
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This book served and still serves as “the” primer on the dangers of the innocent-sounding school choice proposals:  vouchers, tuititon tax credits, and especially publicly funded and controlled charter schools,  being increasingly accepted by Americans as the solution to a “deliberately” dumbed down school system.

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THE dead body of Marie Visneffska lay in the tiny salon of her little villa in the county town of Novominsk, not far from Warsaw.--- It lay beneath the one large picture in the room, a portrait in a gilded frame of her once beautiful niece, whose success as a leading lady had not been entirely due to her activities behind the footlights.--- An officer of a Hussar regiment, surprising her one day with a rival, shot her, undressed his victim, and left the body strewn with cherry-blossom.    
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The speeches delivered at the Seventh Congress of the Comintern, and the motions there and then adopted, clearly delineated the international position of Communism today.---It is now easy to trace the windings of the spiral-shaped action that has been developing for the last eighteen years, and ever since gaining more strength and power to impel the world towards further confusion. The basis of that spiral is the scheme of international relations.    
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Today the problem of securing individual freedom, democracy, peace and prosperity is a problem in organizing world government, and to that problem this book brings a fresh solution backed by fresh analysis. Six months after this book was first published, the war it sought to avert began. The present, shorter version of Union Now appears in answer to a rapidly rising demand, and after publication of 15 editions of the unabridged version in less than a year. It shows how the war has been convincing people, even more than did the threat of war, that the book's proposal of Inter-democracy Federal Union is timely to a high degree.    
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THE PRESIDENT : In accordance with your wish, I have had compiled a record of our relations with China, special emphasis being placed on the last five years. This record is being published and will therefore be available to the Congress and to the people of the United States. Although the compilation is voluminous, it necessarily covers a relatively small part of the relations between China and the United States. Since the beginning of World War II, these relations have involved many Government departments and agencies. The preparation of the full historical record of that period is by no means yet complete. Because of the great current interest in the problems confronting China, I have not delayed publication until the complete analysis could be made of the archives of the National Military Establishment, the Treasury Department, the Lend-Lease Administration, the White House files and many other official sources. However, I instructed those charged with the compilation of this document to present a record which would reveal the salient facts which determined our policy toward China during this period and which reflect the execution of that policy . This is a frank record of an extremely complicated and most unhappy period in the life of a great country to which the United States has long been attached by ties of closest friendship. No available item has been omitted because it contains statements critical of our policy or might be the basis of future criticism. The inherent strength of our system is the responsiveness of the Government to an informed and critical public opinion.---It is precisely this informed and critical public opinion which totalitarian governments, whether Rightist or Communist, cannot endureand do not tolerate.    
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UN Sustainable Development research.    
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THE CHARTER OF THE UNITED NATIONS MONDAY, JULY 9, 1945 UNITED STATES SENATE, COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, Washington, D . C. The committee met, pursuant to call, at 10 : 30 a. m., in the caucus room, Senate Office Building, Senator Tom Connally, chairman . Present : Senators Connally, George, Wagner, Thomas of Utah, Murray, Green, Barkley, Guffey, Tunnell, Hatch, Hill, -Lucas, Johnsonn of California, Capper, La Follette, Vandenberg, White, Austin, and Wiley. Also present : Numerous other Senators, not members of the committee, including Senators Burton, Hart, Millikin, Brooks, McClellan, Radcliffe, McMahon, Ball, and Ellender ; and Congressman Sol Bloom. The CHAIRMAN. The committee on Foreign Relations will please come to order. We hope that the audience will be as quiet as possible, so that the witnesses may be heard. On last Monday, President Truman submitted to the Senate the Charter of the United Nations Organization, which was adopted by 50 nations at San Francisco. The President made a stirring speech, and I desire to insert at this place in the record the address of the President, together with a copy of the Charter. (The documents referred to are as follows: ADDRESS BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES DELIVERED BEFORE THE SENATE ON JULY 2, 1945, PRESENTING THE CHARTER OF THE UNITED NATIONS, WITH THE STATUTE OF THE INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE ANNEXED THERETO    
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The testimony of Mrs. Catherine P. Baldwin before the U.S. senate regarding the unconstitutional signing of the UN Charter by the United States in 1945.    
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Hard-to-find N.Y. Times article dealing with text of conversation between Ambassador April Glaspie and Saddam Hussein prior to his invasion of Kuwait. Glaspie in as much as said "Go ahead" when she told Hussein "But we have no opinion on the Arab-Arab conflicts, like your border disagreement with Kuwait."    
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At the very same time American parents were mounting intensive opposition to Sidney Simon's values-destroying values clarification, the University of Maryland contracts with the U.S. Army for Personal Effectiveness Training for Military Personnel in Europe. The contract proposes to work with chaplains to effect change in the attitudes and behaviors of soldiers through the design, development and delivery of military-specific values clarification training workshops. The late Senator Strom Thurmond vociferously opposed this program which was carried out at army bases in Europe. One quote: "Values clarification training is formulated to help the participants identify their own values, interests and attitudes and to explore differences in value systems with other members of the training group."    
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This most important Issue #289 of the Committee to Restore the Constitution's BULLETIN, entitled "Should the United States Participate and Encourage Development of the UN Organization", July 1986, contains proof positive of Soviet/Communist control over not only the UN in general, but of UN wars, in particular. It provides documentation that the no-win Vietnam War in which 109,000 U.S. soldiers died, was a UN War, fought due to the U.S. obligation under the South East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO). How many well-meaning, pro-UN. anti-Vietnam War Americans are aware of this important bit of history?    
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"Effective School Report" issues disuss joint U.S.-Soviet (international) planning to implement international teacher training and school management, school to work through school choice (charter school) curriculum based on U.S. know-how with computer technology and Soviet experience with methodology. Discussion of public/private partnerships, exchange of tests for accreditation of schools, etc.    
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IF ANY CITIZEN of this country has the right to stand up and say: "I told you so"-it is Douglas Miller. He began warning his fellow-Americans about the threat of Nazism long before Hitler came to power. At that time it was like crying in the desert. Even as late as June, 1941, just six months before Hitler declared war on us, there were many who were skeptical of his book published that month, You Can't Do Business with Hitler. That excellent book was addressed primarily to American businessmen, whom Mr. Miller had served so well (though few of them realized it) during fifteen years in the United States Embassy in: Berlin. In a preface to the book he wrote: "There is one group in America which has not been adequately brought face to face with the facts. I mean American businessmen."    
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Excellent speech by Augustus Rudd delivered Sept. 15, 1948 before the National Society of New England Women, N.Y. Rudd provides an overview of major subversive forces involved in educational propaganda in colleges and public schools. His research covers the first part of the 20th century and includes the role of the "Building America" textbooks stating their intent is to undermine the principals essential to our form of govt. Covers trips by American educators, including John Dewey, to the Soviet Union, under auspices of Teachers College, Columbia University. Also deals extensively with role of Carnegie Corporation and its "Conclusions and Recommendations for the Social Studies", 1934 which call for the schools to lead the way towards a socialist America.    
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The purpose of this publication is a limited one : merely to present as complete and up-to date a picture as possible of the constructive work of Fascism from its advent to power to this day.--- The compiler of this book has purposely refrained from evincing considerations of a general nature, making only an exposition of positive facts and figures which, in their simplicity are better suited to reveal the depth and extension of the transformation operated by Mussolini in every field of national life.    
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It is commonly known that the Chinese government keeps a "dangan" on its citizens. As The Mew York Times INTERNATIONAL explains, the dangan is a "file opened on each urban citizen when he or she enters elementary school, and it shadows the person throughout life, moving on to high school, college, employer." It is further explained that ". . . the dangan [file] contains political evaluations that affect career prospects and permission to leave the country. . . the file is kept by one's employer. The dangan affects promotions and job opportunities .. . any prospective employer is supposed to examine an applicant's dangan before making hiring decisions." China is a communist country, so this comes as little surprise . Citizens living in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave are free from such government intrusion and control - aren't they? What right-thinking American would dream that our government would actually collect information on anyone's private attitudes, values and beliefs, and thus mimic the practice of a totalitarian regime? If you think this is impossible, simply ask to see a copy of a national test your child will take in school. You will be told the test is "secure," that the "integrity" of the test can't be compromised . That because the test will be used in the future, you, the parent, may not even visit the school to read it. In fact, tests "administered for evaluation of student performance" are exempt from parental access under the Freedom of Information Act.` And if you request that the school allow you to see a test, you will come away with the impression that national security is at stake. Why all the hoopla? Nine-year-olds take these tests! Are schools suggesting that you will help your children to cheat? Is that why you can't see your child's test? Or could there be another reason? Is talk of test "security" a smokescreen? We think so, and the remainder of this article sets out to show you why.    
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Since this book first appeared in 1934, sociometry has been through many stages in rapid development. It has been identified not only with the rigorous application of research techniques to specific problems in human behavior; it has also grown along the lines of social healing, diagnosis and therapy. Simultaneously, sociometry has come forth with a theory of human behavior-on one hand, as a system of propositions rather solidly grounded in research findings, and on the other hand through its speculative considerations, it has aimed at capturing the imaginative mind. It is fair to say that the all-important foundations of sociometry have, by now, been built. This basis is one which consists of thousands and thousands of investigations, generally limited to various types of groups and small communities.    
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Barbara Morris, brilliant writer on political and education issues, provided the early warnings regarding changes in public education from traditional moral and academic education to what is known as humanistic education following the tenets of John Dewey, B.F., Skinner, Sidney Simon, et al.  As Morris says in the preface to her book  “’Why Are You Losing Your Children’ is about the most deceitful hoax of modern times:  The promotion of the non-theistic religion of Humanism in public schools.  It is also about ‘values education’ (a form of behavior modification) which is used in schools as a means to promote the principles of the religion of Humanism.”  This book served as the basic primer for activist parents  during the tumultuous seventies and eighties when their children were being subjected to values- destroying, non-academic programs developed by the federal government as a result of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.   Her words make more sense now than ever as we observe the disastrous academic and moral results wrought by humanistic education, the UNESCO, and the U.S. Department of Education and its federally-funded and trained “agents of change”.

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Self-Direction vs. The System    
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Following articles published by Conscience Press in 1995: OBE and Choice: The Fatal Flaw in Compromise, Iserbyt; Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, Iserbyt; Training our Children for the Global Economy; The Multinational Corporations’ Role in Dumbdown, Fascist/Socialist Planned Economy, Iserbyt and Fields; A Debate with William Spady, Iserbyt; From Choice to Work Force Training, Iserbyt; School-to-Work: the Great Perpetual Workforce Machine – A Lifelong Learning System, Lewis; The Madness is in the “METHOD”, Iserbyt; The “Skinner-Box” School, Jed Brown (public school educator). The title of this booklet relates to the primary role of the neoconservatives, working,of course, with the left, in implementing, through the schools, what is now belatedly understood to be the corporate-fascist (socialist) agenda.

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What I learned at that conference is contained in my first report, Report on the Governor's Conference on Children and Youth . It tells about the plan to control all of the children of Missouri . Parents may be allowed to be caretakers, but the state plan is to professionally manage and control every aspect of child development . Those who refuse to participate in the scheme are forced to submit in two ways: 1. A hot-line call for child abuse or neglect OR 2. Referral of a professional I knew that the child abuse reporting system or hot line, as it is now called, had been functioning for years . Any anonymous call could lead to the removal of children from their homes . What I hadn't known until this conference was what Governor Bond announced in his opening remarks. Four thousand Missouri children are taken away every year . The full impact of how the "referral of a professional" worked was not revealed until a subsequent conference in March of 1982.

Woman to Woman Laura Rogers 1982    

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Extraordinary documentation of government plan to control Americans through changing values, PPBS, assessment, collection private data, workforce training, change personal development of each child through computer; how govt. will monitor and track individuals to see if they are meeting national goals; use of Speed Express.    
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World Thought Police-Thomas_Schuman-1986-68pg

I worked for the Devil and he was a bore and mediocrity. Although the methods and goals of Novosti are devilishly evil, its daily routine is so boring that it does not produce outrage. It simply debilitates. For those in the West (and East), whose knowledge of our system is based on spy thrillers, the reality is much less exciting. If the free world wants to survive, it has to mobilize itself to take dominion over this deadly dangerous disease called in APN's newspeak "ideological subversion."    
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A few years ago there would have been little point in writing a history of the Communist International. As recently as 1933 there was not a single country outside Russia where the communists counted as a political force. But since 1934 the Communist International has evolved a new policy, has claimed to defend democracy, has sought alliances of the closest kind with the democratic parties of various countries, and has, during this latest period, increased very considerably in strength. Today it is again important to know the Communist International. This conclusion was forced on me with particular strength when, during my field-study of the political and social problems of the Spanish civil war, I realized how important a force the Communist International had once more become.    
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*Novosti Press Agency is a front of the KGB used for disinformation. It was founded in 1961 to replace Cominform (Communist Information Bureau) Working directly under Agitrop and the KGB, Novosti Press Agency is the biggest propaganda and ideological subversion organization of the U.S.S.R.    
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RUSSIA, embracing the greater part of Europe and stretching into Asia, is unlike any European people, or for that matter, any other race, for the territory alone suggests the extent of the government's domination. Throughout its history, great changes took place, and, in the past, the only power which the monarchy held over the people when conditions became unbearable was a series of beatings with a knout, and putting down sporadic insurrections by the use of soldiers, secret police, incarceration and exile. And yet, conditions were such through the greater part of Russia's history, perhaps from the fifteenth century on, that the government never had full control of the empire and as time went on, a seething undercurrent gained momentum.    
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The words of Harlan Cleveland, long-time internationalist change agent who served as the first U.S. Ambassador to the Common Market, are of utmost importance. This paper prepared by Cleveland and Marc Luyckx for the European Union seems to have set the stage for future discussions of the role of religion in the new EU Constitution and especially the role of traditional Christianity. The second to the last paragraph is clear regarding the relegation of Christianity to a position of "equality" with other non-Christian religions. It reads: "The transmodern way of thinking outlined in this paper is ACTIVELY tolerant. It acknowledges that it is important for all civilizations to be receptive to that which is alien, whatever form this may take. It is open to the transcendental, while resisting any authoritarian imposition of religious certainty. The truth is at the centre of things; each person converges toward it with his/her own culture, along his/her own path. Nobody has a monopoly of the truth any more "yet it does exist."    
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These last ten years and more I have been asking myself, with increasing urgency, a number of questions: Is there any special significance in the distinction I have so long cherished-the distinction of "Jew-gentile"-not to be found in the class of distinctions implied in "American-Foreigner" or "Englishman-Foreigner"? Is there, between us Jews and you gentiles, that is between the Jew on the one hand and the Englishman, the Frenchman, the American on the other hand, that which transcends all the differences which exist among yourselves, so that, in relation to us, you are gentiles first, and afterwards (and without particular relevance in this connection) Englishmen, Frenchmen, Americans?    
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lic-2000-16pgs-POL.sml.pdf published this superb collection of quotes related to the subversion of our constitutional system of government and America's traditional value system espoused by all Americans of all nationalities and races up until very recently. What a valuable resource for speakers, writers, and just plain Americans when searching for documentation of outright subversion of the one nation which has provided refuge for millions of people fleeing totalitarian systems, seeking the good life.    
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