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100 Documents On The Origin Of
 The War Selected From Officia
l German White Book 1939 254pg
s POL.sml.pdf

Under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, the German people has learnt to look not backward into the past, but forward into the future. But the war which has been enforced upon us, and which we are waging for the sake of Germany's future weal, renders it absolutely necessary that we should constantly bear in mind what led to the outbreak of the present conflict and wherein lay its ultimate causes. These facts have long been obvious to those who cared to see them and have often enough been publicly established by competent German authorities and especially by the Fuehrer in his speeches . Since, however, our enemies are untiring in their efforts to conceal the truth by means of lying propaganda and to mislead the world at large, not only as regards the causes of the war but also concerning their aims, it seems essential to furnish once again by authentic official documents the irrefutable proof that Britain, and Britain alone, was responsible for the war which she deliberately brought about in order to annihilate Germany.

100 Documents On The Origin Of The War Selected From Official German White Book    

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100 Things You Should Know Abo
ut Communism 1949 127pgs GOV P
OL COM.sml.pdf

The first of a series on the Communist conspiracy and its influence in this country as a whole, on religion, on education, on labor and on our government.

100 Things You Should Know About Communism 1949    

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21st Century Schools Kent Tempus&nb

Article entitled "21st Century Schools Will Offer Learning for All Citizens" covering important speech in the mid nineties by William Lepley, State Supt. Of Schools, Iowa. Lepley, a major change agent, said "schools will be hub of community centers for family and social services open year round lifelong. In the ideal community the superintendent coordinates children and family services, in addition to education."

21st Century Schools Kent Tempus    

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A German Ace Tells Why - 
Leonhard Guenther -1942-73pgs-POL.sml.pdf

Why was Hitler able to obtain and hold the dictatorship in Germany? What are the real thoughts of this German people which has puzzled the world so frequently? In answer to these vital questions, the author, who is a native-born German and who recently came to America for permanent residence, presents the following document. It contains the authentic diary entries of a high-ranking officer of the German Lu f twaffe. This German flyer is still in Germany. The original diary has been condensed and the author's own experiences have been added .
The picture thus obtained shows both the articulate and subconscious sentiments of the typical German of the better class. Whatever these expressions and thoughts, it is obvious that it is necessary to take these into consideration in evaluating the situation, both presentm and future . This was the main purpose of the author.

A German Ace Tells Why-Leonhard Guenther -1942    

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A German Doctor At The Front&n
bsp;- Dr Wilhelm His -241pgs-1933-P

Behind the front of arms fought a second line, which did not kill, but preserved, which did not annihilate, but saved-the Medical Front. All that it achieved, and how it was achieved has been described in detail for the profession. But as the history of the world takes the form of life only when we vitalize it in personal documents, memoirs and letters, which are an indispensable supplement of the formal works of the General Staff, there is justification for the narrative of one who has traveled much, who has seen much, and who has pursued his medical labors in all possible situations.

A German Doctor At The Front-Dr. Wilhelm His-1933    

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A Message From The Secretary G
oals 2000 - GHW Bush - La
mar Alexander -1991-72pg-EDU.sml.pdf

The restructuring of American education from academics to the failed Soviet polytech system (2006 work force training system) is made very clear in the following remarks by former President G.H.W. Bush at the Presentation of the National Education Strategy in 1991: Fortunately, we have a secret weapon in America's system of colleges and universities-the finest in the entire world . The corporate community can take the lead by creating a voluntary private system of World Class Standards for the workplace .
Employers should set up skill centers where workers can seek advice and learn new skills. But most importantly, every company and every labor union must bring the worker into the classroom and bring the classroom into the workplace.

A Message From The Secretary Goals 2000-GHW Bush, Lamar Alexander-1991    

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A Prisoner Of The Reds - 
Francis McCullagh -1922-369pgs-POL.sml.pdf


I Attempt in the following pages to give some account of my experiences among the Bolsheviks from January to April of the year 1920. My story is neither Propaganda for Bolshevism nor Propaganda against it . I simply give all the facts, whether they tell against Communism or in its favour ; and, if I indulge in deductions from those facts, my readers are at liberty to draw whatever other deductions they like . The main thing is that all the facts be placed before them ; and that I have tried my best to do . The result may possibly be that this book will displease not only the Bolsheviks, but also those equally fanatical anti-Bolsheviks who believe that Lenin and Trotsky lead lives of phenomenal debauchery, that cannibalism is common in Moscow, that all Russian women have been nationalized, that the Red Army is composed of Letts and Chinese who have to be driven into action by means of whips and machine-guns, and that anyone who disputes these facts is a Bolshevik himself. I really hate Bolshevism as much as these people do, but I also hate Propaganda in so far as that word means the selection of all the facts supporting a certain theory, and the deliberate suppression of all the facts which tell against that theory, or vice versa.

A Prisoner Of The Reds-Francis McCullagh-1922    

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A Program For The Jews And&nbs
p;Humanity - Harry Walton -1939-230

Since 1914 great historic events have taken place. There was the World War, the Russian revolution, and the upheavals in Europe and elsewhere. These historic events brought to mankind disillusionment and bitter disappointment. The World War, which was expected to end all wars, only prepared the ground for still more frightful wars; the Russian revolution, which was expected to bring to the working masses freedom, emancipation and communism, only brought them an oppressive dictatorship, a more intense exploitation and state capitalism; and the upheavals in Europe and elsewhere, which were conceived in democracy, internationalism and socialism, only brought fascism, an insane nationalism and Hitlerism.

A Program For The Jews And Humanity-Harry Waton-1939    

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A Study In Financial Statesmanship-
 Montague Norman

The history of Great Britain since the war has been characterized by an unusual absence of political leadership. None of those who have governed the destinies of the nation from Downing Street between 1918 and 1932 have been able to uphold the best traditions of British statesmanship. During a period in which Italy produced a Mussolini, France a Poincare, Russia a Lenin and a Stalin, Germany a Stresemann, the politicians of the nation which through many centuries has acquired a reputation for statesmanship, failed to live up to the high standard established by their predecessors. None of the Governments that have succeeded each other since the war have been able to give a lead to Europe, in accordance with British traditions. If, in spite of this, the British nation has maintained its prestige for its statesmanlike qualities, the credit is due to a man whose sphere of activity has been outside politics. This man is Mr. Montagu Collet Norman.

A Study In Financial Statesmanship-Montague Norman-1932    

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A World Without Jews - Karl_Ma
rx -1959-95pgs-REL-PHI-POL.sml.pdf

Karl Marx was not only born a Jew, he came from a rabbinical family. His father Heschel Marx accepted Christianity in 1816 in order to practice law in Prussian territory. Like many converts, Marx found it necessary all his life to justify the mass conversion of his family by attacks against his blood brothers. Anti-Semitic expressions of his are to be found mainly in the present essay, in his Class Struggles in France, In the Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, and in his Letters to Engels, censored by Bebel and Bernstein. Some of the editors of his writings attempted to modify the vindictiveness of Marx's aggression. Others, like Mehring, even intensified them.

A World Without Jews-Karl Marx-1959    

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Accreditation System from USSR forS
C 1987-2pgs-EDU.sml.pdf

State Office
The University of : Michigan,
State Dr. Dr. William Buhaw
Regional Office
Centred Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant
Assoc. State Director : Dr. Robert Mills

The North Central Association's Outcomes Accreditation (OA) model has generated ` considerable interest among Michigan educators. It is a process that follows many of the principles of the "Effective Schools Research" and results in schools focusing their activities on improving student success . But as with any new initiative, certain basic questions ought to be asked and answered before schools should commit their energy and resources . This brochure attempts to answer some of the questions which have been raised about the NCA's Outcomes Accreditation (OA) model.

Accreditation System from USSR for SC 1987    

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AD Donor Full Site Files Part&

This is the second folder containing the first half of all site files for AD Donors.    
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AD Donor Full Site Files Part&

This is the second folder containing the second half of all site files for AD Donors.    
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Adam Weishaupt A Human Devil -
 Gerald Winrod -Date_Unknown-47pgs-POL-S

Disorders, revolutions, economic convulsions and political upheavals do not happen. They result from planning. Under the surface, unknown to good people, there are constant plots, schemes, tricks and intrigues. International conspirators always find it to their advantage to lull the people to sleep until they can get their plots developed so far that nothing can stop them. A man in a stupor is harmless. The despoilers have a way of keeping the popular mind befuddled and drugged, under the influence of their opiates. It is a rare thing for an awakening to take place in time to avert a crisis.

Adam Weishaupt A Human Devil Gerald Winrxod Date_Unknown    

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Advertiser -73-74-6pgs-EDU.sml.pdf

Probably the most important early (1946) documentation of the plan to communize American education. This article by Dorothy Dawson, secretary to the school superintendent, entitled "Community Centered Schools THE BLUEPRINT which appeared in the Montgomery County, Md. "Advertiser" , April 11, 1973, clearly spells out the socialist education revolution which would take place in American education, using Montgomery County schools as pilot schools for experimentation. The article includes the Educational Program for Montgomery Co. Schools as proposed by Dr. Nicholalus L. Englehard and Associates, Consultants, and written by Dr. Walter D. Cocking, New York City, 1946. In the Letter of Transmittal, they asked that the program"should be put into operation gradually."

Advertiser 1973 1974    

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Agreement Between US and USSR 
in all Educational Fields -1985-41p

Copy of Agreement between United States (President Reagan) and the Soviet Union (President Gorbachev) related to many fields of endeavor, but with special reference to merger of U.S.A. and Soviet (Russian) education systems. Important excerpts follow regarding the purpose of the agreements: "The facilitation of the exchange, by appropriate organizations, of educational and teaching materials (including textbooks, syllabi and curricula), materials on methodology, samples of teaching instruments and audiovisual aids." "The Parties will encourage exchanges of representatives of municipal, local and state governments of the U.S.A and the U.S.S.R . to study various functions of government at these levels.

Agreement Between US and USSR in all Edu cational Fields 1990    

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All Our Children Learning - Be
njamin Bloom -1982-290pgs-EDU.sml.pdf

These three papers, "Early Learning in the Home," "The Effect of the Home Environment on Children's School Achievement and "Stability and Change in Human Characteristics: Implications for School Reorganization," could be read with profit by most parents who are concerned about the educational progress of their children. Elementary school teachers, principals, and curriculum specialists should also be aware of the ideas developed in these papers.

All Our Children Learning Benjamin Bloom 1982    

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America Bewitched - Daniel Logan&nb

IN THE LATTER PART OF 1971, THE AMERICAN PSYCHOANALYTICAL Association held a four-day meeting in New York City. Dr. Peter Hartocollis, a research director at the famous Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas, addressed the group of almost two thousand psychoanalysts. Dr. Hartocollis spoke of the current rising interest in areas of mysticism and the occult. "The resurgence of mysticism in America," Dr. Hartocollis told his audience, "can be seen in the mindexpanding drugs, the proliferation of religious cults-such as the Jesus Freaks-and a growing fascination with astrology, Oriental philosophies, rustication, monasticism, and matters of the occult. It is mainly extant among the young, who are finding that material progress is valueless, science is immoral and the corporate organization of modern society is oppressive.

America Bewitched-Daniel Logan-1974    

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This ZIP Folder contains the second half of the site files. Just download, extract and begin viewing. Download times will vary and may last a couple of hours depending upon your connection speed.    
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Americas Book Of Infamy - Sump
ter L Lowry -1965-18pgs-POL.sml.pdf

This book contains letter written to Lyndon B. Johnson, President of the United States by Sumter L . Lowry, listing 134 insults to the United States of America as compiled from newspaper dispatches.

Americas Book Of Infamy Sumpter L Lowry 1965    

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Americas Chance Of Peace - Dun
can Aikman -Blair_Bolles-1939-166pgs-POL.sml.

EARLY ON THE MORNING Of July 31, 1914, the telephone rang
in the Secretary of the Treasury's office in Washington .
Four weeks and six days before, the heir to the Austro-
Hungarian throne had been slain at Serajevo . Eight days
before, there had been an Austro-Hungarian ultimatum to
Serbia . Three days before, an Austro-Serbian war had begun
which statesmen for twenty-four hours talked optimistically
of confining to the Balkans . It was ninety-nine years and six
weeks since the last world war had ended at Waterloo.

Americas Chance of Peace-Duncan Aikman-Blair Bolles-1939    

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Americas Road To Ruin - Iserby

Transcript of Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt speaking on the Secret History of Western Education: the Scientific Destruction of Minds.

Americas Road To Ruin-Iserbyt-2011    

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Americas Second Crusade William -&n
bsp;Henry Chamberlain

THERE is an obvious and painful gap between the world of 1950 and the postwar conditions envisaged by American and British wartime leaders. The negative objective of the war, the destruction of the Axis powers, was achieved. But not one of the positive goals set forth in the Atlantic Charter and the Four Freedoms has been realized. There is no peace today, either formal or real. Over a great part of the world there is neither freedom of religion nor freedom of speech and expression. Freedom from fear and want is not an outstanding characteristic of the present age. The right of national self determination, so vigorously affirmed in the Atlantic Charter, has been violated on a scale and with a brutality seldom equalled in European history.

Americas Second Crusade-William Henry Chamberlain-1950    

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Americas Unelected Rulers - Kent&nb
sp;and Phoebe Courtney -1962-188pgs-POL.

The CFR's Plan to :
Destroy America's National Sovereignty
Subvert the U. S. Constitution
Put the U. S. under Control of a
Socialist-Dominated World Government

The purpose of this book is to present, by direct quotations, the
views of the leading figures in the Council on Foreign Relations
and how such views are now affecting the Foreign Policy of the
United States.
The authors believe that the policies advocated by the Council
on Foreign Relations, and being carried out by CFR members in
high positions in the Government, are not in the best interests of
this nation.
However, it should be remembered that the Council on Foreign
Relations is composed of 1400 members, persons of high prominence
in industry, education and communications . The authors do
not mean to imply that the foreign policy views of the CFR are
shared by all 1400 of its members .

Americas Unelected Rulers-Kent and Phoebe Courtney-1962    

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An Expose Community Education -38pg

This is "THE" major report on Community Education written by two superb researchers from Wisconsin, the late Ruth Feld and Jil Wilson. Its significance is enormous, not only for researchers, but for everyone on this planet, since community education is the UN's birth through death communistic plan to control all of us birth through death. Regionalism, sustainable development, community policing, faith-based initiaves, school-based clinics, etc., etc. come under community education (re-education, ed). This report covers in great detail: definition of community education (C.E.) UN/UNESCO, Change Agents in C.E., Strategies in C.E., Individually Guided Education in C.E., History of C.E., International C.E., Blueprint for Community-Centered Schools, Future of Education.

An Expose Community Education    

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An Uncensored Diary From The C
entral Empires - Ernesta Drinker&nb
sp;Bullitt -1917-212pg-POL.sml.pdf

There have been many and varied explanations for the journey of Undersecretary of State Sumner Welles abroad. Here's the latest one : There are two distinct groups within the State Department . One group of diplomats believes the United States should actively intervene in the war in Europe.
This group is led by Ambassador to France William C. Bullitt.
The second group believes in non-intervention, but thinks no stone. should be left unturned by the United States to see if peace cannot be achieved in some form or another . Active in this group is- supposed to be Ambassador to London Joseph P .Kennedy.

An Uncensored Diary From The Central Empires-Ernesta Drinker Bullitt-1917    

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Anacalypsis V 1 - Godfrey Higg
ins -1927-786pgs-REL.sml.pdf

An Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil of the Saitic Isis ; or an Inquiry into the Origin of Languages, Nations and Religions. When I say that I have not written this work for fame, it must not be understood that I affect to be insensible to the approbation of the great and good : far from it . But if I had my choice, I would rather rank with Epictetus than with Horace, with Cato or Brutus than with Gibbon or Sir Walter Scott. Had either present popularity or profit been my object, I had spared the priests ; for, in Britain, we are a priest-ridden race : but though I had died a little richer, I had deserved contempt for my meanness.

Anacalypsis V 1-Godfrey Higgins-1927    

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Anacalypsis V 2 - Godfrey Higg
ins -1927-643pgs-REL.sml.pdf

An Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil of the Saitic Isis ; or an Inquiry into the Origin of Languages, Nations and Religions. When I say that I have not written this work for fame, it must not be understood that I affect to be insensible to the approbation of the great and good : far from it . But if I had my choice, I would rather rank with Epictetus than with Horace, with Cato or Brutus than with Gibbon or Sir Walter Scott. Had either present popularity or profit been my object, I had spared the priests ; for, in Britain, we are a priest-ridden race : but though I had died a little richer, I had deserved contempt for my meanness.

Anacalypsis V 2-Godfrey Higgins-1927    

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Ancient Times A History Of The
 Early World - James Henry&nbs
p;Breasted - 1916-869pgs-HIS.sml.pdf

One of the most important developments has been the recovery of the evidence disclosing the life of man in the earliest Stone Age in Northeastern Africa by the Oriental Institute's Prehistoric Survey. Similar work in Western Asia, although not covering an extensive territory, has made it possible to sketch Stone Age development in the Near East as a whole, and thus to gain at least an outline of the prehistoric human development entirely around the Mediterranean.

Ancient Times A History Of The Early World-James Henry Breasted-1916    

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And Men Wept - Cathrine Palfre
y Balwin -1954-234pgs-GOV-HIS.sml.pdf

It takes knowledge and patriotic moral courage to compile the irrefutable facts found in the pages of "And Men Wept", and to present it to the public. I hope that it may clarify the confusion in political thinking which has overtaken many Americans. A confusion and frustration seemingly among all classes, rich and poor, and among the various religions. I want to quote for you Ralph Waldo Emerson: "One of the best ways to remain ignorant is to close your mind to all new thought". The author of "And Men Wept" has dealt with these facts so that the reader may make his own conclusions.

And Men Wept-Cathrine Palfrey Balwin-1954    

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And So They Indicted Me - 
;New Deal - J Edward Jones&nbs

Nowhere in the world today is the purpose of government so dedicated to
principles for the protection of individual freedom and liberty against the tyrannical oppressions of political usurpation, as in America . The great institutions of government created by the Constitution of the United States stand as mighty bulwarks, not only for individual freedom in this country, but also as outstanding
examples of justice to all other peoples.

And So They Indicted Me-New Deal-J Edward Jones-1938    

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And Theres Tomorrow - Alice M&
nbsp;Weir -1975-456pgs-SOC-PSY.sml.pdf

"Alice M. Weir" is a pseudonym . The author has chosen to conceal her identity in writing And There's Tomorrow for two reasons.
First, the book is partly biographical . Mrs . Weir, like Sarah, the story's heroine, was born in the early 1900's and raised in New England . She worked on a newspaper for many years and married late in life . Thus it might prove embarrassing for friends and family if the fictional areas of the book were confused with facts.
Two, the book is controversial . While "Alice M . Weir" has published much material under her real name and is known in the fields of religious and political discourses, this is her first attempt to reach the general public through the medium of fiction. Here, her arguments and reasoning are presented by
characters such as "Great Uncle John David Barr", "Mr . Carter", "Congressman Kahl", "Amy Dimmock" and "Sarah", herself. However, the narrative is not diffused by the "Causes" Sarah exposes . Detailed political information including names, dates, reports and referrals, can be found in the back of the book as an attached addenda .Thus a reader has the choice of delving deeply into an amazing conglomerate of mis-used and mis-guided
national power, or merely riding the surface of its devastating undercurrents.

And There's Tomorrow Alice M Weir-1975    

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Archbishop Stepinac The Man And&nbs
p;His Case - Anthony Henry Cou
nt O'Brian of Thomond -1947-111pgs

Ever since the arrest of Mgr. Stepinac I have considered it my sacred duty to tell all men of good will that all the accusations brought against him are either pure falsifications or gross distortions and malicious misrepresentations of the facts. Close connections with Yugoslavia for over a quarter of a century certainly give me the right and the competence to do so. For more than five years I stayed in that country-two years and a half of them in Zagreb where I had the opportunity of speaking with Mgr. Stepinac once a week at least and thus becoming fully acquainted with his personality and his activity, his views and his opinions.

Archbishop Stepinac The Man And His Case -1947    

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Armed Services Transfer -  Ber
nadine Smith -1990-20pgs-POL.sml.pdf

Up-to-date paper by well-known researcher, Bernadine Smith, on attack on national security, private gun possession, sovereignty, Bill of Rights (9/11) due to 1962 Arms Control and Disarmament Act and recent updated legislation.

Armed Services Transfer-1990    

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Aspen Institute Annual Meeting -197

A good example of what transpires at these important Annual Meetings is described in the minutes of this meeting of the international elites who form the membership of the Aspen Institute. Some quotes follow: "One of the direct outcomes was the Aspen Institute's participation in Philadelphia's Bicentennial Era Program 'A Declaration of Interdependence' Harlan Cleveland helped this imaginative enterprise, a project of the World Affairs Council. The program in International Affairs has also been active in forming a new non-profit organization 'Global Perspectives in Education, Inc.' with Clark Kerr as Chairman and Harlan Cleveland as Vice Chairman to develop teaching suggestions and public support for international curriculum in United States elementary and secondary schools."

Aspen Institute Annual Meeting-1978    

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Atlantis The Mystery Unraveled -&nb
sp;Jurgen Spanuth -1956-226pgs-CIV.sml.pdf

And so it is with Atlantis. The treasure within the legend has been buried under the rubble of misconceptions, follies and fantasies, the dead weight of prejudice and skepticism, and the ruins of wrong dating and faulty identifications that
have accumulated around the legend in the two thousand five hundred years since Solon first heard it in Egypt. The ridicule of the experts falls upon any who try to dig beneath the debris of the centuries . But when the right path is found to the proper understanding of the legend, it leads to a treasure house that affords us a wide knowledge and a deep understanding of the life, thought, struggles and suffering of our ancestors more than three thousand years ago ; it lays open to us one of the greatest and most momentous epochs in the history of the world . The key to the proper understanding of the legend of Atlantis lies in the correct arrangement of the events it describes in their chronological sequence and according to their historical authenticity . This approach is followed in Section One (pp . 19-53) . In Section Two (pp. 57-137) an attempt is made to reveal the hidden treasure of the legend ; the geographical position of the Royal Isles, as well as the extent and organisation of the Atlantean kingdom, is established, and the authenticity of the information contained in the legend concerning the life and customs, culture and beliefs, and wealth and power of the Atlanteans is tested against our current knowledge of that age . In Section Three (pp. 141-207) will be found an account of what Homer,the greatest poet of all times, has written on Atlantis and of the legend this frequently trustworthy preserver of ancient history has handed down to us . Finally there is a report of the rediscovery of Atlantis in the summer of 1952 and a translation of Plato's account of Atlantis in the Dialogues of
Timreus and of Critias.

Atlantis The Mystery Unraveled-Jurgen Spanuth-1956    

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Back From The USSR - Andre&nbs
p;Gide -1936-112pgs-POL.sml.pdf

Three years ago I declared my admiration, my love, for the U.S.S.R. An unprecedented experiment was being attempted there, which filled our hearts with hope and from which we expected an immense advance, an impetus capable of carrying forward in its stride the whole human race. It is indeed worth while living, I thought, in order to be present at this re-birth, and worth while giving one's life in order to help it on. In our hearts and in our minds we resolutely linked the future of culture itself with the glorious destiny of the U.S.S.R. We have frequently said so. We should have liked to be able to repeat it once again. Already, without as yet having seen things for ourselves, we could not but feel disturbed by certain recent decisions which seemed to denote a change of orientation.

Back From The USSR-Andre Gide-1936    

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Back to Basics Reform - Charlo
tte Iserbyt -1985-17pgs-EDU.pdf

In Back to Basics Reform... you will discover academics are incidental in the federally-driven systemic school restructuring. You will find federal/international/world-class [education] standards are steeped in non-academic objectives. (Note: Bush's No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) holds public schools accountable for a child's acquisition of attitude, value, and behavior outcomes that are nestled in state standards and integrated with academic curriculum! NCLB also demands accountability for having highly qualified educators,of which national certification is based in part on an educator's ability to collect and assess a child's personal information, use behavior psychology-based practices on kids, and more.)

Back to Basics Reform-Charlotte Iserbyt-1985    

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Behavior Analysis and Behavior Modi
fication - Malott - Tillema -&
nbsp;Glenn -1978-499pgs-EDU.sml.pdf

We drew many of our examples from everyday life, from events familiar to us all, events that may often puzzle us even though we've seen them many times. Most readers find such everyday examples to be rewarding because we're talking about them. Most readers also find such everyday examples help them understand the points being taught because they already understand the examples themselves. And most readers find such everyday examples to be useful because they can apply our analyses to other similar examples they meet in their normal lives. But we've also drawn many of our examples from clinical cases and other areas involving professional behavior modifiers. Readers find these professional examples rewarding, because such examples often involve extreme cases of behavioral deviation, cases whose causes and solutions are not, at first,clear. And readers find such professional examples useful, because they help them understand the role of the professional behavior modifier, either for future jobs for themselves or simply as part of their general education.

Behavior Analysis And Behavior Modification-Malott-Tillema-Glenn-1978    

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Behavioral Science Teacher Education&nbs

Write up of the most important federally funded teacher education program geared to change teacher from transmitter of facts (content) to behavior modifier, using values clarification, etc. Bettye Lewis, one of the nation's most prominent education researchers, possessed the multi-volume Behavior Science Teacher Education Program (BSTEP) and was able to critique it in detail. This is the teacher re-education program which resulted in many good school superintendents leaving their profession, realizing that their raison d'etre (the promotion of academic education) would be a thing of the past.

Behavioral Science Teacher Education    

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Berlin Diary The Journal of a&
nbsp;Foreign Correspondent 1934 1941&nbs
p;- William L Shirer -1942-632pgs-P

This is the journal of a foreign war correspondent who has written the work in open form, not as a private diary. It covers the period from 1934-1941, leading up to and into WWII. The years prior to the war are rarely mentioned and often prove to be more interesting than the war itself, considering the reasons why WWII took place.

Berlin Diary The Journal of a Foreign Correspondent-1934 to 1941    

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Blame Metro When Laws Oppress 
-Jo Hindman -1966-177pgs-GOV.sml.pdf

So impregnated has become American government with the devices of Metropolitan Government that any discussion of the syndicate Metro 1313 now involves actual Federal departments, as well as state, county, and municipal governments. Appearing complex because of its massive onslaught against constitutional limited government, Metropolitan unlimited government and its economic program, urban renewal, can be understood by stripping it to several of its basics.

Blame Metro When Laws Oppress-Jo Hindman-1966    

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Bolshevism -  John Spargo -191

In the following pages I have tried to make a plain and easily understandable outline of the origin, history, and meaning of Bolshevism. I have attempted to provide the average American reader with a fair and reliable statement of the philosophy, program, and policies of the Russian Bolsheviki. In order to avoid confusion, and to keep the matter as simple and clear as possible, I have not tried to deal with the numerous manifestations of Bolshevism in other lands, but have confined myself strictly to the Russian example. With some detail too much-some of my readers may think I have sketched the historical background in order that the Bolsheviki may be seen in proper perspective and fairly judged in connection with the whole revolutionary movement in Russia. Russia. Whoever turns to these pages in the expectation of findng a sensational "exposure" of Bolshevism and the Bolsheviki will be disappointed. It has been my aim to make a deliberate and scientific study, not an ex-parte indictment.

Bolshevism-John Spargo-1919    

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Brain Washing A Synthesis of T
he Russian Text Book on Psycho
politics - Charles Stickley -63pgs-

Ever wonder why many Americans react to important information with a blank stare? This entry will help you understand since it explains the history of psycho-political warfare being waged against Americans since prior to World War II. Of utmost importance is inclusion of the transcript of a speech by Lavrentia Beria, head of the Soviet Secret Police, to American students at Lenin University prior to 1936. One revealing excerpt follows from Beria's speech: " The failure of Psychopolitics might well bring about the atomic bombing of the Motherland . If psychopolitics succeeds in its mission throughout the Capitalistic nations of the world, there will never be an atomic war, for Russia will have SUBJUGATED ALL OF HER ENEMIES. Communism has already spread across one sixth of the inhabited world. Marxist Doctrines have already penetrated the remainder. An extension of the Communist social order is everywhere victorious. The spread of Communism has never been by force of battle, but by conquest OF THE MIND. IN PSYCHOPOLITICS WE HAVE REFINED THIS CONQUEST TO ITS LAST DEGREE."

Brain_Washing A Synthesis of The Russian Text Book on Psychopolitics-Charles Stickley-1959    

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Brainwashed Into Slavery - Kenneth&
nbsp;Goff -circa_1940-66pgs-COM.sml.pdf

Shocking expose of communist textbook on psycho-political warfare. Evidence of its use in schools across our nation, disguised as "psychology".

Brainwashed Into Slavery-Kenneth Goff-circa 1940    

300 DPI PDF :: File Size :1.234 MB

Brainwashing The Men Who Defied&nbs
p;It - Edward Hunter -1956-289pgs-P

The new word brainwashing entered our minds and dictionaries in a phenomenally short time. This sinister political expression had never been seen in print anywhere until a few years ago. About the only times it was ever heard in conversation was inside a tight, intimate circle of trusted relatives or reliable friends in Red China during the short honeymoon period of communism. The few exceptions were when a Red indoctrinator would lose his temper and shout out, "You need a brainwashing."

Brainwashing The Men Who Defied It-Edward Hunter-1956    

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British History Traced from Egypt&n
bsp;and Palestine - Rev LGA Ro
berts Com RN -1927-172pgs-POL-REL.sml.pd

The following treatise owes its origin to the fact that there is no authentic and continuous history of the greatest nation the world has ever had to deal with. The British Empire and the United States of America, English-speaking people, own between them one-fourth part of the universe, and by far more than half its wealth and natural production. The influence of this people far exceeds that of all the former empires which have governed mankind . The Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Grecian and Roman, all put together, do not vie with Britain and the United States in power, in wealth, in moral integrity, or nobleness of character. Whereas their power was autocratic, and maintained by the sword, the dominion of the British and Angles is founded, or constructed, mainly by the democratic freewill of those under its genial and benign sway.

British History Traced From Egypt And Palestine-Rev LGA Roberts-Com RN-1927    

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Cal Leg The Acquisition of Kno
wledge - Programmed Conditioned Res
ponses - Robert Burke -1971-45pgs-G

Several months ago, my office accumulating material which had particular significance in the area of Planning, Programming, Budgeting Systems because of its potential use as a tool of fiscal accountability in the field of education. As we searched into the information available on the application of this subject in education, it became increasingly difficult to see any relationship between the proposed programs and fiscal accountability. It was apparent after a study of the methods proposed for use by the schools for accountability purposes that fiscal accountability was being minimized and the techniques were being promoted for achieving behavioral objectives.

Cal Leg The Acquisition of Knowledge-Programmed Conditioned Responses RobertBurke-1971    

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Capt Schuyler to Colonel Barrows&nb
sp;War Dept Siberia -1919-3pgs-GOV.sml.p

Fascinating, only recently declassified letter from Schuyler in Siberia to War Dept. explaining political situation, lamenting U.S. support for Bolsheviks.

Capt Schuyler to Colonel Barrows War Dept Siberia-1919


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Carnegie Conclusions and Recommendations

"Conclusions and Recommendations for the Social Studies", funded by the tax-exempt Carnegie Corporation of New York, published in 1934, is the most important report ever written on the future of American education. All its recommendations and its philosophy are an intrinsic part of education in the United States today. Professor Harold Laski, a philosopher of British socialism, said of this report: "At bottom, and stripped of its carefully neutral phrases, the report is an educational program for a 'Socialist America'. One excerpt from this important report reads "The implications for education are clear and imperative: (a) the efficient functioning of the emerging economy and the full utilization of its potentialities require profound changes in the attitudes and outlook of the American people, especially the rising generation--a complete and frank recognition that the old order is passing, that the new order is emerging, (pp. 34-35).    
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Carnegie UNITS  Should Go -&nb
sp;Robert Rothman -1998_Edu_sml.pdf

This article which appeared in Education Week, November 2, 1988 said in part "A national panel of state board members last week called for scrapping a time-honored feature of the American education system: graduation requirements based on the so-called Carnegie units, or the "seat time" students spend in various subject areas. It urged that policymakers replace the units with systems that require students to meet defined performance standards. This was the final implementation of the long-planned Outcomes Based Education based on Benjamin Bloom/Skinner's mastery learning method which is vital for value change and work force training    
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Center for Economic Development -&n
bsp;America 2000 Recruiting Form -1

This is perhaps the most shocking, unbelievable piece of paper emanating from one of the federal government's America 2000 (President George Bush, Sr.)program that this writer has ever seen! This letter to "Dear Taxpayer" offers $1,120 a week to the recipient if he/she will propagandize America 2000 in their community. It goes on to say "Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the Center for Economic Development is committed to implementing America 2000. America 2000 is a U.S. Department of Labor program sponsored under the Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills." After several education researchers inquired about this job, the office, we believe, seems to have disappeared.    
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Center for Youth Apprenticeship -6p

Booklet explaining school-to-work agenda of Maine's Center for Youth Apprenticeships. Center headed by an International Advisory Board of Governors.    
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Centers of Learning - The Futu
re Minteer -1pg-1989-EDU.sml.pdf

Schools of the Future. They'll become Centers of Learning, Bremerton Sun, 10/14/89. Shirley McCune, Senior Director of the federally-funded Mid Continent Regional Ed Laboratory, stated in part that "the school of the future must be far different than that of today to meet the changing needs of society. When you walk in the building there's a row of offices. In one are drug counselors. One is for social security. Another, family and child psychologists. Yet another has a doctor and nurse who do well-child exams. In the cafeteria, senior citizens mingle with students, there's a child care center in the gym, homemakers are taking exercise classes, etc. These are 'community centers,' not just schools."    
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Change Agents in The Schools -
 Barbara Morris - 1979-310pgs-EDU.s

A remarkable book which exposes the goals of American education by a respected researcher and author of many books on American education. Barbara Morris cuts through all the semantic deception dished out to parents and teachers on a regular basis. A must read in every way! One excerpt follows:
The purpose of most of the activity that takes place in public, and often, in private and church schools, is not to change the child by developing his intellect, teaching him skills and a traditional body of knowledge. Rather, the purpose is to eliminate existing traditional beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors and to replace them with new beliefs and behaviors that will render the child susceptible to manipulation, coercion, control and corruption for the rest of his life. To substantiate the above definition, the scope and effect of change agentry will be unfolded in many ways throughout this book . It should also be kept in mind that the term "change agent" is not an invention of the author, but the creation of the government and education establishment.

300 DPI PDF :: File Size :1.174 MB

Child Abuse In The Classroom -
 Schlafly -1984-440pgs-EDU.sml.pdf

Official transcript of proceedings before the U.S. Dept. of Education. Proposed regulations to implement the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment. Also known as The Hatch Amendment.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :16.045 MB

Child Psychiatry - Brock Chisolm&nb

This document deals with the reasons for for early public child care. GENERAL CHISHOLM'S REMARKABLE LECTURES on The Reestablishment of Peacetime Society will undoubtedly startle many people. This is not the first time that wisdom has mercilessly illuminated the nature and consequences of the fantastic fabric of man's training and behavior. But I dare say that it is one of the few occasions in which pitiless disclosure has been accompanied by the drawing of a clear, cleanly-defined alternative which may inspire our efforts. General Chisholm is paradoxical. He not only pleads for mature men and women, but the nature of his plea discloses that he himself is that extraordinary creature, a man of maturity.    
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Children to Robots - Effective 
;Schools - Values Clarification -19

Following are notes taken on the telephone from conversation with John O'Neil of Texas. Mr. O'Neil ordered the twelve volumes and is in the process of studying and evaluating them . The notes I took give verbatim quotes from "Introduction to Course Goals for Educational Planning and Evaluation,"2nd ed.,and "Program Goals and Subject Matter Taxonomies for Course Goals", 4th ed.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :0.294 MB

Christ Was Not a Jew - Ja
cob Elon Conner -1936-178pgs-REL.sml.pdf

This is by no means the first defense of the postulate that Christ was not a Jew. Ebionitism, "the earliest of the heresies," rested upon the same false assumption that is herein called into question. That heresy denounced Paul and the other apostles who carried Christianity to the Gentiles without first converting them to Judaism. The Ebionites were Judeo-Christians-more Jewish than Christian. Hence, this is but a new answer to an old fallacy in the light of the present. In a book of this limited size and well-nigh boundless scope, much must remain unsaid. I have aimed to state the case for the affirmative of my postulate, cover the main points as outlined, and give my conclusions backed by ancient and modern sources.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :2.264 MB

Chronology Of Education - Dennis&nb
sp;Laurence Cuddy PhD -1994-143pgs-EDU.s

A CHRONOLOGY OF EDUCATION WITH QUOTABLE QUOTES - If someone told the American people today that he or she and those with the same philosophy or ideology were going to destroy the values parents were instilling in their children, and that these same people were going to take control of the country there would be a tremendous and swift reaction by the American public. However, when almost the same things were said by Humanists Sidney Hook and H . J. Blackham, the public hardly reacted at all . In the January/February, 1977 issue of The Humanist, Hook (signer of the 1973 Humanist Manifesto) wrote that "human beings can be influenced to examine critically their religious beliefs only by indirection, (by which) I mean the development of a critical attitude in all our educational institutions that will aim to make students less credulous to claims that transcend their reflective experience."    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :4.824 MB

Coalition for Essential Schools -&n
bsp;Theo Sizer -1980s-2pgs-EDU.sml.pdf

Exact text taken from Coalition for Essential Schools "Re-Learn" Workshop for Teachers packet handed out at Rhode Island Training Workshop. This is Professor Theodore Sizer's program associated with Brown University's Coalition of Essential Schools. It calls for "less is more" similar to Hitler's philosophy of education; and as in communist education does away with grades; calls for mastery of specific skills; NO college bound, general or vocational tracks. Being implemented as one of restructuring models across the country.    
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Community Mental Health Advances -&
nbsp;US GOV -1964.sml.pdf

The beginning of states building the public industry of psychology...A new era in the treatment of the mentally disabled of the United States has been ushered in by actions of the 88th Congress. Focused in the community, the bold new program will provide facilities and services to prevent and ameliorate the waste and tragedy of mental illness and mental retardation.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :1.844 MB

Community Mental Health Services -&
nbsp;California Department of Mental&nbs
p;Hygiene -Portia Bell Hume MD 

The beginning of states building the public industry of psychology...Between 1953 and 1957, the Department of Mental Hygiene studied, in collaboration with a number of agencies and organizations inside and outside of state government, the question of meeting California's largely unmet needs for mental health services. As a result of these investigations and several public hearings, the State Legislature passed in 1957, almost unanimously, the Short-Doyle Act for Community Mental Health Services.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :0.774 MB

Compact for Education - Duke U
niversity -1965-42pgs-EDU.sml.pdf

This 1965 Compact for Education served as the seed for what would become the Education Commission of the States (ECS), a hybrid entity which disseminated federal education policy and fiscal/accountability directives, model curriculum, teaching methods, etc. across the nation, resulting in all states having basically the same education and funding agenda. Since the change agents involved in creating ECS knew it would be difficult to get state legislators to jump on board and fund such an unconstitutional, they persuaded the Carnegie Corporation to provide the initial funding. The Chairman of each State Senate Education Committee serves as an advisor and attends important meetings where intra and inter-state policy initiatives are discussed.

300 DPI PDF :: File Size :1.524 MB

Competency Tests in City Schools&nb
sp;- Washington Post - Feinberg&nbs

Extraordinary article regarding implementation of mastery learning in D.C. schools and open admission by Asst. Supt. Guines that "the new curriculum is based on the work of Professor B.F. Skinner who developed teaching machines and even trained pigeons during World War II to pilot and detonate bombs and torpedoes. "If you can train a pigeon to fly up there and press a button and set off a bomb" Guines remarked "Why can't you teach human beings to behave in an effective and rational way? This is the biggest thing happening in education today." This mastery learning/direct instruction program resulted in the deliberate dumbing down of many of the nation's young people, especially in the inner city schools, and is now, in 2006, being implemented across the country for all children, under the guise of research - based reading instruction based on phonics.    
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Confessions of an Individualist -&n
bsp;William Henry Chamberlin -1940-329pg

The field of autobiography has certainly not been neglected in recent years. This is especially true as regards members of the newspaper trade. So the publication of my own life story seems to call for an explanation, if not for an apology. I should never have commenced this work if it had not been for the encouragement of sympathetic and considerate publishers. Once fairly engaged on it, however, I found it quite pleasant. There are few of us, I imagine, who do not enjoy writing about ourselves, recalling our own pasts.    
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Congressional Record UNESCO Communisms&n
bsp;Trap for Our Youth -1980s-2pgs-

Congressman Utt (CA) Insertion into Congressional Record of Paul Harvey's Article "UN: Communism's Trap for Our Youth."    
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Conquest Through Immigration - Geor
ge W Robnett -1968-404pgs-POL-REL.sml.pd

The purpose of this volume is to deal as realistically and factually as possible with certain blurred pages of some recent and very important history. This is a studious effort by the authors to put into the record a rounded and authentic account of one of the most extraordinary political action and minority-power movements of the twentieth century - outside possibly that of the Bolshevik revolution. It is doubtful that a more sensitive topic than the central theme of this book could have been selected since, of necessity, the subject-matter involves, in varying degree, the three most delicate issues in the whole category of human discussion, religion, race and politics.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :5.314 MB

Conspiracy to Destroy the US -
 Burdick -1954-2pgs-GOV-POL.sml.pdf

Excellent speech by Congressman Usher L. Burdick, N.D., printed in the Congressional Record of April 28, 1954 relating to United States membership in the United Nations and the dangers to U.S. Sovereignty. One excerpt follows: Who were the principal movers at San Francisco for this United Nations Charter? Who wrote the charter, and who had themost to do about shaping its provisions? The answer is that the Russian Communists and Alger Hiss, a representative of our State Department, were the prime movers and schemers in arranging its provisions. That is the same Alger Hiss who was convicted for perjury when he denied sending secret material to the Soviet Union representatives."    
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Constitution Test - Kenny Hignite&n
bsp;- 8th Grade 101Qs -1954-CA-6pgs

This test shows very well what was expected from an eighth grader in the 1950's and gives a great example as to where education today has clearly failed.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :5.454 MB

Coop Agreement UN Microsoft -2006-4

Extensive Agreement to end the digital divide: put computers in third world countries. Signed by Bill Gates. Includes statement: "Whereas Microsoft supports the objectives of UNESCO as stipulated in UNESCO's Constitution".    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :0.554 MB

Cooperative Community Development - 
;Joe Falk -1975-122pgs-GOV-POL.sml.pdf

One of the earlier papers dealing with the international community education concept whereby elected officials take a back seat to the council (unelected soviet) form of regional government.Do not dismiss this paper as something off the wall. This new council form of government is presently being planned for us at all levels. Former Senator William Bradley, (D) N.J., recommended this change to unelected council form of government during an interview on Sunday morning TV several years ago. Some quotes follow: It will enable you and your neighbors, not distant representatives, to assume effective and beneficial control of the neighborhood in which you live in a dramatically different way right now. We, the people, can lead our leaders towards national and international cooperation by doing it ourselves first so we can all see there is a way other than the competitive and nationalistic approaches we are now using. You will be able to create a new social, economic and political force that represents you as individuals and families living in a block in a neighborhood.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :3.534 MB

Cooperative Umbrella - John Champla
in -1992-2pgs-EDU.sml.pdf

Key document picked up by teacher at teacher training in Indiana and sent to Iserbyt with note: "It didn't work in Eastern Europe so let's try it in Indiana." Cooperative Learning part of John Champlin's Outcomes Driven Developmental Model(ODDM) One of key quotes from "Basic Elements of Cooperative Learning" which, by the way is included in a paper published by the multinational corporation Johnson & Johnson is "Positive Interdependence: Students must feel that they need each other in order to complete the group's task, that they "sink or swim" together."    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :0.074 MB

Crisis In Child Mental Health 
- Joint Commision on Mental He
alth -1969-46pgs-EDU.sml.pdf

For the last fifty years, there has been a growing concern over the number of mentally ill and emotionally disturbed children in the United States and an increasing dissatisfaction with the unavailability of mental health services. When the previous Joint Commission on Mental Illness and Health, for unavoidable reasons, was unable to cover this important area, both professional and concerned citizen groups pressed for a study of the mental health needs of children. Members of Congress also responded to the need and, in 1965, Senator Abraham Ribicoff introduced an amendment to the Social Security Amendments of 1965 (P.L. 89-97) which provided the funds and framework for the Commission's work. Thirteen national professional associations joined the incorporators of the Commission to form a Board of Directors. The Board, with a grant from the National Institute of Mental Health, developed a staff and enlisted more than 500 of the country's leading authorities on early childhood, adolescence, and the young adult to work on Task Forces, substantive Committees, and the collection of specialized information. The collaboration and participation of both affiliate member organizations and specialists at every Governmental agency level provided the Commission with additional and invaluable contributions.    
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Dare the Schools Build a New&n
bsp;Social Order - George S Co
unts -1932-31pgs-EDU.sml.pdf

"Dare the Schools Build a New Social Order", 1932, Prof. George S. Counts, important American educator and supporter of all things communist, especially Soviet education, says on page 28: "that the teachers should deliberately reach for power and then make the most of their conquest is my firm belief."    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :1.004 MB

Death of Free Will

The history of the restructuring of education from academics to the socialist/fascist/communist polytechnical system of workforce training.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :0.324 MB


Key World Affairs Council document signed in Philadelphia by 125 members of Congress January 29, 1976, to commemorate the Bicentennial Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. This shocking document stated in part "WE AFFIRM that the economy of all nations is a seamless web, and that no one nation can any longer effectively maintain its processes of production and monetary systems without recognizing the necessity for collaborative regulation by international authorities."    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :0.174 MB

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America-
Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt -1999-738pgs.s

The history of the restructuring of education. The title sort of speaks for itself.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :7.044 MB

Design of The Universe - Fritz
 Kahn -1954-377pgs-PHY.sml.pdf

A short description would do this volume no justice so I have shown the contents of the very beginning.


The Four Eras of Natural Science
Natural Science in Antiquity
Natural Science in the Middle Ages
The Medieval
Newton : Alchemist and Mystic
The Modern
Newton, Creator of Classical Physics
Relativity I : A Straight Line Is Not Straight
Relativity II : Motions Are Not Determinable
Relativity III: Time Does Not Flow Equably

Matter in the Asian Religious Philosophies: Brahma and Tao
The Medieval Concept of Matter : Ether

The First Dynamic Concept of Matter : The "Ether Vortex" of

The Pycnotic Substance : Forerunner of the Wave Theory of
Einstein's Concept of Mass-Energy
The Relativistic Variation in Mass, Measure and Time
The Replacement of Newton's Concept of Gravity by Einstein's
Concept of the Field

Einstein's Field Theory . A New Design of the Universe

300 DPI PDF :: File Size :12.385 MB

Development of Educational Technology&nb
sp;in Central and Eastern Europe&nb
sp;- UN Study -1977-5pgs-EDU.sml.pdf

This document proves without a doubt that restructuring of American education is based on UNESCO's model for the entire world. Its subtitle reads Division of Structures, Content, Methods and Techniques. Eight years later in 1985 President Reagan would sign the education agreement with President Gorbachev of the Soviet Union, as would the Carnegie Corporation, which dealt in part with with the use of educational technology and the merging of the two countries education systems.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :0.244 MB

Diplomat Among Warriors - Robert&nb
sp;Murphy -1964-497pgs-POL.sml.pdf

For more than twenty years prior to 1940, Robert Murphy pursued a conventional career in the Department of State, advancing through grades from clerk to Counselor of Embassy at Paris. His years of apprenticeship as a Foreign Service officer consisted of a mixture of routine assignments and discipline and lots of hard work. But he also had golden opportunities to observe the vast changes produced in Europe by World War I, especially the budding Nazi movement which he witnessed while living in Munich across the street from Hitler. There was nothing sensational about this first half of Murphy's diplomatic career and it could have ended that way, as the careers of most Foreign Service officers do . But the nature of his work changed abruptly after the defeat of France, when President Roosevelt summoned him to the White House for a private conference which transformed the conventional diplomat into the President's own personal representative in French Africa.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :9.854 MB

Disarmament Weapon of Conquest -&nb
sp;Robert Morris -154pgs-1963-POL.sml.pdf

The late Robert Morris, great American patriot, wrote this superb, short information-packed book in 1963, warning Americans about the true intent of the Arms Control and Disarmament agreements signed by President John F. Kennedy with the Soviet Union. The fly page has his greeting to IBM's Tom Watson, a proponent of nuclear disarmament and later U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union. A biographical sketch of the late Robert Morris follows: ROBERT MORRIS Counsel and Chief Counsel U. S. Senate Internal Security Subcommittee 1951-1953 ; 1956-1958. Counsel U. S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee 1950. Advisor U. S. Senate Rules Committee 1954. Officer-in-Charge Advance Psychological Warfare Section of CINCPAC on Guam 1945. Officer-in-Charge Soviet Counterintelligence Third Naval District 1941-1943 : Officer-in-Charge Counterintelligence Third Naval District 1945. Justice Municipal Court New York City 1953-1956.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :1.634 MB

Dissemination of Systematic Planning&nbs
p;Procs in Developing Countries -&n
bsp;Control Data Corp -1981-2pgs-POL.sml

Article from publication of Applied Learning Technologies, Warrenton, VA by Cheryl Samuels, Control DataCorp., 1981 related to implementation of programmed learning, mastery learning, etc. in developing countries states "It is imperative that the educators first be encouraged, exhorted to make a conceptual transition from the traditional, teacher-centered, curriculum to a learner-centered curriculum. This is a critical transition to require not only of educators in developing countries but also of all educators being encouraged to apply systematic planning techniques. Concepts of mastery learning (direct instruction, ed) and management by objectives are likely to be very attractive to educators in developing countries." Importance of this article lies in fact international educational restructuring is a result of research and development carried out in American educational and corporate laboratories and schools.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :0.084 MB

Dodd Report to the Reece Commi
ttee on Tax Exempt Foundations 

Very important document. Unfortunately several pages are missing. Should be read in conjunction with Reece and Cox Committee Transcripts published on this website. One excerpt follows: THE NEED FOR A PERMANENT STANDING Committee. The effect of the Dodd Report was electric. Moves were launched within a matter of hours to block an effective probe. On Capitol Hill, the Committee found itself confronted with obstacles at every turn, the Nation itself was deluged with stories which openly or by inference suggested That the investigation was futile, if not worse. The national board of Americans for Democratic Action (the A.D.A.) formally urged the House to disband its own committee-it was conducting "a frontal attack on learning itself ." Many citizens, on the other hand, believe that such a committee should be made a permanent Standing Committee of the House "to gather and weigh the facts."    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :0.514 MB

Dollars To The Classroom Act -
 Congressional Record - Bob Sh
affer -1998-7pgs-GOV-EDU.sml.pdf

SPEECH oF HON. Bob Schaffer of Colorado in the House of Representatives, Thursday September 17,1998 The House in Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union had under consideration the bill (H .R.3248) to provide Dollars to the Classroom. Mr. Schaffer of Colorado. Mr. Chairman, I Insert the following for printing In the RECORD. NATIONAL CENTER ON EDUCATION AND THE ECONOMY, Rochester. NY, November 11 . 1992. HILLARY CLINTON, The Governor's Mansion, 1800 Canter Street, Little Rock. AR 72206 DEAR HILLARY : I still cannot believe you won. But utter delight that you did pervades all the circles In which I move. I met last Wednesday in David Rockefeller's office with him, John Sculley, Dave Barram, and David Heselkom. It was a great celebration.    
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Don Bell Report - 8 - 199

The Don Bell Reports are of enormous importance for persons interested in the unvarnished truth (history) of the promotion of socialism in the United States. Some titles follow: Proofs of a Conspiracy to Build a Total, Managed Global Society; The Contrived Evolution of Regional Government; Appointed Managers, The New Ruling Class; Re-Education Monopoly-Change (warning regarding school choice); and The Three Lives of Don Bell (his biography) which covers his 3-year internment in a Japanese concentration camp in Manila, his liberation upon the return of General MacArthur, his return to duty and subsequent being shot down during a bombing run over Amoy, China. Bell, a journalist, also covered the organizational meeting of the UN at San Francisco, returned to the Philippines, entered Japan with General Macarthur, remained in Asia until the Bikini Atomic Bomb tests. And then, understanding well the plans for a collectivist America and wishing to warn Americans of the dangers that lay ahead, he undertook the writing of his most remarkable and historically illuminating newsletters.    
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Don Bell Report 1970 to 1993-3

The Don Bell Reports are of enormous importance for persons interested in the unvarnished truth (history) of the promotion of socialism in the United States. Some titles follow: Proofs of a Conspiracy to Build a Total, Managed Global Society; The Contrived Evolution of Regional Government; Appointed Managers, The New Ruling Class; Re-Education Monopoly-Change (warning regarding school choice); and The Three Lives of Don Bell (his biography) which covers his 3-year internment in a Japanese concentration camp in Manila, his liberation upon the return of General MacArthur, his return to duty and subsequent being shot down during a bombing run over Amoy, China. Bell, a journalist, also covered the organizational meeting of the UN at San Francisco, returned to the Philippines, entered Japan with General Macarthur, remained in Asia until the Bikini Atomic Bomb tests. And then, understanding well the plans for a collectivist America and wishing to warn Americans of the dangers that lay ahead, he undertook the writing of his most remarkable and historically illuminating newsletters.    
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Don Bell Report 1972 to 1974&n

The Don Bell Reports are of enormous importance for persons interested in the unvarnished truth (history) of the promotion of socialism in the United States. Some titles follow: Proofs of a Conspiracy to Build a Total, Managed Global Society; The Contrived Evolution of Regional Government; Appointed Managers, The New Ruling Class; Re-Education Monopoly-Change (warning regarding school choice); and The Three Lives of Don Bell (his biography) which covers his 3-year internment in a Japanese concentration camp in Manila, his liberation upon the return of General MacArthur, his return to duty and subsequent being shot down during a bombing run over Amoy, China. Bell, a journalist, also covered the organizational meeting of the UN at San Francisco, returned to the Philippines, entered Japan with General Macarthur, remained in Asia until the Bikini Atomic Bomb tests. And then, understanding well the plans for a collectivist America and wishing to warn Americans of the dangers that lay ahead, he undertook the writing of his most remarkable and historically illuminating newsletters.    
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Education Designed To Deceive -Mary
 Williams - 1978-14pgs-EDU.sml.pdf

Important paper written in 1978 by educational researcher Mary G. Williams which documents and explains purpose of community education, affective education, sex, drug, death, human development, career, world order, moral, health education, etc. and etc. Good excerpts from Humanist Manifesto II and excellent, informative coverage of destructive programs in public schools, including Magic Circle, New Model Me, etc. Important quote re UNESCO's Birth to Death Community Education (Re-education) follows which, by the way, is being implemented across the nation and internationally in 2006. Lee Pavola, a Mott Foundation intern, clarifies the true intent: "It seems to me the end result of community education until now has been that we will get somebody in to play volley ball and will think we have changed their attitudes. Well, they will have played volley ball for three years and end up with the same attitudes they started with unless the teacher imparts a different set of standards."    
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Education for International Understandin
g - Terence Lawson -92pgs-1969-EDU-

UN agenda for education restructuring.    
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Educational Programs That Work -&nb
sp;Far West Labs - NDN -1983-4

"A Catalog of Exemplary Programs" approved by the U.S. Department of Education's Joint Dissemination Review Panel, Ninth Edition, 1983, prepared for the National Diffusion Network (NDN) Division. Documentation proving extent of federal government involvement in curriculum development and dissemination, teacher training, particularly related to alteration of student/teacher values, attitudes and beliefs. Programs cover teacher training, drug and alcohol education, critical thinking and decision making, etc. Refer to entry this website entitled "Child Abuse in the Classroom" which contains parent testimony regarding controversial NDN programs.    
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Education_ in_China-1974-83pgs-EDU-.sml.pdf

Education is an indispensable ingredient in a programme of economic development. Industry requires a literate labour force and so does the organisation of co-operative agriculture. The introduction of modern technology, the health service and administration at every level, all require a high level of education. To meet this need, the new government in China, after 1949, at first had to make do with what there was. There were two strands in the existing educational system: the ossified tradition of classical learning and Western knowledge disseminated by teachers who tried to make their pupils despise everything Chinese. Neither was appropriate to New China, but any teachers were better than none.    
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Education_ Restructuring-Semantic_Deception-Iserby

Article by Iserbyt detailing twelve U.S. Department of Education abuses, including development of no right/no wrong curriculum/ UNESCO curriculum, etc.    
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Important Regents Policy entitled "Education and Community Renewal: The Role of Schools in Addressing the Needs of Economically Distressed Areas" One of first major policy statements which would initiate a nationwide move towards school based clinics and lifelong community education with all services in community being provided by unelected councils under the umbrella of the school district. This paper was provided by a member of the New York Board of Regents who said "This entire paper is a condensed version of the Mondale/Brademas: Child and Family Services Act. It is merely another approach to socialism, full State control of all children and full assurance of education from the cradle to the grave!"    
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Education_For_ Destruction-Bessie_R_Burchett_PHD-1

Extraordinary and courageous self-published expose of how communists infiltrated public education in the nineteen thirties and forties written in 1941 by Bessie Burchett, Ph.D. Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, S. Philadelphia Public School for Girls. This is an absolutely fascinating book which, if possible, rivals that of Major George Racey, also included on this website. Burchett even includes a photo of poster on a classroom wall with USSR printed on it. She goes into great detail regarding the beginning of sex education, the questioning of right and wrong by students, the anti-American bias in the curriculum. She, of course, suffered the wrath of the radicals up against whom she went.A must read for everyone, but for teachers especially!    
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U.S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, Office of Human Development Services, Administration of Children, Youth and Families, Children’s Bureau, 1977.  Excerpt from document:  “This Education for Parenthood:  A Program, Curriculum, and Evaluation Guide has been prepared to assist school agencies and community based organizations in developing effective preparation of parenthood programs for the teenagers they serve.  Curriculum now being used in over 2300 schools, 350 colleges and universities and about 400 community agencies throughout the country and also in 38 sites in foreign countries.”… Following quote from teenager participant:  “Before I went in I thought I would get married right away and have children.  Now, I want to wait until I am mature enough to be a good parent.”  The program calls for the use of the controversial “values clarification” techniques which basically result in the questioning and often destruction of traditional value systems.

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This “Systematic Approach for Effectiveness” (SAFE) project,  1983,   was unveiled for use nationwide in 1983 as a result of the Reagan Administration’s  Commission on Excellence in Education’s “A Nation At Risk” report.   Its EXTREME importance lies in its call to radically restructure education from what one “knows” (content) to what one “can do”… how one can “perform”, using the Pavlovian/Skinnerian behaviorist dog training (mastery learning/direct instruction/OBE) in conjunction with systems management by objectives, for RESULTS. OBE would become the “bypass the brain” method essential for the restructuring of education from academics to global work force training.    
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This book on educational philosophy comes at a time of crisis, for the theme that runs through critical thinking in the field of educational theory today is characterized by deep concern over both the preservation and the enrichment of human values. Can we maintain our democratic individualism in the face of the standardizing forces of the Western machine civilization which may also engulf the Eastern world? Can we offset the totalitarianisms which deify the materialism of an increasingly industrial culture?    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :2.144 MB


Occasionally a public school teacher turns activist against the change agents wreaking destruction of the traditional public school system.  One courageous teacher was Marilyn L. Reicks who wrote  “Education Reform Will Control You” in  1991.  Her activism lead to her losing her teaching job.  Some excerpts from this small package of dynamite follow:
A model for community education is being put in place: A model to show other schools in the nation how the school can become "the hub of the community" . Human services, health specialists, social services, law enforcement personnel, the world of work professionals, child care workers, and other social organizations and government
agencies will work with the school . Services including primary health care, social services, counseling, child care, job training, employment, leisure activities, retirement,
parenting, and et cetera will be controlled through the school . Global control at the local
level . Control over every aspect of your life - womb to tomb.

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Concerns that the education system cannot adequately prepare students for life and work in the 21st Century have prompted people across the country to explore new ways of designing education. In several states, educators and policy makers are attempting to change the way we measure the effectiveness of education from an emphasis on traditional inputs, such as course credits earned and hours spent in class, to results or outcomes. The shift toward outcome-based education is analogous to the total quality movement in business and manufacturing. It reflects a belief that the best way for individuals and organizations to get where they're going is first to determine where they are and where they want to be-then plan backwards to determine the best way to get from here to there.    
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There is probably no subject that engages the public interest as greatly as does mental health. Why not? Every one, minute by minute, in his feelings about himself in his dealings with other people, and in his relations with the realities of the world about him, is happy, congenial, and successful, or the opposite, depending in large part upon his own mental health.    
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Ed_Update-Reagan Revolution-Heritage_Foundation-19

"Reagan Revolution Stalled in Education Department", Education Update, Heritage Foundation, discusses federal leadership in partnership with private sector and education community for major development of computer-based software curriculum.    
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The history and development of the North American Union from 1921 to 2006 time line. Author - Debra K. Niwa.    
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A New and Revised Edition...An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and its Kindred Sciences comprising the Whole Range of Arts, Sciences and Literature as connected with the Institution, by Albert G. Mackey, M.D. 33 deg., author of "The History of Freemasonry,""Lexicon of Freemasonry," "A Text-book of Masonic Jurisprudence," "Symbolism of Freemasonry,", etc., etc.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :58.945 MB


A New and Revised Edition...An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and its Kindred Sciences comprising the Whole Range of Arts, Sciences and Literature as connected with the Institution, by Albert G. Mackey, M.D. 33 deg., author of "The History of Freemasonry,""Lexicon of Freemasonry," "A Text-book of Masonic Jurisprudence," "Symbolism of Freemasonry,", etc., etc.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :19.645 MB


A New and Revised Edition...An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and its Kindred Sciences comprising the Whole Range of Arts, Sciences and Literature as connected with the Institution, by Albert G. Mackey, M.D. 33 deg., author of "The History of Freemasonry,""Lexicon of Freemasonry," "A Text-book of Masonic Jurisprudence," "Symbolism of Freemasonry,", etc., etc.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :39.225 MB


This is not to be in any sense of the word a "War Book," although it owes its conception to thoughts arising out of the great conflict which is shaking the foundations of civilization . We read much these days of what will take place after the war, but what we read are only the opinions of individuals ; what the consequences will be remains concealed in the mind of God. Here, in America, public opinion depends largely upon the dictum of the daily press, and the preponderant sympathy for the Allies, and especially for Great Britain and France, is both natural and, to a degree, excusable. With Great Britain we have a common language and common traditions, and with France we have the bond of gratitude and sympathy for generous help in our hour of need. Sentiment, rather than reason, has always controlled the sympathies of the human race. When the war is over there will be the beginnings of a New World, a world in which America must play her part. That she may play her part nobly is the hope and prayer of millions of her sons and daughters.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :3.734 MB


THis book is about myself, for I cannot write of other people without exposing them to the danger of imprisonment and exile; but my life is typical of the lives of thousands of educated women in U .S.S.R. We have all of us spent years in study in order to acquire knowledge necessary not only to ourselves but to our country which we were eager to serve . None of us were hostile to the Revolution, and many devoted themselves with enthusiasm to work for the new regime. But this did not save us either from famine, when we had no food to give our children, or from prison and exile . If technical experts who created all that may be truly called `achievements of the Revolution' have been condemned by the Soviet Government as `wreckers' it was but natural that the `wreckers' wives' should suffer too. To wipe out the intellectuals as a class it was necessary to get hold not only of the men but of the women as well, and, incidentally, of their children .    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :3.564 MB


Article by Iserbyt related to use by Bath, Maine police of Pavlovian rewards to citizens who do what police determine to be "good deeds".    
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Canadian video promoting U.S.A. federally-funded school choice (charter schools) for workforce training and use of Effective School Research (exchanges with Russia under auspices of SecEd Lamar Alexander) and Skinnerian mastery learning/direct instruction. Fascinating background on neoconservative support for charter schools and Skinner method, including support from Empower America,Hudson Institute, Rand Corporation.    
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300 DPI PDF :: File Size :5.404 MB


This we can only see as what has become of the Soviet Unions collaboration with Communist China... Largest department store on earth, the Soviet Union Foreign Trade Monopoly, is conducting the greatest permanent bargain sale in history andd in fifty-two lands its agents today are offering a thousand varieties of wares at prices that bring despair to their competitors.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :2.964 MB


0N a spring day in the year 1764 a young man was seen going up the narrow, cobble-stoned Jews'-Street of Frankfort-on-the-Main. Tradesmen and market women paused in their bargaining to glance at him, but did not recognize him. Tall and spare, with marked Semitic features, a short, pointed black beard, and a rabbinical stoop in the shoulders, he was clearly a son of the Ghetto. A certain good-humored look around the eyes and mouth suggested something familiar about him, and from the unhesitating manner in which he walked straight on before him he seemed to be at home in the teeming street. He had entered by the south end, the one nearest the center of town, and was proceeding steadily northward in the direction of the Bornheimer Gate, which was the poorer section of the Judengasse. Not far from the gate he turned right, halted before a house which had a sign with a crudely painted saucepan on it, and disappeared into the yard. Then only, the curious who had been watching him from their doorways remembered. Why, it was Meyer, "the little Bauer," the son of Amschel and Schoenche, the unfortunate couple who had died within a few months of each other now more than eight years ago, leaving five young children homeless, parentless and with barely enough means for their rearing.    
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Fleshing_Out_Skull_And_Bones- Kris_Millegan-2003-7

The most important thing that I would like folks to understand from this work is that the secrecy of these organizations is not good for our Republic. These secret societies are historically foreign-based and do not care about this country. Their ends justifies the means zeitgeist leads to massive corruption and the "institutionalized sociological" excess of "elite deviancy." Where a certain few believe that they are beyond the law and then through corrupted political and economic power -- act above the law, through whatever means at their disposal.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :53.685 MB


The enchanting promises of paternalism under the name of a New Deal have, like the false gold of the foolish prospectors, deceived many minds. Those who believe they have found the key to the vault in which is stored the real gold of "a new social order" that will buy "a more abundant life," and "greater security for all," have posted their location notices upon the door of the federal government and are celebrating by the riotous spending of public funds. When at last they have exhausted the taxpayers' ready cash and mortgaged all wealth, thus ruining the credit of the nation, they will retire to sleep off the debauch. Upon awakening, they will be informed by those who saw the folly of it all, that what they found was nothing but another kind of worthless fools gold.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :2.724 MB


As the years passed I have found that the facts of life did conclude if only I would let them. I was brought to recognize this by an exciting and profound body of Americans who had succeeded in doing that very thing. These I have called the Men of the Consensus and to their leaders I have dedicated my book . Throughout the story of their work we can marvel at their traits. Certainly they were neither Liberals nor Conservatives. Not one was of any Party. Partisan politics was not their business and they eschewed all soapboxes, those of the die-hard Right or Left or of any straddling Liberal party. They were Radicals in the truest dictionary sense "from the roots thereof"; that is, they were students of the foundations of man and his culture. One by one these men -most of them working alone, most of them afraid yet naively brave - confronted the facts of modern life and, even against the loyalties and taboos of their people, let their minds conclude what the facts of life conclude.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :12.835 MB


U.S. State Dept. publication No. 7277, September, 1961 "Freedom From War…The U.S. Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :0.724 MB


I offer this book to the Masonic public, in redemption of my pledges to the generous friends who furnished me the means both for my expedition of 1868, and for publishing the book itself. That I have been more than three years getting it up, speaks, I think, for the thorough manner of its preparation. Agreeably to original promise, "the book is adapted to the plainest reader ; one that the owner will take home and read in his domestic circle, and afterwards lend to his neighbors to read ; equally a reference book to the student, and a hand-book to the traveller ; large enough to embrace so great a subject, yet no effort has been spared to compress the information. The Common Gavel has been used remorselessly in striking off excrescences. Written in the spirit of the Holy Writings, French and German infidelity has not made sufficient inroads into American Masonry, that less than nineteen-twentieths will welcome additional light upon the Divine authenticity of the Bible, and such light I have attempted freely to diffuse through this volume.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :13.975 MB

Superb speech by Patrick J. Buchanan before the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations in which he blasted the internationalists for their religious support of free trade. Buchanan made a point that Teddy Roosevelt was no free trader, while Karl Marx loved free trade..    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :0.134 MB


Before presenting the translation of General Krassnoff's book "From Double Eagle to Red Flag" to the English-speaking public, the translators would like to introduce the author and his work. The well-known Russian writer Kouprin expresses his opinion of this book in the Paris newspaper "La Cause Commune" in the following terms: "General Krassnoff has much to narrate. He has witnessed and himself taken part in many events during these terrible years, events so horrible and great, gruesome and heroic, that they would have sufficed for at least ten ordinary lives. And one must admit, judging by the first volume, that the author describes vividly and with real talent all the facts he is acquainted with and the events he has personally witnessed and experienced." The author has had indeed exceptional opportunities for observation. A Don Cossack by birth, he began his military career as a Lieutenant in the Atamansky Guard Cossack regiment at St. Petersburg, and soon became known as a dashing cavalry officer and sportsman, and as a writer on military subjects. During the Japanese war he was at the front as a military correspondent. On his return he served in various parts of European Russia and in Siberia. The Great War found him in command of a Cossack cavalry regiment in Poland, at the head of which he won by a brilliant charge his St. George's cross. He successively commanded a cavalry brigade, a division and the famous 3rd Cavalry Corps.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :7.204 MB


Probably the most important contribution to Twentieth Century history ever written proving that the United States turned over highly-classified documents and materials to the Soviet Union, many of which related to the building of the atom bomb.  This book would be a thriller even if it were not true.  The content of this book calls into question the existence of a Cold War. Excerpt follows from Congressional testimony related to Major Jordan’s findings: Mr. Nixon : On the point of the so-called shipments of uranium-. . . the shipments went through. Is that correct? Mr. Appell: Two specific shipments of uranium oxide and uranium nitrate, and shipments of heavy water have been completely documented to include even the number of the plan.

300 DPI PDF :: File Size :9.604 MB


An abbreviated version of “From Major Jordan’s Diaries”.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :2.674 MB


TRUE KNOWLEDGE OF THE HUMAN BEING AS A FOUNDATION FOR THE ART OF MEDICINE THIS book will indicate new possibilities for the science and art of Medicine . The reader must, however, be prepared to enter into the pointsof view which guided us when the medical conceptions here described came into being. If he cannot do so, he will not be in a position to form a proper judgment of what is brought forward in these pages. There is no question of opposition to the Medicine that works withh the recognized scientific methods of to-day. The latter, in its principles, is fully recognized by us, and we hold that what we have to give should be used in medical pra&ice by those alone who are in the position of fully qualified do&ors in accordance with these recognize principles. On the other hand, to all that can be known about the human being with the methods that are recognized to-day, we add a further knowledge, whose discoveries are made by different methods . And out of this extended knowledge of the World and Man, we find ourselves compelled to work for an extension of the art of Medicine.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :3.454 MB


Guardians of Education letter to President, University of Maine, Farmington regarding most controversial SHEP (Student Health Education Program) including verbatim text of outcomes, one of which was "student should list and define forms of sexual behavior" and includes "katasexual", sex with animals.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :0.174 MB

Gentile_Folly-The Rothschilds-Arnold_Leese-1940-67

This little book has been produced with the object of filling a vacancy which the author considers has too long existed. Works on the Rothschilds are many, but nearly all these are either purposefully inaccurate or, like Count Corti's masterpiece, long and rather dry.. This book of mine contains no padding and needs to be read slowly. I am not concerned with anecdotes about the Rothschilds, nor with registering their " wise-cracks," nor with their " charity." I take no interest in the Rothschilds as men or robots, but only as Jews ; this book, which has been condensed so as to be within the reach of any working-man or woman, deals with the principal aspects of control over the Gentile by sheer weight of money-power, a control used for purposes not Gentile.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :1.244 MB


Herr Heinz A. Heinz' aim has been to draw a picture of the Fi hrer from details supplied at first hand by those friends and helpers and comrades of his who believed in him from the first, who joined him at the beginning, stood by him through the darkest days, and have lived to see one of the most astounding achievements of modern times.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :3.104 MB


Now on the verge of war, the way lies straight ahead, but it may help to recall something of the road we have come over. Even on the rim of hell I shall want to know how I got there. The rapid tide of events has confused most of us and dulled the sharpness of first impressions. It's understanding, not confusion, that contributes to morale. This volume is little more than a scrapbook, a selection from voluminous files of clippings and comments on events domestic and international, and notes on articles and books of the past few years. This contemporary running summary, with later notes bringing the topics up to date, and introductory chapters which endeavor to give in narrative form something of the background, may prove clarifying. The 100 Bulletins which form the core of the book must at times show the heats and fevers of the day, but may have as much value because of this as the more careful accounts which will be the aftermath of the present excitement.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :9.954 MB


Thanks to Kathy Finnegan, a parent and impeccable education researcher, our country has this excellent study/critique of President Clinton’s Goals 2000, the follow-up agenda to President Bush’s America 2000 which called for a transformation of America’s schools from academics to the Soviet polytech school-to-work system in which  students will have no choice of occupation or upward mobility, but  will serve as human resources to be exploited by the global elite.

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Goulds_History_Of Freemasonry_Throughout_The_World

300 DPI PDF :: File Size :10.105 MB

Goulds_History_Of Freemasonry_Throughout_The_World

300 DPI PDF :: File Size :69.835 MB

Goulds_History_Of Freemasonry_Throughout_The_World

300 DPI PDF :: File Size :9.974 MB

Goulds_History_Of Freemasonry_Throughout_The_World

300 DPI PDF :: File Size :8.034 MB

Goulds_History_Of Freemasonry_Throughout_The_World

300 DPI PDF :: File Size :9.704 MB

Goulds_History_Of Freemasonry_Throughout_The_World

300 DPI PDF :: File Size :16.005 MB

Goulds_History_Of Freemasonry_Throughout_The_World

300 DPI PDF :: File Size :15.995 MB


"Greatest Subversive Plot in American History:" The American Flag Committee's "Report to the American People on UNESCO", Extension of Remarks by Hon. John T. Wood, Idaho The Congressional Record, October 18, 1951.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :0.554 MB


Notwithstanding the claim made by the old authors of Masonic literature, that the Ritual of Freemasonry does not change, there has, within a few years, been a radical change in the phraseology of the Ritual, and some changes in the formula of conducting the lodge ceremonies. To meet these changes this, handbook has been revised to correspond with present formulas, and, it is believed, will be found correct in every essential particular.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :4.164 MB


This is an amazing book showing the collaboration of American corporate involvement inside the USSR... The Handbook of the Soviet Union is the successor of the "Economic Handbook of the Soviet Union," published by the American -Russian Chamber of Commerce in 1931, and seeks to present in a concise form, facts and statistics concerning the development of some of the more important phases of the national economy of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics .    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :8.384 MB


A Petition related to French Elementary Schools, written by a high-ranking Inspector of French Schools. This Petition documents that the deliberate dumbing down of students is not confined to the USA, but is in fact part of an international dumbing down. Monsieur Ferrier says in part "But certain measures adopted by educators and school systems prevent the acquisition of basicknowledge and elementary skills…Among these measures: The abandonment of all forms of memorizing or "rote-learning" in favor of more "creative" and "rewarding" or fulfilling" exercises. Very useful and informative document which dovetails with similar petitions being circulated in the USA.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :0.084 MB


Is the STATE to decide what is Normal or Abnormal?... Recognition Of Symptoms in Emotionally Disturbed Children. Our understanding of what's normal is more limited than our comprehension of the abnormal because normality has a wide range. What is normal for one individual may not be normal for another. Actually there is nothing in the abnormal, which is unrelated to or non-existent in the normal. With the premise that we approach each individual child as a total sentient being- body, mind, intellect, feelings - we recognize that the behavior at any point in his life, 6 or 16 or 60, is a symptomatic express : on of the sum total of all he has experienced biologically, emotionally, socially, during his life. Then we consider, how does this one child measure up with the average. in his whole social group of peers? Does he live, perform, adjust in a reasonably effective, happy, healthy way? Or is he different? If different, how different? When can we talk with him, counsel with him, manipulate circumstances or environment which will help modify his difference? When shall we seek the clinical help that is afforded by child guidance clinics in their team approach of psychiatrists, psychiatric social workers, and psychologists? To what should we be alerted? Of what should we be aware if we are to function as preventive agents of poor mental health, mental illness, maladjustment?'    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :0.154 MB


Among the absurd notions as to what the Talmud was, given credence in the Middle Ages, one was that it was a man! The mediaeval priest or peasant was perhaps wiser than he knew . Almost, might we say, the Talmud was Man, for it is a record of the doings, the beliefs, the usages, the hopes, the sufferings, the patience, the humor, the mentality, and the morality of the Jewish people for half a millennium. What is the Talmud? There is more than one answer. Ostensibly it is the corpus juris of the Jews from about the first century before the Christian era to about the fourth after it. But we shall see as we proceed that the Talmud was much more than this ... The very word "Law" in Hebrew-"Torah" - means more than its translation would imply. The Jew interpreted his whole religion in terms of law, It is his name in fact, for the Bible's first five books the Pentateuch. To explain what the Talmud is we must first explain the theory of its growth, more remarkable perhaps than the work itself.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :5.764 MB


Interestingly similar to our situation in 2008... As we approach the Presidential election of November, 1936, it is well for us to take stock of our present situation and to begin to make up our minds whether we want to continue along our present course-or change it. Never in the history of our country has it been so necessary for every citizen to exercise intelligently the rights of citizenship. Our country is faced with a crisis more serious than any mere "depression". It is faced by a question more basic than unemployment or low prices or heavy debts. When you and I go to the polls in November, 1936, we shall be voting, not for any one man, not for any one party, not for any one remedy or group of remedies, but for the continuance or discontinuance of the freedom we have enjoyed under what for want of a better name we call the American scheme of life.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :0.834 MB


The Ronald Reagan America never knew. This damning expose written long before he ever ran for president and truly shows who he was in the sixties. Interestingly enough most all the copies seemed to have gone missing. Now available used for around $300 dollars. Originally likely one dollar.    
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Large print chronology of deliberate dumbing down of America for use as overheads at education seminars..    
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The Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Bolsheviks) has traversed a long and glorious road, leading from the first tiny Marxist circles and groups that appeared in Russia in the eighties of the past century to the great Party of the Bolsheviks, which now directs the first Socialist State of Workers and Peasants in the world . The C.P.S.U.(B.) grew up on the basis of the working-class movement in pre-revolutionary Russia ; it sprang from the Marxist circles and groups which had established connection with the working-class movement and imparted to it a Socialist consciousness . The C.P.S.U.(B.) has always been guided by the revolutionary teachings of Marxism- Leninism. In the new conditions of the era of imperialism, imperialist wars and proletarian revolutions, its leaders further developed the teachings of Marx and Engels and raised them to a new level. The C.P.S.U.(B.) grew and gained strength in a fight over fundamental principles waged against the petty-bourgeois parties within the working-class movement-the Socialist -Revolutionaries (and earlier still, against their predecessors, the Narodniks), the Mensheviks, Anarchists and bourgeois nationalists of all shades-and, within the Party itself, against the Menshevik, opportunist trends-the Trotskyites, Bukharinites, nationalist deviators and other anti-Leninist groups .    
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THE huge Festhalle in Frankfort-on-Main is filled with a noisy crowd of 20,000. Grimy laborers, politically-confident students, Teutonic Babbitts with protruding beer-bellies and egg-like heads, excited women, still more excited girls, old men who have lived in better days, ex-soldiers who survived the mud and stench of the front, youngsters not yet out of their teens,-all are caught in a tremendous wave of enthusiasm. Stunned by the years of economic misery since the war, these people suddenly discover a political Moses to lead them out of the black wilderness. Germany is to be saved! Deutschland erwache! Triumph of the Aryan race! Down with the Jews! A united front once more against the French swine! Heil Hitler!    
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Where did Hitler get the funds and the backing to achieve power in 1933 Germany? Did these funds come only from prominent German bankers and industrialists or did funds also come from American bankers and industrialists?    
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An absolutely wonderful book written by a father who with the help of his wonderful wife Barb, gave their children the greatest gift of all. Of six, three to Stanford, a fourth on the way, and the youngsters looking forward to having the choice too. The James Bunch were not removed from society, and even attended the classes of their choice at local schools from time to time. It's Still In Print and I'd recommend buying it for a cozy bedtime treat and a hand-off to any parental friend when you're done.    
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In the 1850s, three members of The Order left Yale and working together, at times with other members along the way, made a revolution that changed the face, direction and purpose of American education. It was a rapid, quiet revolution, and eminently successful. The American people even today, in 1983, are not aware of a coup d'etat.    
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To deny the existence of an evil is not to destroy, but to intrench it . This is essentially true of anti-Semitism in America- an evil often denied or ignored, yet which incontrovertibly exists today. Hence, when formulating the subject of the Essay Contest on which this symposium is based, the editors Of OPINION invited consideration, not of whether anti,Semitism exists, but of how to combat it. They held that the time had passed for polite reticence and passive optimism ; that like other prejudices, anti-Semitism would never be eliminated in the United States until it had been openly exposed; and that this could best be done by public discussion of ways and means by which to end it.    
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This Position Paper on "How to Implement Change" was presented by Clyde Hall, Savannah State College, Savannah, GA at the National Workshop on Comprehensive Vocational Education Development and Utilization, June 15-17, 1971 in Washington, D.C. It s importance lies in fact it was probably the first major example of wholesale acceptance by the leadership of the American educational establishment of the need for "planned change". This presentation seems to have followed immediately upon publication of the Change Agent Manual developed by Professor Ronald Havelock (see above entry). Some important quotes follow: "An example of such planning change is the performance contract with Behavioral Research Labs to run Banneker Elementary School in Gary, Indiana." "This paper describes the science of managed change and how that technique can be applied to educational situations." On page 4 one reads: " Stages of Planning: It is generally recognized that managed change proceeds through several distinct stages from beginning to end. In 1951 Kurt Lewin suggested a three-phase change cycle consisting of (1) unfreezing of present situation; (2) moving to a new condition, and (3) refreezing or stabilizing the change situation."    
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Education for Social Change Humanistic education began in the U.S.A. in the progressive education movement, which dates from about 1905, and its founder is John Dewey, a pragmatist ("what works is good") and a Humanist (first President of the American Humanist Society, and a signatory to Humanist Manifesto I). He aimed to introduce into the U.S.A. National Socialism, later known in Germany as Nazism, which he called "Collectivism", and to use the schools as instruments of social change to bring this about . (18) Dewey changed the aim, content and methods of education in the U.S.A. In 1905 he organised, along with some Fabians, the Intercollegiate Socialist Society, which in 1921 changed its name to the League for Industrial Democracy, and this in turn formed in 1962 an action arm called the Students for a Democratic Society. The aim of the League was to put into the classroom teachers, into the pulpits preachers and into the trade unions leaders who were collectivists (reflecting the Fabian method) . Early in the century, Dewey formed the Progressive Education Association, and the American Association of University Professors, also committed to the goal of collectivizing the U .S.A. (19) The schools were seen as essential to the task: "Nothing less than thoroughgoing reconstruction is demanded, and there is no institution known to the mind of man that can compass the problem except education." (20) Implementation of the plan was to be mainly through social studies, developed chiefly at that time by Dr George Counts .    
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In the absence of the author, or rather compiler of the following work, who was kidnapped and carried away from the village of Batavia, on the fifth day of September, 1826, by a number of Freemasons, it devolves upon the publisher to attempt to set forth some of the leading views that governed those who embarked in the undertaking.    
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Immorality_ and_Our_Employments_Hereafter-JM_Peebl

The earliest literature of any people is sacred literature. The most exhaustive inquiries of the greatest minds of every age and nation have been inquiries pertaining to man's moral relations and the soul's future destiny. The religious literature of the race approaches nearest the character of immortality of all its mental products. When other books are forgotten, the sacred books continue a perennial fountain of thought and inspiration. This is true of Egypt, India, Babylon, and all the countries of the Orient.    
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Lenin's words to his readers... It is very painful, in these days of liberty, to read these cramped passages of the pamphlet, crushed, as they seem, in an iron vise, distorted on account of the censor. Of how imperialism is the eve of the socialist revolution ; of how social-chauvinism (socialism in words, chauvinism in deeds) is the utter betrayal of socialism, complete desertion to the side of the bourgeoisie ; of how the split in the labour movement is bound up with the objective conditions of imperialism, etc ., I had to speak in a "slavish" tongue, and I must refer the reader who is interested in the question to the volume, which is soon to appear, in which. are reproduced the articles I wrote abroad in the years 1914-17. Special attention must be drawn, however, to a passage on pages 119-202 In order to show, in a guise acceptable to the censors, how shamefully the capitalists and the social-chauvinist deserters (whom Kautsky opposes with so much inconsistency) lie on the question of annexations; in order to show with what cynicism they screen the annexations of their capitalists, I was forced to quote as an example-Japan! The careful reader will easily substitute Russia for Japan, and Finland, Poland, Courland, the Ukraine, Khiva, Bokhara, Estonia or other regions peopled by non-Great Russians, for Korea.    
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The following excerpted material is taken from the International Learning Cooperative, IMTEC’s, Newsletter, 1989. A reading of the whole newsletter is necessary to understand the all-encompassing activities of international change agents doing the bidding of UNESCO, OECD, etc. However, this particular issue documents the use of American tax monies to support the spread internationally of McREL’s controversial values-destroying critical thinking curriculum and school-based management activities. COOPERATION WITH McREL
The Second "School-Year 2020 International Conference held in October 1988, was a joint undertaking by McREL (the Mid-Continent Regional Educational Laboratory) and Imtec . McREL is one of nine regional educational laboratories serving different regions of the and its protectorates. The "Labs" are practice institutions, assisting educators to use and apply the findings and products of research and development in their daily work in classrooms, schools, districts, state education agencies and related setting . McREL is the laboratory which serves the mountain/plains region including: Our cooperation with McREL will continue.. A Development Group represented by people from McREL and Imtec is presently working on new programs building on McREL's Achieving Excellence Program (A+) and Imtec's IDP, The Institutional Development Program. McREL's A+ is a site or school-based management system.    
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 One excerpt follows:   The Mantooth Report (mentioned on this website as a separate entry, ed) describes a global education program in Indiana, and says: The children are to become the first crop of "planetary citizens" -- they will be the collective of the "world
community," . . . and they will work toward an "equitable distribution of the wealth" and for the ending of private ownership of property, since, they have been told, it unfairly
concentrates the wealth in , the hands of a few . . .the principle cause of social injustice.

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"What is International Baccalaureate (IB)?" As of 3/29/10 there are 1,095 U.S.-based schools (mostly in the public system) that have adopted IB programs.    
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Documentation that inclusion of "mental health, housing, nutrition, etc." in definition of "Health"can be attributed to recommendation made by Soviet agent Alger Hiss, President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Canadian psychiatrist Brock Chisholm, and other members of the World Health Organization's Interim Commission.. Also included in this pamphlet are excerpts from speech by Chisholm entitled "Re-establishment of Peacetime Society, Responsibility of Psychiatry" which included population reduction, UN Peace force, and redistribution of wealth.    
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The present issue of International Conciliation reviews the history of the Interim Commission through its last meeting in February. The first World Health Assembly will convene in June 1948. A brief introductory article has been prepared by Dr . Brock Chisholm, Executive Secretary, World Health Organization, Interim Commission. Dr. Chisholm is an eminent psychiatrist and served during the war as Director-General of Medical Services of the Canadian Army. The main discussion of the World Health Organization has been contributed by C.E.A. Winslow, Professor Emeritus of Yale University and Editor of the American Journal of Public Health. Dr. Winslow has been a member of the Board of Scientific Directors of the International Health Division of the Rockefeller Foundation, Medical Director of the League of Red Cross Societies, and Expert Assessor of the Health Committee of the League of Nations.    
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The growth of this system from its simple beginnings, and particularly since the opening of the present century, has shattered the conceptions and surpassed the expectations of its founders. Today, despite the fact that other nations have been engaged for some time in the radical extension of the opportunities of organized education to more and more children and youth, our secondary and higher schools enroll a far larger proportion of young people of appropriate age than do those of any other count Here without doubt is one of the most distinctive features and one of the most authentic expressions of our democracy. It is as truly American as our constitutional system.    
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This series of lessons has been given in substance in half a dozen cities in the United States and Canada, and in parts elsewhere. The talks were all extemporaneous, but those delivered to a private class in Washington were taken in shorthand and many of the chapters put into shape from these notes . The corrections and writing of other chapters were done in Florida, where there were no books available, so that citations to references had subsequently to be made in footnotes. Philosophy is rather difficult for the average reader, for which reason the simple and conversational style of the talks has been retained so far as possible. Metaphysics is a closed book to most, and I have long felt that the subject should be stated more plainly and made accessible to more people. This work may seem to lack finish and polish for that reason, yet it is hoped that it may at least contain suggestions not entirely devoid of value or interest to trained philosophers as well as to other seekers after truth .    
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Mr. Koch, the subcommittee is sitting this morning for the purpose of giving you an opportunity to be heard with reference to charges or complaints, that have been . made to the Special Committee Investigating Un-American and Subversive Activities, that you are a member of or have been associated with organizations or groups which have been denominated as being subversive organizations, both by the special committee and by the Attorney General of the United States. This is an executive hearing. You will be given the fullest opportunity to be heard on any of the complaints that have been presented.    
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"In the Name of Education", by the late Jo-Ann Abrigg, The Phyllis Schlafly Report. This is a classic! Easy to understand critique of change in education from academics to behavior modification, includes excellent analysis of behaviorism, secular humanism, etc.    
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Iserbyt True Goal of School Ch
oice NWV 3.10.12.pdf

School Choice Truth    
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Letter from Iserbyt to Schlafly regarding history of School Choice (vouchers, tuition tax credits, charter and contract schools, site-based management) and information regarding exactly who is supporting the change from traditional public and private education funding. Collusion between neoconservatives, corporations, and leftists in education, including former "conservative" Secretaries of Education and NEA to enable corporations to take control of American education for workforce training purposes. Shift to unelected advisory council form of government also discussed by same persons.    
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Speech to parents by Jacqueline Lawrence, who initiated Parents Who Care lawsuit against Montgomery County School District, for use of controversial programs, including bringing Prof. B. F. Skinner into classrooms, timeout boxes, psychodrama, values clarification, etc. Mrs. Lawrence was told by the author of "Brainwashing in Red China", Edward Hunter, that the Montgomery Co. schools were using Chinese Communist brainwashing methods. Her expertise resulted in her being called to testify in 1984 before the Senate Education Committee.    
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This is a masterpiece, not only due to its impeccable research into the history of American education, but due to the author’s ability to write in a clear, concise, but at the same time eloquent manner.    
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"An intensely interesting and most revealing account of the monetary history of this country since President Roosevelt took office ." -PROFESSOR WALTER E. SPAHR Secretary of Economists' National Committee on Monetary Policy "The liveliest and in some respects the most interesting book that has yet appeared on the first year of the New Deal." THOMAS F. WOODLOCK, in the Wall Street Journal "Mr. Warburg has rendered an invaluable service in preparing this volume and has presented his material in an unusually vigorous and effective manner." PROFESSOR ERNEST MINOR PATTERSON President of the American Academy of Political and Social Science    
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Before 1914 we knew nothing of the real we are still ignorant of the great personalities of Germany. Among these, Maximilian Harden stands out a fearless brain giant. Of course, I do not always agree with him, but this man of mystery who in the Germany of 1916 dared to defend President Wilson, who more than once defied the Kaiser, who was the intimate friend of the great Bismarck, has played a great role not only in the political life of Europe but in the intellectual development of the German people.    
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ITELL my own story because I believe that only in this way can I discharge the moral obligation which a kindly Fate imposed upon me in helping me to escape from the Soviet Terror-the duty to speak for those whose voices cannot be heard. In silence they are sent away as convicts to the concentration camps; in silence they suffer torture and go to meet their death from Soviet bullets. Nothing is invented in this book and I stand back of every statement I have made . In a few instancesto protect others-I have been compelled to conceal the identity of certain people, but I have indicated that fact in each specific case. All those whom I describe are real persons and everything is true to the minutest detail. This is a narrative of what befell a Russian scientist under the Soviet regime. More than that, it is the story of many, if not most, people of education in the U.S.S.R. today.    
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OF "the greatest criminal case in all human history," probably ten million words have been written and ten thousand photographs published throughout the civilized world. In this case, three figures stand out above all others . They are : Colonel Charles A . Lindbergh, Dr. John F. (Jafsie) Condon, and Bruno Richard Hauptmann. The first will probably never tell his story, the third cannot tell his, while as to the second-for almost four years he steadfastly refused to do so, except for his trial testimony, even in the face of misrepresentation, vituperation, and vile slander. Why did Jafsie refuse to reveal the inner motive that impelled him to enter the case and refuse to answer his slanderers directly? Only those who have had the privilege of knowing this remarkable man personally, have been in a position to understand. His following words show one of the strong influences that guided him : "My one desire, my only thought from the first has been to place that baby's arms again around its mother's neck."    
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Jewish Encyclopedia_326pg_Rel_sml.pdf

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In this volume on Jewish life in South America, Rabbi Cohen has performed an important service in relation to the whole of the American Jewish community, perhaps the more important and enduring because it was rendered as a phase in the task of identifying American Jewry with the Americas in their entirety and solidarity. In his book, which is an echo of personal and immediate impressions set down in precise diaries and accurate reports, Rabbi Cohen has brought the very mood and quality of the South American democracies to the Northern Democracy . The report on his recent visit to South America is particularly important in the light of the forthcoming Inter-American Jewish Conference at Montevideo, Uruguay, July, 1941.    
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How did the Jews, after the capture of Jerusalem, organize themselves to lead their own life, that life which protects their faith while safeguarding their nationality? How were these sacred books formed, the Michnah and the Talmuds, a jurisprudence which appears to us arid and which has made them forget the interior religion, so comprehensive and so intense of the Prophets and the Psalms? To what dogmas is the faith of Israel attached nowadays, and, after centuries of waiting, what has become of that immense Messianic hope which permeates the whole of the Old Testament? What system of morality is professed by the Jew who lives side by side with us, and what is the cult practised by him in the privacy of his home or in the Synagogue?    
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• The informal papers reproduced here represent theory sessions of use at various NTL Institute Laboratories . They are intended as supplemental notes helpful in understanding various laboratory experiences. The ideas and concepts touched on here have proved useful in laboratories over the years, and they will be relevant to much that happens at a laboratory session. • It is impossible to designate authorship for some of these articles : the concepts have been reused and, in some cases, altered and refined over the years in various training programs. Authorship is indicated wherever it is known. Some editing or rewriting of articles from the previous edition has been done by the current editors whose names are given below. •The Appendix to this reader provides information about the activitiesof the NTL Institute and both general and specialized bibliographies. Cyril R. Mill, Ph .D. Lawrence C. Porter, Ed.D . Program Director Program Manager Center for Systems Change Center for Professional Development NTL Institute NTL Institute    
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"Learning and Instruction, A Chicago Inner City Schools Position Paper" presented in June of 1968 to the Chicago Board of Education, was produced by the planning staff in Chicago made up of Dr. Donald, William Farquhar, Lee Shulman, and the Chicago and Michigan State universities in collaboration. One reference used was "Soviet Preschool Education" translated by Henry Chauncey (Educational Testing Service, Princeton, N.J.) This position paper laid out the plan to restructure Chicago's inner city schools from a traditional grading plan to an ungraded plan using Skinnerian mastery learning and continuous progress/individual education plans. Education Week carried an article in its March 6, 1985, edition entitled "Half of Chicago Students Drop Out, Study Finds: Problem Called Enormous Human Tragedy". The program was one of the first experiments with mastery learning, later referred to as Outcomes- Based Education and in the 90's and early part of the Twenty-first Century, referred to as Direct Instruction. The paper also called for extensive community involvement and emphasis on changing the values of teachers, students, and the community as a whole. This project was the most important pilot project for the restructured educational system presently being implemented in the United States and worldwide today, and is a perfect example of the use of the minority community in educational research which would in 2008 affect all teachers, students and schools in the nation. The new system satisfies the needs of the business community worldwide since it is performance based.    
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During the first months after the conquest of political power by the proletariat in Russia (October 25 [November 7), 1917) it might have appeared that the tremendous difference between backward Russia and the advanced countries of Western Europe would cause the proletarian revolution in these latter countries to have very little resemblance to ours. Now we already have very considerable international experience which very definitely shows that some of the fundamental features of our revolution have a significance which is not local, not peculiarly national, not Russian only, but international. I speak here of international significance not in the broad sense of the term: not a few, but all the fundamental and many of the secondary features of our revolution are of international significance in regard to the influence it has upon all countries. No, taking it in the narrowest sense, i.e., understanding international significance to mean the international validity or the historical inevitability of a repetition on an international scale of what has taken place here, it must be admitted that some of the fundamental features of our revolution do possess such a significance.    
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News of the outbreak of the revolution, the establishment of Soviets in Petrograd and Moscow, the abdication of the Tsar and the formation of the bourgeois Provisional Government reached Lenin in Zurich, Switzerland, through the extra editions of the local newspapers on March 15, 1917 . The following day he wrote to Alexandra Kollontai in Norway that "the `first stage of the first revolution' bred by the war will be neither final nor confined to Russia" and observed that, although the workers, supported by the revolutionary soldiers, had carried through the revolution, state power was seized by the bourgeoisie according to "the same `old' European pattern."    
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THE question of the state is acquiring at present a particular importance, both as theory, and from the point of view of practical politics. The imperialist war has greatly accelerated and intensified the transformation of monopoly capitalism into state-monopoly capitalism. The monstrous oppression of the labouring masses by the state-which connects itself more and more intimately with the all-powerful capitalist combines-is becoming ever more monstrous. The foremost countries are being converted-we speak here of their "rear"-into military convict labour prisons for the workers. The unheard-of horrors and miseries of the protracted war are making the position of the masses unbearable and increasing their indignation. An international proletarian revolution is clearly rising. The question of its relation to the state is acquiring a practical importance.    
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The Paris Commune of 1871 arose victoriously from the ruins of the Second Empire and, after seventy-two epoch-making days, it succumbed heroically under the hail of bullets of the Versailles counter-revolution. The Commune was, in a far higher sense than the June insurrection of 1848, the "most tremendous event in the history of European civil wars" (Marx) in the nineteenth century. It marked the violent conclusion of the "pre-history" of the proletarian revolution ; with it begins the era of proletarian revolutions. It was the brilliant culmination of the romantic "Sturm and Drang" period of the revolutionary proletariat, which was glorious in heroic deeds and bloody defeats, in bold initiative and growing attempts. But chiefly it was the first dress rehearsal in world history of the socialist revolution of the working class, which, at the head of all oppressed and exploited classes, for the first time set up its power by its own might with the purpose of setting the whole of society free from the system of enslavement and exploitation, as well as securing its own political and social emancipation.    
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Lenin arrived in Petrograd from his exile in Switzerland April 16, 1917. The following day he presented his views at a meeting of Bolshevik members of the national conference of Soviets of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies in the form of theses published afterward under the title "The Tasks of the Proletariat in the Present Revolution" (pp. 32-36). These theses, known in Bolshevik annals as the "April Theses," were in the main a succinct formulation of the views expressed in his "Letters from Afar." (See Little Lenin Library, Vol. 8.)    
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What Is To Be Done? is one of Lenin's outstanding revolutionary writings. It has long been a classic in its field. The first generation of Russian Bolsheviks, which includes many of the present Soviet leaders, have been brought up on this brilliant exposition of the policies and tactics of the revolutionary Socialist movement. Its uniqueness in Russian Marxist literature is due to the way it treats the role of the Party in the revolutionary struggle-a subject to which slight attention was paid up to that time. The subtitle, "Burning Questions of Our Movement," which Lenin gave to this brochure, indicates how deeply he felt the need of calling attention to the problem of organization.    
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THE aim of this book is to describe the life and work of the two men whose personalities, in the author's opinion, most forcibly embody the spirit of the present age . The ideas preached by Lenin and Gandhi, their words and actions, will perhaps afford future generations clearer evidence than anything else of the motives of our time, of what spheres it accomplished permanent work in, and of how far it fell short of our hopes. Later ages will measure the significance of our epoch by the standard of the work of Lenin and Gandhi, and the inadequacy of these two men will show the tragic deficiencies of our age, which set itself the task of attaining the unattainable, the concrete realization of age-old Utopias . Both of them, Lenin as well as Gandhi, in different ways undertook the heroic and at the same time adventurous experiment of putting into practice the long cherished dreams of humanity. They were both rooted deeply in their own nations ; and their reforms and their methods were entirely the result of the destinies of their countries, of the limitations of Russian and Indian conditions, and that at a moment when both nations had arrived at a turning point in their national development. But the political enterprise of both the Russian and the Hindu goes far beyond the narrow boundaries of the national and the temporary. Russia and India were merely to be the subjects of a great and universally valid experiment whose success was to give an example to the world and to spread the new doctrines of the two reformers over the whole earth . Lenin and Gandhi were upheld by the emotion of an ecstatic faith, the faith that their country, was called to redeem ' humanity.    
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THE chief thing to be gained by visiting Soviet Russia is a feeling of the characters of the Bolsheviks . To a simple man that makes Bolshevism intelligible . Instead of writing another dissertation about it, therefore, I decided to compose the portrait of one of these characters. I chose Trotsky * because he seems to me the most universally gifted man in the world to-day. There is no one more wholesomely alive, more interested in all the interests of mankind . If we can understand how Trotsky became a Bolshevik, we shall have some human understanding of what Bolshevism is. For that reason my book is not a record of his achievements, but the story of his youth . I hope to write about those achievements also, but that is a different book. 0nly remember, while you read, that in 1905, at the age of twenty-six, this Jewish boy, standing at the head of the Petrograd Soviet of Worker's Deputies, spoke with an authority in Russia not inferior to that of the czar. * His natal name was Bronstein.    
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LINES OF CREDIT: ROPES OF BONDAGE is about the financiers, their fellow conspirators and the plot to destroy Western Christian civilization. It was written for the concerned American — not for the skeptic.    
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ONCE every year the American Newspaper Publishers Association, the House of Lords of our press, meets in secret. No one cares to spy on it, no newspapermen are present, no photographers interrupt, no representatives of a yellow journal harass or intimidate the members . It would be useless. If a reporter found out what plans are discussed, what plots are made, what schemes proposed, no newspaper would publish the disclosures, sensational as they might be . Nothing is sacred to the American press but itself. And yet these secret meetings of our organized publishers rank among the most important actions against the general welfare of the American people ever taken (legally) by any small national group in our time . But since the press publishes the news, true or false or half-way, about everything in the world except itself, the American public knows nothing about what the rulers of public opinion annually decide for it .    
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IT is to be feared that some enthusiastic writers on Free Masonry give the order an antiquity that is more or less imaginative. One specially ardent author makes the patriarchs and other noted Biblical characters Free Masons, and insists that several of the Saviour's disciples were members of the order. Free Masonry, none the less, is the oldest existing organization of a charitable nature in the history of mankind. During the Middle Ages the Mason brotherhoods were organized corporations, resembling in a general way the other guilds, with rules of their own, and recruited from a body of apprentices who had served a period of probation. The time referred to was a church-building age, and men skilled in the hewing and setting of stones were in demand and held in high esteem . When a great church or cathedral was to be built, skilful masons gathered .from distant quarters to assist those of the neighborhood in the work. A master was chosen, who superintended the whole, and every tenth man was a warden with authority over the rest. It followed, therefore, that a mason, after serving his apprenticeship, could not settle down, like other craftsmen, among his neighbors, but was obliged to travel in order to find employment. It was advisable that all members of the fraternity should possess the means of making themselves known to one another and thus avoid the necessity of proving their skill as craftsmen. In order to do so, and to enable a mason to claim the hospitality of his brother masons, a system of symbols was devised, in which every mason was initiated and which he was pledged to keep secret. The term "Free," as applied to the craft, arose from the fact that its members were exempted by several papal bulls from the laws which governed ordinary laborers, as well as from the various burdens imposed upon the working classes in England and on the Continent.    
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Magic_and_Mystery_in Tibet-Alexandra_David_Neel-19

THIS is the believe-it-or-not story, of a strange land and a mysterious people. It records the author's fascinating experiences while traveling for fourteen years through forbidden Tibet. It is a thrilling story, told without bias or exaggeration, by one of the foremost of women explorers. Alexandra David - Neel is the only European woman to have been honored with the rank of a Lama. She speaks and writes all of the Tibetan dialects fluently, and is a practising Buddhist. Having become, as she explains,a complete Asiatic, and being recognized as such by the people among whom she has lived, she has gained the complete confidence of the most important Lamas of the country. Her knowledge of Tibet and its people comes to her, therefore, at first hand.    
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Magic_Questions_Anita Hogue-1990s-1pg-EDU.sml.pdfd

Anita Hogue, parent, researcher, activist, who has been called before select government committees to testify regarding excesses in data collection, education assessment, etc. provides parents with a most useful tool when they go up against the education change agents. (See also her Womb to Tomb and Talking Papers.)    
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"This book is intended to explain, with documentary evidence, the main principles and ideas for which Mahatma Gandhi has stood in the course of his eventful career. On account of the mass of the material available, it has been necessary to choose at my own discretion from the speeches and writings which he himself has addressed to the public. I have carefully avoided, in the work of selecting, consulting beforehand the opinions of other writers about him, because I feel it best to give entire the one single personal impression that has become clear to my own mind from long and intimate personal experience.    
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IN THIS BOOK, which forms the third volume of the series, I have tried to fulfil the promise which I gave in Mahatma Gandhi: His Own Story, by relating in his own words the epic struggle in the Transvaal to set right the wrongs which had been done to the Indian Community. There he first proved to the world the practical success of his own original method, called Satyagraha, or Truth Force, whereby the evils of the world may be righted without recourse to the false arbitrament of war. I have also added chapters which complete the picture of his dietetic and fasting experiments, together with certain personal idiosyncrasies that go to make up his complex character. The material for this story is taken from his two books Satyagraha in South Africa and My Experiments with Truth. A chapter has also been added from Hind Swaraj.    
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Boston University’s Prof. Kevin Ryan 1988 testimony before Maine Assoc. of Christian Schools regarding Ryan’s role in teacher training in Portugal. Testimony includes proof of World Bank involvement in international teacher training and in its involvement in installation, through carrot and stick methods, of a “modern” school system in all nations. Excerpt follows: “The country was very interested in this. They also wanted to be part of the European economic community . But,unfortunately, Portugal was a poor country, and the World Banksaid to them, you will not be admitted into the European economic community until you get in place a modern school system.’ . And they have come through with a good deal of financial support for that. An important part of that is the development of a teacher training infrastructure.”    
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"A Reaffirmation of Faith in Maine's Public Schools" published by Maine's Dept. of Education, approved by Commissioner Leo Martin and Governor McKernan in 1992, identifies the traditional (? Ed) pillars of accountability for the education of all students: Schools, Communities, Religious Institutions, Families, and Business and Industry. It calls for all these groups "to provide meaningful programs to help all of our children in these times of great challenge." One might ask what happened to the truly "traditional" Little Red School House which successfully taught students to read, write, and calculate without assistance, through "partnerships" from the above non-traditional partners?    
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In its issue of September 5, the number three weekly news magazine, US. News and World Report, which boasts of being"RatedAmerica's Most Credible News Service," ran a major article by its reporter Jay Tolson, titled, Inside the Masons. The purported facts set forth in the article by staff writer Jay Tolson, actually are contradicted by the true f acts set forth in the official Scottish Rite monthly magazine, the New Age, which underwent a name change in the early 1980s. One aspect of the article also is contradicted by a news article in The Washington Post some years earlier. As a matter of fact, the US. News article is typical of a variety of articles on Masonry that have appeared over the years with some regularity in a variety of newspapers and magazines across the country. Apparently the purpose is, and has been to dispel - as one letter writer from Indianapolis wrote in the magazine's September 19 issue - "misinformation about the [Masonic] fraternity ." Those newspaper articles, have all the appearance of press releases by the Masonic fraternity, leading the public to believe that this late 18`' century Fraternity is comprised of a group of good of boys dedicated to helping their fellow man by their support of hospitals dedicated to ministering to burned children, and spreading good cheer among all people by their parades and circuses. Cities, large and small, across this country have two things in common: a Protestant Church and a Masonic Lodge. However, little known to the public at large, research shows those lodges are themselves a type of a church teaching the pagan Ancient Mysteries and other occult matters, as a review of Masonic literature will certainly evidence, particularly the New Age, and the magnum opus, Morals and Dogma, written by their late 19th Century Grand Commander, Albert Pike.    
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This report entitled "Man, Education and Society in the Year 2000" resulted from a secret, closed-to-the public meeting of fifty state school superintendents, key officials in the U.S. Office of Education, and specialists inviteds to participate, holed up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for one week in 1974. The Report spells out clearly the plans, most of which have been accomplished by the year 2006, to revolutionize American education into the international socialist model required for The New World Order.Three well-known speakers, amongst the seven specialists invited to participate, were Alvin Toffler, Willard Wirtz, and Harold Shane.    
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1933... Mr. Harry Hussey, author of this volume, has lived in China and Japan for the past twenty years and travelled extensively in the Far East. He has a wide acquaintance among the contemporary Chinese and Japanese leaders in politics, diplomacy, business, industry and other fields of activity. Years of contact, observation and study have enabled him to appraise men and events in the present Sino-Japanese conflict in their full significance. As Counsellor to the Chinese Assessor, he accompanied the Commission of Enquiry of the League of Nations on its recent tour of investigation in Manchuria. The things which he tells with striking simplicity in the following pages cannot, in my opinion, fail to be of keen interest to all who desire to understand the Far Eastern situation, which is at once serious and portentous.    
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This book seeks, as a major aim, to bridge the interval between the founding of the religions and their present state. It is hoped, incidentally, that the frequent quotations from the original source materials—or from authoritative accounts—will make the highly human quality of each religion evident, and thus excite the reader to further reading in a vast field.    
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Attention all Regional Government/Sustainable Development researchers and others who are unaware of the dangers of regionalism and how it has been used to take away many of our rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution.  The Mantooth Report, published for decades by Don Mantooth, a brilliant researcher and writer, warned Americans of the establishment through regionalism of a totalitarian government.   This 1979 issue discusses legislation passed in D.C. and in Indiana and other states related to Gun Controls,  Revenue Sharing, Law Enforcement, Mental Health Clinics, and many other controversial issues.    
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"Man : A Course of Study," published in 1970, is a social studies course (generally for grade five) developed with National Science Foundation support totaling over $7.4 million . GAO's study of that project suggests that administration of precollege curriculum projects could be improved to insure that sound business practices are followed by Foundation officials and recipients of project funds. Some projects produce income, such as royalties, which the Foundation may authorize project grantees or contractors to use, but such earnings and use are not reported to the Congress. The Congress may wish the Foundation to determine the significance of such income, and require a report of receipts and expenditures for use in considering the Foundation's annual appropriation request.    
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A famous lerrer giving the historical background regarding the dismissal of General Macarthur... Even in this age of aggressive action by large and organized groups, the" power and force of one individual moved by deep convictions is tremendous. This booklet presents dramatic evidence of the far-reaching effect of such convictions when they lead to inspired action.    
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The two authors of this book have chosen to study and take sides in the most scandalous fracas of the century. For the intellectual brawl that has evolved around McCarthy is, in fact, just about the most offensive kind of scandal the human intellect can be dragged into a scandal of the mind gone manifestly irresponsible. And the authors contend that this ultimate felony of reason has been committed, not by McCarthy, but by McCarthy's opponents. It is the bold assumption of this book that the incredible Senator Joe McCarthy, who has replaced the weather and even existentialism as the main topic of civilized dinner conversation, actually exists . The two authors, that is to say, chose not to accept the judgment of the day (which, in politics, tends towards fiction); rather, they decided to investigate the mythical Grand Investigator's three dimensional record.    
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An uncanonical tradition records a question by the Almighty at the entrance to Paradise: "Where wert thou when the Lord God created the world?" Similar reflections cannot be far from the mind of any German who has to look back to-day on twenty-two years of war and revolution, and asks himself the question : "Where wert thou when the German people had to go through a purgatory of twenty-two years?" I answer this question on my own behalf in the following book, which may be regarded as my confession.If,notwithstanding age, ill-health and disgust with politics, I have been able to complete the work, my thanks are wholly due to the help given to me by Fraulein Myriam Becker, whose youthful energy and enthusiasm never failed throughout . It gives me the greatest pleasure to be able to offer her, in this place also, the expression of my gratitude. J. BERNSTORFF    
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The actual process of work developed along the following lines On arrival each member was given a set of volumes containing the carefully edited work of the Preparatory Commissions in the various participating countries, and time was set aside for the study of these documents. After members had given each other some information about their respective backgrounds, it was found necessary to "clear the ground" by answering several fundamental questions.    
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With one or two minor verbal alterations and proof corrections, this pamphlet is an exact reprinting of the statement produced by the International Preparatory Commission for the International Congress on Mental Health which was held in London in August, 1948. It will appear in the Proceedings of the Congress, but many people who are concerned with the issues dealt with in this statement have expressed a wish for a wider, distribution of the original document. ---The International Preparatory Commission was a group of twenty-five people who met from July 24th to August 8th, 1948, in order to study the results of the work of about five thousand men and women of varying professions who through the previous year had been working in discussion groups of Preparatory Commissions in some twenty-seven countries. The international group set out to evaluate these findings and to prepare a statement to serve as a basis for consideration at the Congress.    
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On October 2,1935, the Daily Worker publicly announced that I had joined the Communist party . I had signed my application for membership the previous August, but had been kept waiting until Earl Browder's return from Moscow, when the decision was made whether I should function openly or as a concealed Communist. Several of the Red leaders thought that I should take advantage of my wide acquaintance in the labor movement to act as an undercover member of the party . I did not favor this, and Browder and the Communist International representative, Gerhart Eisler, agreed with me. The immediate reason I became a Communist party member was the adoption of the People's Front policy at the Seventh Congress of the Communist International, held in Moscow in the summer of 1935. I had previously read Lenin and other Communist authorities, and had accepted the Communist viewpoint some years prior to this time; but my experiences in the labor movement, which had been rather extensive, had led me to insist that the Communists' labor tactics and subservience to Moscow were wrong. I favored what I called the "American approach." However, when Georgi Dimitrov, speaking for Stalin at the Seventh Congress, stated that the Communists in each country should have due regard for their respective national traditions, I became converted to the necessity of joining the party.    
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The Plan of the Ages, 680th Thousand, published by Watch Tower, Bible and Tract Society, Allegheny, PA., USA, 1898

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Compulsory pre-trial psychiatric examination is becoming more widespread every day. The current Walker case puts it into the spotlight and well that it does for it literally could involve every person in our Land.--- The sequence of events in the Walker case is almost incredible. After General Walker was apprehended by U. S. marshals, he was rushed to a mental prison. He was put in solitary confinement and ordered to undergo pre-trial psychiatric examination for a ninety-day period.    
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Jack Minzey, inCommunity Education: An Amalgam of Many Views", Phi Delta Kappan , Nov, 1972, calls for coordination by the schools of the activities of the many social and governmental resources within the community. This is a socialist concept which does away with elected officials, implements participatory democracy and institutes community "councils" for decision-making.    
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After Rexford G . Tugwell's "model constitution" was published in The Center Magazine in September, 1970, mail poured into the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions at a record rate. In less than two weeks more than 200 letters had been received from teachers and students inquiring about availability of the Tugwell materials. In response to continuing evidence that the model constitution and the supporting documents can fill a teaching need in courses in government, political science, social science and law, the Center is making this volume available as the first in a series of college readers to be published in collaboration with James E.Freel&Associates.    
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It was with much pleasure that I accepted the mandate, offered to me by The Jewish Publication Society of America, to contribute an essay on Zionism as one of a series dealing with prominent Jewish movements. Whichever side of the question appeals to us, we must all recognize that under the name Zionism a solution of the Jewish problem has been presented which must be of much moment for the future of the Jewish people . I venture to think that it is the only solution and to hold that the weal or woe of our race depends upon our espousal or rejection of it. In saying so much, I am practically affirming my standpoint. I make no excuse for the trend of my thought. I have written frankly as a Zionist, and I believe that the Publication Society and its many members will be served best by the presentation of all such subjects at the hand of those whose sympathy for them has made them able to understand their essence.    
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Africa today looms large in the problems of the world. Laden with mineral wealth and natural resources and strategically situated below Eurasia and between two great oceans, the Atlantic and Indian, it is a prime target of the new colonialism of the twentieth century.--- Africa's indigenous people are newcomers to the civilized world as we know it today. Yet they are riding the great revolution of rising expectations and hold influential voices in the councils of the world.--- In the heart of this emerging continent lies the Congo which is the embodiment of all the wealth and the conflict that characterize Africa itself.--- From that new land there has come one voice that has captivated the imagination of the world. Moise Tshombe, though African to the marrow, understands the western world as well as the ambitions of the new colonialism that comes from the East.    
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As we were entering New York harbour one of the wealthiest Americans came out on his fine steamyacht and carried off his returning son. This young man had been such a genial and unpretending comrade on our voyage that it was only when we were approaching the figure of Liberty that her torch enlightened us as to her remoteness from Equality, the lesson being further impressed upon us-the millionless and yachtless -by our slow progress through the Customs. But the inequality created by pecuniary conditions is not all to the advantage of the millionaire. The comparatively impecunious are sure to invest him, without respect to his merits or demerits, with an unpleasing reputation. I never met this millionaire, but was told by honourable and well-informed business men that he was an irreproachable domestic character, not luxurious or self-indulgent, forbearing and generous towards those with whom he had dealings, and that like Dives in the parable be was popularly consigned to a bad place simply because he was rich.    
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Recent developments show that there is a predetermined connection between mental health assessments and world citizenship. However, there is more to the use of mental health by the power elite than world citizenship.    
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This letter requested Asst. Secretary Senese consider classroom teachers’ concerns related to the use of computers in the classroom. The letter also included the NEA Special Report on Instructional Technology which spelled out clearly the ability of computers to program students thinking using Pavlovian methods. Excerpt follows: “The profession will be faced once again with the challenge of leadership-by example and by effective communication-the challenge of convincing the public that education is much more than treating students like so many Pavlovian dogs, to be conditioned and programmed into docile acceptance of a do-it yourself blueprint of the Good Life . The problems associated with technology, in the final analysis, are problems of freedom and control. Whose freedom? Whose control?    
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This book is without doubt the best resource available on the history and goals of the National Educational Association.  It is a must-read for parents and for traditional teachers who, along with the innocent children, have been victimized by its destructive agenda.   One excerpt follows: Sam Lambert, executive secretary of the NEA, predicted in
1967: "NEA will become a political power second to no other special interest group. . . . NEA will organize this profession from top to bottom into logical operational units that can move
swiftly and effectively and with power unmatched by any other organized group in the nation ."

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This book is about a German, Otto Strasser; having elbowed myself to the front of the stage in two books, I take the part, in this one, of compere -the man who opens the show, is often seen lurking in the wings while it progresses, and from time to time, between the scenes, comes to the front of the stage to remind you that he is there, that he holds the show together, and that it would not be complete without him. Now that war has come, and the great question which engrossed our thoughts for many years has been answered, new thoughts crowd to the foreground of our minds, and foremost among them, the question, 'What Germany will come of this war?' In the search for the answer to it, Otto Strasser, of whom few people in Britain had heard till war came, becomes a figure of importance.    
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In "Sensitivity International: Network for World /Control", 1970, Ed Dieckmann covers the history of the sensitivity training movement, delving into its Illuminati origins, its use in various forms by Hitler and the communists, and ultimately its wholesale application to American education through the training of teachers in its most subtle and not too subtle techniques. Sensitivity Training is also "coercive persuasion in he form of thought reform or brainwashing," according to Issues in Training, p. 47, a manual for group leaders published in 1962 by the National Training Laboratories of the NEA.    
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Few if any periods in our national history have been marked by a greater variety of clashing interests than the closing decade of the eighteenth century. Owing in part to inexperience in grappling with the problems of government, in part to widely belligerent and irreconcilable elements among the people, in part to grave international complications and concerns, and in part, confessedly, to rumors and excitements for which, as events proved, no adequate grounds existed, the lives of the people of New England were tossed rudely about on rough currents and countercurrents of mingled hope and anguish. To a dispassionate observer (if anywhere on the green earth at the close of the eighteenth century such an individual might have been found) it must have seemed as though the citizens of New England. were as so many bits of wood, bobbing up and down on waters excessively choppy but otherwise motionless. The agitation, however, was not merely superficial; issues and movements of the most profound significance were pouring their impetuous torrents through channels freshly cut and steadily deepened by new streams of human interest which the erection of the national government, in particular, had started on their tortuous ways.    
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The Second Annual Educational Workshop of the Colorado Psychiatric Technicians Association, April 9-13, 1969, offered a new world of promise to the psychiatric technicians who came from hospitals hundreds and even thousands of miles away. Fourteen states across the nation sent delegates to Pueblo, Colorado, to attend the five-day interest packed sessions. The Workshop was an excellent example of the outstanding programming that technicians can achieve. The work had been hard - but the smoothness of the operation indicated that the effort had been well focused . The Colorado Psychiatric Technicians Association had done a tremendous job in gaining the support of the staff of the local hospitals and colleges and the members of the community in putting on a major production that did justice to the progressive theme of the Workshop "New Frontiers in Psychiatric Technology."    
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Dr. Lawrence Dunnegan's speech on March 20, 1969, in which he discusses, from notes Dunnegan took at the time, a speech by Dr. Richard Day, an insider of the "Order". Dunnegan recalls Day's telling his audience about "changes which would be brought about in the next thirty years or so that an entirely new worldwide system would be in operation before the turn of the century." Dr. Day said "We plan to enter the 20th Century with a running start…everything is in place and nobody can stop us now."    
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Wherever one looks, there is struggle in the United States today . People are on the march . More and more are engaged in struggles for peace, for black and brown liberation, for economic advancement. More and more are seeking fundamental solutions . There is radicalization. There is a growing political Left. Millions are turning against the stale slanders of anti-Communism, used for so long to stifle people's struggles . These millions want to know what this is all about . They are interested in the views of the Communist Party of the United States, which for fifty years has been a current in our country's political life and a significant organizer and participant in people's struggles. Like other Americans, we Communists take pride in the genius and skill of our country's workers, farmers and scientists, who have created the world's most productive industry, the most bountiful agriculture. We take pride in our nation's democratic 'and revolutionary heritage, created by the struggles of our people.    
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Teachers Manual for social studies textbook "World of Mankind", Follett Publishing, Kindergarten-Third Grade, used in SAD 28, Camden, Maine, 1975. Notes taken directly from text by Iserbyt when she was fortunate enough to get a hold of the Teachers Manual while serving as a school board member. This is one shocking bit of proof that the educational change agents consider no child too young for mind manipulation. One excerpt: "Primary purpose of this social science program is to help students understand themselves and other people. Philosophy is introduced where lessons deal with ethics and morality – an essential part of program – Humanism. Series includes lessons designed to help students cope with complex situations that call for suspension of judgment. Lessons designed to help students learn to distinguish fantasy, myth, magic, superstition from reality are introduced."    
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Fascinating 1941 Time Magazine article giving background of Church of England involvement in plans for world government. 

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The story you are about to read is true. The names have not been changed to protect the guilty. This book may have the effect of changing your life. After reading this book, you will never look at national and world events in the same way again.    
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Though there has been revolution after revolution(symbolized by spirals or whirlwinds) around the world for centuries, the New Age Revolution is the all-encompassing, largest one ever. All borders must come down ; all religious barriers must be broken. One world; one government; one religion; one humanity, made up of humans with a collective consciousness and serving as "points of light" networking around the globe.    
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IF ANY reader of this book wonders why a teacher of philosophy should desert the traditional themes to write a work on Fascism, the answer is contained in a statement made by one of the distinguished philosophical journals of Europe, the Philosophische Hefte published in former Czechoslovakia: "Today the issue is not between this or that school of philosophy, but the possibility of the survival of any philosophy at all. The foundations of culture are tottering." Everything depends upon repairing the material and the spiritual basis of life. Under these circumstances, philosophy dare not abstract itself from the political and economic struggles of the present day. No struggle is more crucial than that between Democracy and Fascism.    
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Hate is at flood tide in the world today, a hate born of the doctrine that man is arrayed against man in an irreconcilable conflict of classes. It is a hate more deep-rooted and terrible than that of international war.--- The story of these pages is not intended to aggravate by ever so slight a degree this desperate malady of hate. Political principles and social theories must clash. It is one of the few inexorable necessities of man's life on this planet that they should do so. But hate beclouds understanding and weakens whatever case is darkened by its unseeing passion.    
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Having myself been through a social revolution it became steadily clearer to me that the propaganda employed by the dictators in their respective countries was leading to a far more momentous program than was apparent on the surface. When the free press and the rights of free assembly and all other vestiges of individual liberty were finally destroyed in the dictator countries, I became genuinely alarmed. My past boiled into my mind and I saw, dimly at first, but most vividly as time went on, an idealistic boy who desired to destroy a tyrannical old world so that a better one, a world where all could be free and equal and enjoy impartially the fruits of the earth, might be built upon it. That boy had been frustrated and disillusioned, for out of all the Russian struggle for freedom of so many years had come-Stalin. And the man saw that out of poverty and disorganization of the Italian kingdom had come-Mussolini. And the man, again, saw that out of the humiliation and hungry despair of the German Reich had come- Hitler.    
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Hearing-1958-163pgs- GOV-COM.sml.pdf

Communism is the fundamental challenge of our time. It is obvious that the future of this Nation; indeed, its very existence as a free and democratic republic, will be determined by our response to this challenge. ---Although the overwhelming majority of the American people is opposed to communism-its basic philosophy and all of its manifestations- the fact remains that there is a tremendous lack of understanding of communism's true nature. There is a tendency to try to deal with the problem of communism on a day-to-day basis, and from this we have the sorry spectacle of otherwise intelligent American leaders willing to negotiate with communism's masters at international conference tables as if there were a real foundation of sincerity and good faith.    
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Only recently has it been possible to state with any thing like accuracy, the dates when the occurrences mentioned in the Old Testament took place, for the reason that history is not reliable beyond 600 B.C . ; but the great organized societies of the United States, England and France have sent astronomers, mathematicians, doctors, teachers, students, preachers, etc., etc., to Egypt, Palestine, Babylon and other ancient settlements of earth to dig up, uncover, figure out and interpret the inscriptions on monuments, bricks, slabs, walls, tombs, statuary, pottery, pyramids, buildings, etc., which were made by the inhabitants of earth long before history was written in orderly manner; and they have brought to the surface many things which throw light on the dates when some of the occurrences mentioned in the Bible took place; and in every instance the discoveries have confirmed the Bible narrative. It is the hand of God at work to stun and drive to the wall the people, who have become so wise in their own conceit that they have been denying the accuracy of the Bible, and are now so bold as to deny even the existence of God Himself, right in the face of facts now occurring, which clearly show His movements over the earth with great power, like the rumblings of the thunder, so that the heavens and the earth are trembling under His footsteps and the governments of men are being shaken to pieces.    
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When the public schools were established many years ago as a means for providing all children with a good basic education, there were few who doubted that this institution would ever be anything but a benefit to the taxpayers.--- Today this premise has become questionable. The failure may lie in the very nature of the public school system, which is supported through compulsory taxation and makes no one, except increasingly powerless school boards, accountable to the taxpayers. That such a system should be open to abuse by special interest groups should come as a surprise to nobody. We now have a situation where school boards respond not to local citizens but to pressure from state departments of education, local and state teacher unions or a combination of all of these.    
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Outcomes Based Education theory. Directly from the "Outcomes" journal, containing explanations by its own developers.    
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This Handbook, written by one of the education establishment’s principal proponents of OBE, provides a thorough understanding of  William Spady’s OBE. It is a “must read” for the many Americans, including teachers, who wonder why traditional academic education has been replaced by Skinnerian behaviorist (value changing) education and why the curriculum has been dumbed down to the lowest common denominator (LCD).  It should be read in conjunction with separate entry entitled “The Making of Our Children into Robots.”
Following excerpts explain the LCD premises of OBE and explain the system for organization and delivery of the program:
“The three premises that arc the foundation-stones of outcome-based education provide a comprehensive picture , basic purposes of schools . A school is not a selecting or classifying agent . Its role is not to determine which 30 percent of the entering first-graders have what it takes to succeed in college . The school has no mandate to cater primarily to the intellectually elite or the socially privileged . In a democratic society education is for everyone - as it must be if democratic society is to survive.”

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PACESETTERS IN INNOVATION, Cumulative Issue, presents information on Projects to Advance Creativity in Education (PACE) which were approved during fiscal years 1966, 1967, 1968, and 1969, and were still in operation as of February 1969 . The PACE program is authorized and funded under title III, Supplementary Centers and Services, of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. This volume represents a compilation of planning and operational grants. The projects were abstracted according to the format followed by the Program Development and Dissemination Branch, Bureau of Elementary and Secondary Education, and were indexed according to principles developed in the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC), a comprehensive information system operating within the Office of Education as a branch of the Division of Information Technology and Dissemination, National Center for Educational Research and Devlelopment.    
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Parents Who Care Montgomery County&
nbsp;MD Malcolm Lawrence-1973-159pgs-EDU-sml.

Parents Who Care concluding statement before James P. Garland. Maryland State Board of Education Hearing in the matter of Parents Who Care VS The Montgomery County Public Schools.    
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Parents Who Care Montgomery County&
nbsp;MD-Malcolm Lawrence 1975 221pgs&nbs

PARENTS WHO CARE Concluding Statement before James P. Garland Maryland State Board of Education Hearing Examiner in the matter of PARENTS WHO CARE v. MONTGOMERY COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS    
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The charge will be made that this book is an attack upon religion. If this book be read with merely ordinary carefulness, that charge will stand wholly disproven.--- The Man of Galilee was certainly not open to the charge of being irreligious, yet his scathing criticisms of ecclesiastical leaders, constitute the high-water mark of righteous denunciation.--- The present general uprising against the extrareligious activities of powerful leaders of ecclesiastical organizations and appurtenant societies, is an uprising not of men and women who despise religion, but of men and women who love religion and who earnestly seek to perpetuate the correct interpretation of it, as the only hope for our civilization.    
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"Nine years ago, I visited the Soviet Union. I learned Russian and taught English at the Economic Engineering Institute in Kharkov, USSR (now Ukrainia). I read several works on the Soviet theory of education and I was disturbed beyond words by how much the proposed changes in education in Missouri (called Outcome-Based Education) resemble educational theories in the now-defunct Soviet Union. Point by point I recognized similarities with the Soviet System. And the basic purpose of the Soviet System was to produce compliant working animals capable of being conformed to the goals and objectives of the communist (in this case) authorities. This is now the pathway that the State of Missouri has chosen. I challenge my fellow Missourians to look into this law, point by point, for yourselves."    
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PEOPLE ON OUR SIDE will tell you . . . ABOUT INDIA • The truth about the failure of the Cripps Mission to India. • What the dissenting factions in India are really fighting for. • What the people of India want, and their chances of getting it. ABOUT RUSSIA • The real reasons for the unbreakable spirit of the Russian people. • That the Russian system of government is not turning capitalistic, and why. • What are our bases for friendship with the Soviets in the postwar world. ABOUT CHINA • How Chiang Kai-shek is increasing his power. • What the Chinese Communists are fighting for. • Who runs the Kuomintang    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :5.854 MB


These are my memories of the World War. They are not made from "the records. "They are truly memories-memories recalled, as all memories are, by a word, a thought, a chance sound or a sight, a whiff of air-anything. They are not offered as history. Though sometimes stirred by others' suggestions, they are my own. Begun in the hope of causing no heart-burnings or controversies, in the end this hope has been abandoned for the larger consideration of trying to give to my countrymen a juster understanding than they seem ever to have had of our part in any other foreign war that we have ever waged. Records! I had no time to gather them. All my thought and effort had to be given to the duty of the hour : before the armistice facing the enemy, after the armistice preserving discipline and morale in our own army. R. L. B.    
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On August 25, 1965, President Johnson announced to his Cabinet members and other heads of agencies that he was introducing a new Planning- Programming-Budgeting System (PPBS) for all departments and agencies in the federal government. In his statement he indicated his conviction that the "system will improve our ability to control our programs and our budgets rather than having them control us . . . ."    
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WASHINGTON - Officials In Bonn and Washington are pondering an unorthodox idea that might help preserve not only The NATO alliance but also some domestic U.S. military bases. They want to station German troops in the United States. "If we want to make this a really living, strong alliance, then it should be quite natural to use training facilities of the U.S. Army or Navy or Air Force in this country, just as it is a quite natural thing to have U.S. troops in Germany." said Werner Hoyer, a member of the Bundestag, the lower house of the German parliament.    
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The late, great John Ashbrook, Congressman from Ohio, whose untimely death robbed America of a rare patriot, contributed this 1976 article regarding the subversive influence of the NEA. He spells out the NEA's internationalist/humanist goals and quotes Catharine Barrett, the President of the NEA, as saying: "School will be a concept…basic skills taught for only one quarter of the day."    
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In 1957 Parents of New York United, one of the earliest effective parents groups concerned over changes in education, published this extraordinary expose of New York State's education agenda, a "regionalization of education" pilot for the nation. This paper is without a doubt one of, if not "the" first expose of the PPBS (Planning, Programming, Budgeting System) the system to establish socialistic state and federal control of local education through goal setting, elimination of elected officials, and redistribution of wealth.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :1.084 MB


The purely political opinions expressed in this book, much as they may interest and command attention, cannot be publicly endorsed by me. One may take a detached view of the world's concerns, and mark the ebb and flow of political forces. From the vantage point afforded by the study of such a life as this, we can watch the tide that has gone on mounting up till it has reached high-water mark during the life of Pius XI, when he is well-nigh spent with his labours to direct the Christian world towards peace in a renewal of religious life. He showed from the beginning of his reign that he understood the world crisis which is upon us ; that it would end, if left to the violent handling of extremists, in utter wreck. As we witness the struggle of right against might, of justice and charity against wrong and hate, the. words of the old Greek chorus ring in our ears "Sing woe I sing woe I but let the good prevail." The battle is stern and deadly the cost, but the undaunted Pius XI, Father of all the faithful, inspires hope and courage; the final triumph, as in the worst periods of the Church's history, will rest with the power of the Cross.    
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The Making of Our Children into Robots:  Effective Schools…Excellence…Local Control…What a Farce! written by Charlotte Iserbyt in September 1989 contains verbatim notes taken from K-12 Course Goals Publication, Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, Portland, Oregon.   This entry should be of great interest to parents who ask themselves what on earth happened to their children’s understanding of right and wrong.   These federally-funded, non-academic, values destroying goals were used by public schools across the United States.  That is why all states have the same non-academic curriculum in the 21st Century.  Note especially the emphasis on Sidney Simon’s Values Clarification.

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Practical Advice to Teachers - 
;Rudolph Steiner-232 pgs-2000-EDU.pdf

Information on the Steiner Schooling System by the Waldorf System.    
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Contract between the U.S. Office of Education and Michigan University, Institute for Social Research (Prof. Ronald G. Havelock) to produce a manual for educational change agents. This contract resulted in the dissemination nationwide of probably the most controversial manual in existence to train educators in how to deceptively manipulate the community into accepting destructive no right/no wrong programs in the public schools of America and how to "identify resisters" in the community (those who objected to all the programs which had "education" hanging off the end of them, i.e., death, suicide, sex, v alues, etc. "education".    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :9.624 MB


Tns preparation of this book has grown out of a course of instruction, bearing a similar title, which the author has given regularly to groups of students who were about to begin their practice in teaching in the teachers' college with which he is connected. While there were good texts dealing with teaching methods, it was difficult to find one which furnished adequate assistance in accomplishing the three things which seemed essential in an introductory course in teaching practice. The attempt to meet this need is the distinguishing feature of the present volume.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :7.494 MB


Stories of prison experience in Soviet Russia are not new. In fact the sordid details of nocturnal searches, incarceration in filthy jails, midnight inquisitions, and executions without warning have been made known to English readers through many personal accounts. But the narrative of the present author is unique in several respects and deserves a special place in literature descriptive of Russian conditions. In the first place it gives the only first-hand authentic account of the penal camps of the Far North that has yet appeared. Two or three of those condemned to penal servitude in these camps have, it is true, escaped or been released, but in these cases their stay was brief and came at a time when for special reasons the severity of the regime was relaxed. The present author is the only man, so far as I am aware, who has undergone the actual experiences of these penal camps and lived to tell the tale. George Kitchin is a gentleman of education and culture and an able and successful business executive. His social standing and business reputation were above reproach. The authenticity of his account is implicit in the narrative. As will be seen in his story, he had the good fortune after a time to be assigned clerical work in the office of the penal camp administration. This undoubtedly saved his life and it also gave him a unique opportunity to observe the inner workings of the OGPU organization.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :3.744 MB


The Great October Socialist Revolution ushered in a new era in the history of mankind, the era of the downfall of capitalism and the establishment of communism. Socialism has triumphed in the Soviet Union and has achieved decisive victories in the People's Democracies; socialism has become the practical cause of hundreds of millions of people, and the banner of the revolutionary movement of the working class throughout the world.    
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1976, printed in the USSR, study of Soviet education focusing especially on polytech (school to work) education. Most useful in providing proof USA implementing same system.    
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Out of the open West came a young man of less than thirty to this great city of New York. He was small of stature and slight of build. His alma mater had been, the forecastle and the printing-office. He was poor, unheralded, unknown. He came from a small city rising at the western golden portals of the country to set up here, for a struggling little newspaper there, a telegraphic news bureau, despite the opposition of the combined powerful press and telegraph monopolies. The struggle was too unequal . The young man was overborne by the monopolies and his little paper crushed. This young man was Henry George and the time was 1869. But though defeated, Henry George was not vanquished. Out of this struggle had come a thing that was to grow and grow until it should fill the minds and hearts of multitudes and be as " an army with banners." For in the intervals of rest from his newspaper strug, gle in this city the young correspondent had musingly walked the streets . As he walked he was filled with wonder at the manifestations of vast wealth. Here, as nowhere that he had dreamed of, were private fortunes that rivaled the riches of the fabled Monte Cristo. But here, also, side by side with the palaces of the princely rich, was to be seen a poverty and degradation, a want and shame, such as made the young man from the open West sick at heart.    
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Project Best--Basic Education through&nb
sp;Skills and Technology-USDOE-164pgs-1981-ED

Why Mommy got fired or "asked to leave" the Department of Education in the scummy little village of DC.    
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The CIA's progran in research of behavioral modification through the use of drugs and mind control techniques on unsuspecting military and civilian populations.    
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1981 Project on Alternatives in Education…A broad-gauged research/reform plan for secondary education---in the tradition of the famous Eight-Year Study, headed up by amongst other leading change agents, John Goodlad and Ralph W. Tyler. Extremely important document on John Dewey Society letterhead, which spells out high school restructuring and calls for revolutionary changes in education suitable for school to work training. Clearly part of school choice agenda. NEA involvement.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :1.344 MB


The administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt reveals itself.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :1.014 MB

This book marks a distinction between psychical research, on the one hand, and spiritualism on the other. The two terms are often regarded as synonymous, but they are not. Psychical research aims at being a science, while spiritualism or spiritism is a pronouncement of faith. It is true that psychical research deals with topics which are ignored by ordinary scientific people, but it deals with them according to the methods of science, and arrives at carefully deduced conclusions. The method of science in such a case is to stress all verve cause to the uttermost, and not to assume anything in the smallest degree supernormal unless all normal causes are carefully excluded . Among the normal causes, fraud and inaccuracy of statement have to be strenuously guarded against, and the effort at guarding against them in every new case must seem rather tiresome to those whose experience has shown that supernormal things actually occur. There are some to whom supernormal things are of such frequent occurrence that the prefix seems to them almost unnecessary: things ordinarily so called have become by custom practically normal. Hence they tend to theorise from a different basis, these who rightly call themselves spiritualists start from an assured platform from which occurrences, which to those with less or no experience seem incredible, range themselves among expected phenomena, and are just as intelligible as anything open to ordinary observation. Nevertheless, in presenting the subject to novices, or persons without this experience, it is wise and necessary not to assume any more than they are ready to grant.    
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Adapted and illustrated from the motion picture commissioned by the Lutheran Church, written by Allan Sloane, and produced in Germany by Lothar Wolff Selected as the Best Motion Picture of the Year by the Exceptional Films Committee of the National Board of Review, and winner of numerous awards in the United States and abroad, the powerful film Question 7 is based on actual incidents and on documents drawn from the Soviet Zone of Germany during the past decade. Its exciting story of the temptations and struggles of conscience behind the Iron Curtain is now admirably told in this excellent novel by Robert E.A. Lee, Executive Secretary of Lutheran Film Associates. Re-creating all the drama, tension, and profound impact of the film, the novel depicts the experiences of Pastor Gottfried and his wife, of their young, sensitive son Peter whose talent for music is exploited to pressure him into compromise and betrayal, and of his shy girl friend who shares their anguish. It also clearly reveals the subtle tactics of Communist teachers, of the scheming Communist Party officials, and of all the cruel forces brought to bear against young people and their parents . This very timely novel speaks with urgency to every citizen, especially every young citizen, of the Free World.    
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QUEST OF A HEMISPHERE is a factual American history written from documents, manuscripts, journals, diaries, letters, newspapers, and rare books in the Library of Congress, National Archives, Henry E . Huntington Library and Art Gallery, Pan American Union, and private collections of Americana . Although QUEST OF A HEMISPHERE is basically a history of the United States, the title indicates that events in neighboring countries, vitally affecting the way of life in this nation, are interwoven chronologically into the text. By recording the varied political, social, and economic history of both Americas, the point of view becomes hemispherical. Illustrations feature the art of historical periods - reproductions of sketches and paintings, portraits of famous men by artists of their time, and copies of documents in the original style of printing . Legends are vital history, serving to supplement the text. In narrative style, each chapter renders a factual account of the struggle, achievement, and vision of the peoples who forged new nations in the Western Hemisphere. Who were they? Why did they come? Where did they go? What did they do? What destiny were they seeking? That is the story in this book .    
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"An Invitation to Attend An International Conference on Family Choice/Educational Vouchers sponsored by The National Center for Privatization, Sept. Oct. 2, 1985, Wichita, Kansas. Brochure contains photo of President Reagan, one of invitees, and lists as participants Milton Friedman, Tim LeHay, Phyllis Schlafly, Ruth Randall, Supt. Of Schools, Minnesota, Douglas Branlon, Canadian Consul General, Joe Nathan, Natl. Governors Association, Minnesota. This is a very important bit of evidence related to Iserbyt-Schlafly school choice entry above which proves that neoconservatives involved with education establishment and business community in implementing school choice for school to work agenda.    
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The present Status of the Revolutionary Movement in the United States based on documents seized by the authorities in the raid upon the Convention of the Communist Party at Bridgman, Michigan, Aug. 22, 1922, together with descriptions of numerous connections and associations of the Communists among the Radicals, Progressives and Pinks.    
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Dr Joseph Douglass is a national security analyst and author with expertise in defense policy, threat assessment, deception, intelligence and political warfare, nuclear strategy, terrorism, advanced chemical and biological warfare agents and applications, and international narcotics trafficking. Since the mid-1980s, his primary focus has been research into various dimensions of cultural warfare and notably into the illegal drugs plague, with emphasis on its origins, support structures, marketing — and the question: 'What can be done?'    
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They were discussing the Five-Year Plan. Among those present were intellectuals primarily interested in the idea of a planned society as a remedy for the current economic crisis. Others were more interested in the Russian experiment from the standpoint of communism or socialism. The group was listening to the author of a recently published book on the Soviet economic system who had spent several months in Russia last year. The speaker was conveying his views with emphasis.    
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This book, written in 1965,  is one heck of a spy thriller! It retains its significance due to  continued spying in the 21st Century by the Russians and Chinese not only stationed at the UN but elsewhere in the United States.  The author states:  “It is the purpose of this book to focus America's and the world's attention on Soviet and satellite nation espionage as it emanates from the UN, and especially to show, by case histories obtained from the FBI, the State Department, the United Nations, and other sources,how the Russians operate this clandestine operation.”

300 DPI PDF :: File Size :6.464 MB


In the present work we see this whole story brilliantly described and proved by one of the major exponents of the subversive take over of the world, Christian G . Rakovsky, one of the founders of Soviet Bolshevism and also a victim of the show trials. Just before the last war under Stalin. This is a document of historical importance and nobody who wants to be well-informed should fail to read and recommend it. Not to know the thesis here described is to know and understand nothing concerning the chief events and prospects of our time.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :2.134 MB


How will religion impact government and foreign policy in the 21st century? This joint paper, prepared by the World Academy of Art and Science and the Forward Study Unit of the European Commission was presented to representatives from various Foreign Offices of European countries in preparation for the "Brussels Seminar, "May 26, 1998, as a way of thinking about Europe's approach to "Religion and Governance."    
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Following is the partial conclusion of a high level two and a half year study regarding the benefits and drawbacks of sustainable peace. This book is related to the meetings and their content.---...Lasting peace, while not theoretically impossible, is probably unattainable; even if it could be achieved it would almost certainly not be in the best interests of a stable society to achieve it. That is the gist of what they say. Behind their qualified academic language runs this general argument: War fills certain functions essential to the stability of our society; until other ways of filling them are developed, the war system must be maintained and improved in effectiveness.    
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Even if Stalin were to be murdered tomorrow, and even if his successors were to repudiate Socialism, Socialism would not cease to be a danger, and the Russian Experiment, which has endured for more than twenty years in a country whose area equals one-fifth of the land surface of the earth, would still deserve the most careful study. The inexhaustable natural resources of Soviet Russia have provided her Rulers with a unique opportunity to prove the superiority of Socialism to Capitalism. It is therefore the duty not only of historians and economists, but of all who are concerned for the well-being of their fellow men, to study the history of the Russian experiment and to profit by the experience gained in the Russian laboratory.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :10.615 MB


Extremely important status report on restructuring published in Education Week, March 28, 1990. First para. Reads "Earlier this year, the Education Commission of the States and the National Governors' Association convened education leaders in two regional workshops to discuss strategies for redesigning state education systems to meet national performance goals. The following principles of restructuring and steps for policy makers to take are the result of this effort. Performance by individual states is clearly outlined.    
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1984 Outline of speech by Iserbyt at Eagle Forum conference in Washington, D.C. entitled "Outcomes-based Education (OBE)/Mastery Learning (ML): Road to Mind Control" which explained origins of Mastery Learning, those involved in promoting the Skinnerian method, and involvement of Secretary T.H. Bell in promoting this mind control method which is now in use across the nation under the title of research-based Direct Instruction.    
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IMMEDIATELY after Franklin D . Roosevelt's death, virtually everyone who was in any way associated with him received offers from editors and publishers to write memoirs-and it is by now a matter of record that most of these offers were accepted . I doubt that there have ever been so many books written so soon about the life and times of any one man. I myself had no intention of adding to the burden on the library shelves. I had some wonderful, ineradicable memories and an unorganized assortment of notes from the years 1940 -1945, and I intended to put these down in more or less haphazard form to be contributed to the Roosevelt Library at Hyde Park and filed there for whatever use future biographers might be able to make of them, for I knew how much of our knowledge of Abraham Lincoln has depended on chance bits of recollection written down by comparatively unimportant contemporaries.    
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This United Nations document is quite an eye-opener since it contradicts what the major media has for decades been telling its listeners/readers, i.e., that the Soviet Union/Russia and China were at loggerheads and had no interest in working together.  Note use by these two totalitarian countries  of communese language: “peaceful, stable, just, and rational new international order”.    Excerpt follows:
7 . Mankind is on the threshold of a new era . The peoples of all countries are faced with the increasingly urgent question of the kind of international order they will live under in the next century . The Parties call on all countries to engage in an active dialogue on the establishment of a peaceful, stable, just and rational new international order, and they are prepared to take part in a joint discussion of any constructive proposals to this end .
(Signed) B . YELTSIN
(Signed) JIANG Zemin

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Federally-funded Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, Portland, Oregon brochure advertising two conferences: "Meeting the Future: Improving Secondary Schools With Goal Based Approaches to Instruction", 1981, included sessions on "Making the Community a Resource for Learning, Learning through Mastery Techniques, Organizing for Continuous Progress, Individualizing Programs for All Students, Managing Instruction with Computers, Curriculum Alignment Processes, Parent Involvement, etc." ,and conference "Microcomputers in Today's Schools.    
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"There Has Been a Conspiracy of Silence About Teaching", published in Education Week, 8/31/83, covers and interview with Prof. B.F. Skinner in which he argues that "Pedagogy is Key to School Reforms". This article best describes the method: mastery learning/outcomes based education/direct instruction being implemented across the nation under the label of scientific research based instruction. In this remarkable interview the late Professor Skinner argues states "conditioning theories have been instrumental in the development of mastery learning and the "teaching machines" of the 1960's, and says that "computers, as they are most commonly used, are essentially sophisticated versions of the 'teaching machines' of the 1960's which used programmed learning (instruction). Article is of significance due to current (2006) emphasis on use of computers K-12.    
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(See Volume I under same title)
A Comprehensive Account of upwards of One Hundred and Sixty Secret Organisations-Religious, Political, and Social-from the most Remote Ages down to the Present Time Embracing the Mysteries of Ancient
India, China, Japan, Egypt, Mexico,
Peru, Greece, and Scandinavia, the Cabbalists, Early Christians, Heretics, Assassins, Thugs, Templars, the Vehm and Inquisition, Mystics, Rosicrucians, Illuminati, Freemasons, Skopzi, Camorristi, Carbonari, Nihilists, Fenians, French, Spanish, And other Mysterious Sects


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A record of the important official actions of the Executives of the Department of Education of California in relation to the adoption of the "text book" entitled Building America, is appended to this report. Widespread public protest was voiced both before and after the adoption, which occurred at the January 1947 meeting of the State Board of Education. The controversy was injected into the Legislature in January, 1947, with the introduction and effort to pass Assembly Bill No. 973 to appropriate funds to buy free text books for the elementary schools, in which was included the cost of Building America, One Hundred Seventy-three Thousand Six Hundred Thirty-two Dollars. Advocates of the measure considered the matter was of such urgency that a letter was secured from the Executive recommending the consideration of the appropriation in advance of the budget bill and in the Senate the Constitution of the State was suspended to allow second and third reading on the same day.    
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Extraordinary document published in ”Today’s Education”, the journal of the National Education Association, September-October 1976 edition. Requests made to the NEA for copies of this document have often been countered with “No such document exists or was ever published.” Fortunately a public school teacher had a copy. Although difficult to read in some parts, it exposes the NEA’s agenda and also that of the top change agents, educators and heads of multinational corporations, including Council on Foreign Relations members. In other words, it exposes the fact that at the top the NEA is in bed with the international corporate sector and, interestingly enough, supports the neoconservative agenda for publicly funded school choice (charter schools). This document also set the official national/international education agenda and included the following Seven Cardinal Principles, a rewriting of the original 1918 Cardinal Principles: (1) Health; (2) Command of Fundamental Processes; (3) Worthy Home Membership; (4) Vocation; (5) Citizenship; (6) Worthy Use of Leisure; and (7) Ethical Character.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :43.975 MB


This book deals with the history of nuclear weaponry and it's role in the global race for power. General Graham does a very good job explaining the international attitudes of the US and foreign governments regarding the deployment and result of nuclear weapons. He also was involved with the "Star Wars" program during the 80's.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :3.244 MB


Friends, Americans, Patriots, I most earnestly commend the article below to your attention and study. It is one of the most important articles you are likely to read (or reject and erase if you choose to ignore reality) which is likely to come to your awareness today or any time soon . While the article prints out to eleven pages, it will be to your benefit to make a hard copy so that you may read it and re-read it in coming days . If you wish to see a "blue-print" of just how our society and world has been gotten into the mess we see all around us today, THIS will show you what has happened, is happening and WILL happen unless every one of us gets involved in turning things around. I have said for years that this country is on the right road --- we are simply going in the WRONG direction on that road! Our forefathers defined the road and pointed the way we should go. Tragically, we have allowed the ungodly (and I use the term deliberately) to stop our progress in the direction they pointed out and have got us stampeding in the direction of slavery rather than the direction of freedom. We CAN turn this progress around but only if each of us gets involved actively in the education process and then enlists others in the process as well. Albert Burns    
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The following extract from a recorded debate between Congressman Richard L. Ottinger, Director, United States Committee on the United Nations, and Archibald E. Roberts, Lt. Col. AUS, ret., Director, Committee to Restore the Constitution, at the Little Theatre, West Chester County Center, White Plains, NY, 26 Sept 1969, reveals the terrible power of the United Nations Security Council to commit U.S. Military forces to battle, anywhere in the world.    
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There is the program-the plan of Professor Weishaupt, the founder of "Illuminism" from which came the Marxian Serpent that is leaving its slimy trail across our literature of today.---That is why the author of "Sinister Shadows" knows the Book will be decried. The order will go out and "decry it." America, however, has a way of making up its own mind when facts are in her possession. She does not need the assistance of critics who "decry" everything not lending itself to destructive propaganda.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :4.354 MB


"Competency Tests Set in City Schools", The Washington Post, E-4, 8/1/77 tells more about the behaviorist method of teaching, Direct Instruction and Mastery Learning, than most any article ever written and is especially important since this experiment on minority children in D.C. was a disaster. Assoc. Supt. Guines enthusiastically said of this experiment "The new curriculum is based on the work in behavioral psychology of Harvard University's B.F. Skinner…If you can train a pigeon to fly up there and press a button and set off a bomb, why can't you teach human beings to behave in an effective and rational way?"    
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Skull and Bones-Living_Deceased_and_Catalogue

Original roster for Skull and Bones. This three volume set was published by Bones for members only. Obviously it got loose and here it is for the world to see.    
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Sons_of_The_American_Revolution-A_Bill_of Grievanc

FOREWORD The documents which follow are petitions filed with the Judiciary Committee of the Senate and the Un-American Activities Committee of the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States to bring about an investigation of the interstate traffic in propaganda textbooks and teaching materials being introduced in the public schools of the Several States, to overthrow constitutional government and to bring about the adoption of a Social Welfare State. Our schools are being converted into agencies for the dissemination of radical propaganda, much of which originates in communist front organizations and other pressure groups. Gullible or indoctrinated "liberals" supporting these organizations appear to be responsible for this condition. We believe the people, and particularly the parents of children in our public schools, have a right to know what is going on, and what is proposed for American Youth.    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :9.504 MB


Home schoolers, and others, BEWARE, of charter schools! This one-pager explains very well what federally-funded charter schools, run by unelected councils (taxation without representation) are all about: training for the workforce. Some excerpts: "Groups of students working together on projects are encouraged to work together as a consulting team with their work completed to the client's satisfaction. …We use these active daily partnerships to connect our students' learning with the current needs of the market place on the South Shore or with needs in the areas where home schoolers live…We require each of the home schoolers and one of their parents to visit the charter school twice a year for a three-day face-to-face exhibit of mastery."    
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U.S. Office of Education report on government educators' visit to Soviet schools, 1960. Very important in light of implementation in USA in 2006 of same Russian polytech education (training) system based on Skinnerian/ Pavlovian methodology (mastery learning/direct instruction). Some quotes: "employing primarily the conditioned reflex theory as elaborated by Pavlov (1849-1936) Soviet psychologists have worked out a system of didactics which are strict and fixed…one might even use the term "narrow" to distinguish them from the broad scope of methods employed, for example, in most U.S. schools." Lawrence Derthick, Commissioner of Education, who authorized this trip, would be shocked to find American schools adopting Soviet methods in 2006. See Washington Post article "Competency Tests Set in D.C. Schools" 1977, in which Derthick is quoted as follows: "We must be very careful about adopting any mechanical system of producing children like objects. There are so many complicating factors in each child…there is a danger in trying to turn out children like nuts and bolts or steel pins…human beings are more complex."    
300 DPI PDF :: File Size :0.984 MB


Excerpt from those involved in this program. In 1989, building on projects completed in Florida and Texas, work began on the development of a national (eventually, an international) standard for exchanging student records more efficiently. This system would tap into the sophisticated automation of many education agencies and institutions.    
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Stalin_ Russia_and_The_Crisis_in_Socialism-Max_Eas

I never thought the Marxian philosophy scientific, and I had begun to formulate my objections to it in some articles in the old Masses long before the Russian revolution. When I went to Russia in 1922 to study the Bolshevik experiment at first hand, I found this philosophy established as a state religion and bowed down to on all sides with Byzantine obsequiousness. This seemed to contrast strangely with the intensely practical, experimental, and in many ways skeptical, good sense of Lenin. I was enamored of that practical good sense.    
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Steps Toward a British Union -
 Congressional Record - J Thor
kelson -1940-28pgs-GOV-POL.sml.pdf

This is part I, and in this I include a hope expressed by Mr. Andrew Carnegie, in his book entitled "Triumphant Democracy". In this he expresses himself in this manner: Let men say what they will, I say that as surely as the sun in the heavens once shone upon Britain and America united, so surely is it one morning to rise, to shine upon, to greet again the reunited states-the British-American Union. This statement is clear, and the organizations which Mr. Carnegie endowed have spent millions in order to bring this about. This thing has been made possible by scholarships, exchange professors, subsidies of churches, subsidies of educational institutions; all of them working for the purpose of eliminating Americanism as was taught once in our schools and to gradually exchange this for an English version of our history.    
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This volume is one of a series of "Readings in Leninism." Each book consists of a collection of articles and extractstaken almost exclusively from the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin-dealing with a basic question of Leninist theory.    
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United States Senate subcommittee to investigate the administration of the internal security act and other internal security laws of the Committee on The Judiciary.    
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U.S. Congress testimony of the late Dr. Bella Dodd, former head of the Education Department of the Communist Party, USA, after her expulsion from the party in 1949.  See her book “School of Darkness”, an entry on this website.   An important excerpt from the hearings follows which explains first-hand how the Communist Party USA goes after anyone who questions communist activities, especially those related to the public schools of America. 
Dr. DODD. The Communist Party knew how to fight very effectively against anyone who touched the Communist movement . If anyone tried to attack the Communist movement, the Communist Party immediately went among the liberals, among its allies, and on various bases got the support and help of these people to smear and to isolate the person who was hurting Communists.

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BY DECREE ISSUED IN BERLIN MARCH 12,1933 THE Nazi banner together with that of the Old Empire was proclaimed the flag of Germany. Upon it was inscribed the Swastika symbolizing hatred of the Jew and in that sign the new German Government, with Hitler at its head, declared and is waging official and relentless war upon 600,000 of its own citizens.    
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Dynamite review of "The Leipzig Connection", probably the most important, and short, book explaining the adoption by American educators of the Wundtian/Pavlovian/Skinnerian method of teaching, necessary NOT for education but for training (performance-based) and brainwashing.    
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Talking Papers – A Hands-On Tool for Parents to Understand Outcomes Based Education. A Dot-to-Dot Historical Perspective proves that Pennsylvania is the model for the nation; gives actual test questions from affective (values) EQA tests and how values are scored; pinpoints how technology will be used to control in a management by objective system: TQM=OBE; exposes the use of business and industry through the Chambers of Commerce, linking technology to the schools.    
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The Cox Committee Congressional Hearings related to the Investigation of the Tax Exempt Foundations, 1952 ( incredible sworn testimony regarding treason on all fronts) Copies of these records of the hearings were scooped up by the foundations in order to keep this information from the American people.    
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First half of The Reece Committee Congressional Hearings related to the Investigation of the Tax Exempt Foundations, 1953-54 ( incredible sworn testimony regarding treason on all fronts) Copies of these records of the hearings were scooped up by the foundations in order to keep this information from the American people.    
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Part two of The Reece Committee Congressional Hearings related to the Investigation of the Tax Exempt Foundations, 1953-54 ( incredible sworn testimony regarding treason on all fronts) Copies of these records of the hearings were scooped up by the foundations in order to keep this information from the American people.    
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The Reece Committee Congressional Hearings related to the Investigation of the Tax Exempt Foundations, 1953-54 ( incredible sworn testimony regarding treason on all fronts) Copies of these records of the hearings were scooped up by the foundations in order to keep this information from the American people.    
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Anita Hoge has done it again with a superb critique of education restructuring; this time coming to the assistance of the public school teacher in the trenches being required to change his/her teaching methods, etc. to suit the international corporate agenda. Hoge says in part "This paper reflects on the future of teaching as a profession. Methods, testing, and curricula are changing. Multiple non-academic demands knock on the classroom door. Have you heard about Goals 2000, Improving America's Schools Act, School-to-Work? If you haven't, please be introduced to the radical change of philosophy taking place in American education today. It is called Transformational Outcomes-Based Education; it is the vehicle for remolding the entire American education system to focus on "human resource development"…our nation's President in 1997 announced that this country will forge ahead with national standards, national testing, and national curriculum….What does this mean to you, teacher ?"    
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The Mystery Of Space and Time, Shadows, and Reality, Occultism and Love. Animated Nature, Voices of The Stones, Mathematics of The Infinite, The Logic of Ecstacy. Mystical Theosophy, Cosmic Consciousness. The New Morality. Birth of The Superman.    
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The Myth of Mental Illness-Thomas&n

The problems to which I address myself in this book are easy to state but, because of the powerful cultural and economic pressures that define the "correct" answers to them, are difficult to clarify. They have to do with such questions as: What is disease? What are the ostensible and actual tasks of the physician? What is mental illness? Who defines what constitutes illness, diagnosis, treatment? Who controls the vocabulary of medicine and psychiatry, and the powers of the physician-psychiatrist and citizen-patient? Has a person the right to call himself sick? Has a physician the right to call a person mentally sick? What is the difference between a person complaining of pain and calling himself sick? Or between a physician complaining of a person's misbehavior and calling him a mentally sick patient?    
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Tam individual who deals with the by-paths and mysteries of that great Science which we term loosely Occultism, courts neither personal notoriety nor publicity for the strange proceedings, in which he plays a part. I have always been an energetic student of psychic matters, drawn thereto by the possession of certain unusual gifts with which Nature has endowed me. Throughout the history of mankind there have always been a certain number of individuals who have kept alive the sacred fire and held the secret keys of many mysteries, and from time to time an advance in general human knowledge or in an applied art or science has revealed to the vulgar some small part of the outer mysteries that have always been known to the initiates. These disclosures are hailed as discoveries and set in their ordered place in the catalogue of human knowledge.    
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Contrary to some reports and rumors, there has not been any improvement in the situation of the Jews of Germany. Indeed, the events of the past year show that the men now in control of the government are determined to go forward with the completion of the program begun in April 1933, of degrading the Jews and Christians of Jewish descent to a status beneath that of aliens.    
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The Declaration to support the Jewish National enterprise followed the military penetration of Palestine during the successful campaign inaugurated by Great Britain in the late summer and the autumn of 1917. This pledge was published on behalf of the British Government by the Honorable Arthur J. Balfour, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, in his letter to Lord Rothschild, on November second of that year. Since that time, Great Britain has proceeded with the consummation of her purpose by effecting the complete military occupation of Palestine and by the installation of the Zionist Commission, which administers, under British protection, the affairs of Jewish Palestine.    
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Witchcraft in the second half of the twentieth century, and in the seventies specifically, is enjoying a renaissance the like of which it has never experienced before. Where previously it was hounded and persecuted, and more particularly misunderstood, it now enjoys a certain freedom, a certain respect and a certain understanding. But, one must still ask, what does it all amount to?    
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This book has been held up by the Censor for more than two years. From my own standpoint, this has turned out to be an advantage, so far as its prospect of usefulness goes. Now, more than ever before, Europeans and Americans are prepared to consider the relations of the white races to Asiatics as demanding very careful study . That Japan should be fully represented at the Peace Conference, as one of the Great Powers of the world, and that China and India, with their joint population of some 700,000,000 people, should claim the right to make themselves heard at the same gathering, of the nations, are events which cannot be overlooked. Asia, indeed, seems destined to play a still greater put in the future than she has played in the past. It is important, therefore, for the English-speaking peoples, to whom I primarily address myself, that they should recognise this at once. Self-determination and justice for all races cannot, be confined to Europe or America.    
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THE purpose of this book is to present to the American people, first, the great movement which brought Russia to the Revolution of March, 1917, and then, as far as possible by documents, the development of the Revolution from March up to date . The Revolution of March, 1917, was the outcome of a great movement which started a century ago, immediately after the Napoleonic War, and in which the best representatives of Russia's mind and soul participated from generation to generation. The first revolutionary uprising in Russia was the so-called "Decembrist" revolt, on December 14, 1825, organized by a small group of young officers who, visiting Paris in 1814, had become infected with the ideas of the Great French Revolution. Five Decembrists were executed, the others were exiled to Siberia . When Russia's greatest national poet, Pushkin, sent his greeting to the exiled Decembrists, they answered him from Siberia, "The spark will burst into flame." This prophesy has been fulfilled . While in 1825 it was only a small group of young idealists who rose in revolt against absolutism, by 1905 great masses were engaged in open conflict with Tzarism, and in March, 1917, the entire people, through a swift and almost blodless Revolution, entered upon a new life.    
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Knowing that most of the people cannot spend a large amount of their time searching for the facts, the author of this volume has sought to present his own findings and those of many other investigators in succinct form under the title, The Bleeding of America. The aim is to provide an original synthesis to show how the United States of America has been consistently thwarted and bled since the end of World War II and even during it. The writer is constantly being reminded of the wide need for this volume as he is asked, for example, "Why did we suffer more than 360,000 casualties in Indochina without invading and vanquishing North Vietnam?" Or, "What was the aim of the national news media or a particular newspaper in what appeared to be a belligerently no-victory attitude?" Or, "What is or who are behind the debasement of the dollar?"    
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THE speeches delivered at the Seventh Congress of the Comintern, and the motions there and then adopted, clearly delineated the international position of Communism today. It is now easy to trace the windings of the spiralshaped action that has been developing for the last eighteen years, and ever since gaining more strength and power to impel the world towards further confusion. The basis of that spiral is the scheme of international relations. The German Empire tenderly welcomed Communism when it was in its cradle ; the Weimar politicians made a precious ally of that youthful prodigy, and availed themselves of this alliance to threaten other nations with the possibility of a German-Sovietic coalition. There was an interval of respite when Hindenburg was elected President of the Reich. The German Government proposed to the French Government (according to the German press reports) to effect a final reconciliation between the two leading countries of the Continent and to cold-shoulder Moscow as the source of universal trouble . But the radical French Government, having no confidence in those obnoxious " Prussian Junkers," believed more readily the promises and compliments of the Soviet diplomats. Forgetting the danger of such stratagems, the French Government found it quite fascinating to revenge itself on its antagonists by using their own methods against them.    
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Extremely important research for those seeking information relative to the evil effects of magic, the occult, etc. Not for the uninitiated or curious, or for those without a purpose. Excerpt follows: The actual question before us is after what manner, if any, magical procedure draws anything from secret tradition in the past, and so enters into the general subject of such tradition, whether in Christian or anterior times. It would and could only 'be of tradition on its worthless, side, and it will not exalt a subject which the records of centuries have shown to be incapable of being raised ; it will, however, let us know where we are.    
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THE EGYPTIAN TEXT ACCORDING TO THE THEBAN RECENSION IN HIEROGLYPHIC EDITED FROM NUMEROUS PAPYRI, WITH A TRANSLATION, VOCABULARY, ETC . The present volume forms part of a work on the Theban Recension of the Book of the Dead, which I have prepared for Messrs. Kegan Paul and Co. with a view of supplying an edition of the Egyptian text in hieroglyphic, a full Vocabulary to the same with copious references, and a complete translation, with introductory chapters upon the history, object and contents of the Book of the Dead, in a handy form and at a moderate price. It is the most complete edition of the Theban Recension hitherto published, but future discoveries in Egypt may at any moment result in the recovery of papyri containing Chapters at present unknown to us.    
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THERE is, perhaps, no ancient civilisation that has given rise to so much speculation as that of ancient Egypt, which has for centuries presented, and in many respects still presents, a number of problems of considerable interest and difficulty. Until the discovery of the Rosetta stone by M. Bouchard in 1799, which made possible . the decipherment of the hieroglyphics, there seemed to be little hope that any of these questions would be solved, and although much progress has since been made, the real nature of the religion of Egypt, her chronology, the extent of her scientific knowledge, the source of her civilisation and the significance of certain of her monuments still seem to be regarded by many authorities as being largely within the domain of theory only. In any event it is apparent that on all these points there exists, even today, a considerable divergence of opinion among scholars. It is now nearly forty years since the late Mr. Marsham Adams first propounded his theory as to the intimate correspondence that exists between the Book of the Dead, as it is commonly, though erroneously, called and the passage chambers of the Great Pyramid. This he did in an article in the New Review in 1894, while in the following year he published the first of his two books on the subject, The House of the Hidden Places (London : John Murray), which he described as a clue to the mysterious religion of ancient Egypt.    
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THE biographer, one Lucas of Syria, whose amazing story of the world's most successful man of business we are about to examine, begins his work with this brief literary gem, which for true artistry certainly deserves a high place among the world's greatest prefaces . Even the various English renderings show that scarce a whit of its noble dignity is lost in translating it from its original setting in Greek.    
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It is a great pleasure to me to introduce the public to Dr. Laurie's valuable book on modern Germany. He is best known to the world as a brilliant scientist, but he has found time in the intervals of his work to pursue with ardour the task upon which every sensible member of the British and German races should be engaged-namely the establishment of good relations and a better understanding between these two great nations. Dr Laurie knows full well that this friendship is the keystone to peace in Europe-nay, in the whole world . He is one of the small group who founded the Association known as "The Link", whose sole aim is to get Britons and Germans to know and understand one another better. He is one of the most zealous workers in this good cause in the country . He writes of the National Socialist movement with knowledge and great sympathy . The particular value of this book lies in the fact that it is written by a foreigner, who cannot be accused of patriotic excess in his interpretation of the great work done by Herr Hitler and his associates. I recommend this volume with confidence to all people who are genuinely impressed with the desire to understand one of the greatest-and most bloodless-revolutions in history. BARRY DOMVILE Robin's Tree 8th May 1939.    
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THOSE who have studied their history must at times have been astonished at the ease with which popular movements, honest and sincere in themselves, have been manipulated by clever and unscrupulous men to their own personal advantage or to further their own political aspirations. The people have throughout the ages presented a pathetic spectacle. Time and again they have been used with most barefaced effrontery as a means of producing results which they themselves never desired. Indeed, in many cases, they have suffered terribly from their own achievements. Nothing is more pitiful than the persistent betrayal of the people by their leaders and nothing more splendid than the people's refusal to believe it . In earlier history popular movements were difficult to create and direct unless they were purely local. Kings, princes, governors stood between the masses and their exploiters . Distances, too, were great in the days before railways, and communication was difficult. But, roughly speaking, the people were prevented by established authority from being victimised. To-day all that is changed, and we now live in an age which will be known, perhaps, in history as the age of the exploitation of the people.    
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Comments by Richey regarding the formulation of John Goodlad's involvement in the future of education in the US.--- American education is changing so rapidly and on so many fronts that analyses of change from the perspective of today are based upon data that will be incomplete next year . The reader will find the book's value enhanced if he, too, attempts what the author of the final chapter has done so well-if he pulls together the strands that appear in the chapters of the book and interweaves them with other influences "which seem essential to understanding the impetuses for educational change, the conditions which determine the kinds and amount of change, and the bases for hope that education may become more responsive to the needs of our society and the individuals who compose it." The Committee and the contributing authors have produced a timely, thought-provoking volume that will stand as a bench mark in the history of educational change in America. Herman G. Richey    
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This classic, 1969 "grassroots" graphic, showing how "Family Life" will be the theme of all instruction, asks "Does the UNGRADED school portend the complete, total change in the direction of the learning process?" One of its many predictions coming to pass in 2006 is the "International Police Keeping Force".    
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This book is in response to literally hundreds of requests from parents and teachers around the nation who have looked to the author and to the Anaheim Bulletin for guidance in the controversy over sex instruction and sensitivity training in the schools.--- Readers of the author's daily newspaper column realize that the problem they face is multi-faceted and deals with much more than a few dirty words used in a classroom or the imparting of clinical knowledge to children before they are old enough to absorb it.--- Sex instruction is only one small part of a massive bulldozer operation to convert America's public school system into a series of behavioral science clinics for reshaping and restructuring the children into the International Child of Orwell's 1984.    
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In writing the foreword for "The Child Seducers" my initial impulse was to enthuse over the completeness of John Steinbacher's chilling expository. My considered opinion is, however - this book needs no endorsement, for Mr . Steinbacher has so precisely presented a vast amount of research that the book stands superbly on its own merits. The author graphically demonstrates the fact that the children of America are being gripped in the vise of either an unwise or unscrupulous education system, and are being forcefully made accessories to the incomes of huge publishing empires, and others. This factually presented information is sufficient to unsettle even the most complacent or indifferent reader.    
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May, 1957 issue of The Communist magazine, "A magazine of theory and practice of Marxism-Leninism published by the Communist Party of the USA." This issue carries an article "The Schools and the People's Front" which states in part: "The schools are community centers which bring together the broadest strata of the population; discusses role of the labor unions in American education, especially the AFT…states "the universal Catholic Church had been broken up in the process of the bourgeois revolutions; thus great numbers had been liberated from any well coordinated institution for the indoctrination of the minds of the populace with ideas conducive to peaceful submission to the ruling class…" It also states "The dissatisfaction with the present on the part of many educators may be lead in either of two directions – either backward toward scholasticism or forward toward Marxism." And … "The purpose is to guide and direct that spirit of rebelliousness which already exists. This means to root ourselves in the lives of the students." This article clearly explains the role of communism in the alienation of young people from traditional American values and religion.    
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Economic and psychological weapons rather than the launching of a third world war comprise the current Communist program for world conquest, General Albert C . Wedemeyer warned in a consultation with the Committee on Un-American Activities. One of the top strategic planners of World War II, General Wedemeyer was present at many international conferences as adviser to the President. He attended the conferences in Washington, London, Cairo, Quebec, and Casablanca before going to China as theater commander in 1944 .    
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Superb short history of the role of the tax-exempt foundations, especially Carnegie Corporation, in the transformation of American education from an emphasis on learning to workforce training.  The following excerpt deals with the present implementation of the system of Outcomes Based Education which was piloted by the Carnegie Corporation in the nineteen thirties and referred to as“The Eight-Year Study”. Some of the plotters realized at the turn of this century that the schools could be used to their advantage, to train workers without improving their minds . Under the cover of aiding education, endowments were established and part of the ill-gotten gains from our confiscated wealth was used to exert influence over the educational hierarchy which controls the kind of education the tax-supported schools provide.

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Seldom has a major nation come closer to the brink of disaster and yet recovered than did Brazil in its recent triumph over Red subversion. The communist drive for domination-marked by propaganda, infiltration, terror-was moving in high gear. Total surrender seemed imminent-- and then the people said No! This dramatic and illuminating account not only tells of a people's determined defense of their freedom, it provides a blueprint for action by concerned citizens in other nations threatened by communism.    
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This book is about the latest phase of the World-War Plot and its Consequences, for Europe and for us. It was first published as a pamphlet under the title of "Czecho Slovakia" during the recent crisis, and was written immediately after my return from a tour in Central Europe. As the result of requests from some Members of Parliament and some friends who wished to have in a handy form, before the national crisis was debated in Parliament, some inside information as well as access to sources and documents not easily procurable or available, the pamphlet was compiled tinder circumstances of great difficulty within the space of a very few days. The second, and much enlarged, edition now called for meets a wider need. It provides, on the one hand, an historical record in which the seeds of the present world situation are traced back to the balance of European powers at the time of the Treaty of Berlin in 1878, and on the other reveals some of those hidden undercurrents that run beneath the diplomatic and political records of the present and past which still threaten us with catastrophe and disaster, unless we are in a position to recognise and understand their meaning . Since the end of the World War I have devoted myself to the related studies of anthropology, agriculture, the science of population and of international affairs. In their pursuit I have made frequent visits, sometimes on university lecture tours, to Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Poland, and Czecho-Slovakia, as well as to other countries. In 1936 I visited Spain after the outbreak of the Civil War. The same year found me studying the minority problems in Czecho-Slovakia. Events in these two countries have been closely connected and are linked with events in France and England.    
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The Smoot Reports deal with subject matter from the Vietnam War to education, communism, the UN, and many other subjects of interest.    
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The autocratic government of the Romanoffs was destroyed by its own tyranny and corruption. The great masses of the peasantry and the laboring class were sunk in poverty, misery and ignorance . Any attempts to ameliorate their condition were met with opposition and repression. Hundreds, nay thousands, of the noblest men and women of Russia's intelligentsia who, in their sympathy with the oppressed, risked their life and liberty to open the eyes of the people through education, were branded as traitors and revolutionists and were imprisoned in the Russian jails or exiled to the wilds of Siberia. A few of them escaped to the more liberal countries of Europe and America, where they made a name for themselves in science and literature and exposed the conditions under which the rest of their countrymen lived. The Jews, even those who attended to their own business and took no part in politics, were specially singled out as a people for persecution and oppression . Their rights were restricted, freedom of movement was denied to them, and a pale of settlement, a veritable ghetto on a large scale, was established to which, with few exceptions, all Jews were confined under pain of arrest and punishment . This resulted in a wide-spread movement of opposition to the existing government shared in equally by Jew and Gentile. Nihilism, anarchism, social revolution, terrorism, were the various party names adopted by the opponents of the government, and despite the ruthless efforts of the powers that be to suppress it, the movement spread during the greater part of the nineteenth century and constituted a menace to the Czaristic regime.    
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By a curious convention, almost invariably observed until recently, the history of England was brought to an abrupt conclusion with the battle of Waterloo. The idea was, I suppose, similar to that which required that a fairy tale should end with the words: "And they lived happily ever after." In point of fact, the history of England as a world power, instead of ending, begins with the battle of Waterloo, or thereabouts. The last chapter in our school histories is really the first in the annals of England as a factor of importance in world affairs, and what goes before is of the nature of a prologue or preface....    
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The chapters of this book were written as papers to be discussed at the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions. This was a continuing project and was contributed to not only by the Senior Fellows of the Center but by many Visiting Fellows during several years. After discussion the papers were revised and gradually assumed their present form.--- The papers were the background for a succession of constitutional models. These served to focus and to make more precise the constitutional changes believed to be necessary after nearly two hundred years. There were frequent modifications of the model, and the number of revisions grew to forty. Still more are in prospect to meet the criteria of the papers.    
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The Five Ideologies of Space and Power 1. "One World" Ideology 2. "Pan-Slavic" Ideology 3. "Asia for the Asiatics" 4. Pan-Germanism 5. Pan-American Isolationism The 130 Years of Power Politics of the Modern Era    
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The Aim of this Book-We must neither Mock nor Disdain the Occult Sciences before we Know them-The Immense Documentation of the Author-What called Occultism, its Origin, its Development, its Sleep and its Reawaking during the last Century-In how far Occultism is Moral, Therapeutic and Divinatory- Fatalism, Determinism and Free Will-The Justification and Experimental Reality of Astrology-The Astral Sign-Manual-What is Physiognomony and what are its Uses-The Planetary Types-Definite Interest Chiromancy-Graphology and its Useful Introduction into the Upper Schools-Theory of Cartomancy-Thoughts on Dreams-Clairvoyance and its Marvels--Word as to Magic,Witchcraft, Alchemy, the Kabbala, Psychism and Metapsychism-Attempted Deductions by the Writer of the Preface himself.    
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This book is the last work of the late William Kingsland and is published under the auspices of "The Kingsland Literary Trust." This Trust was inaugurated by the author shortly before his death, and is by his wish composed of the Council of the Blavatsky Association, who are thereby empowered to publish his MSS. at their discretion. The "Gnosis" had occupied much of Kingsland's time and thought during the last two years of his life, and was not completed , until shortly before his death, he had, indeed, hoped to make a few alterations to the manuscript but did not live to do so, and except for the correction of some typist's errors it is published as it left the author's hand. In this work Kingsland shows how the fundamental teachings given to the world at the beginning of the Christian era were derived from the Gnosis or Ancient Wisdom, but in time have become so perverted that the modern interpretation of Christianity represents merely their debased survival. It should be mentioned that the author's title for this work was The Gnosis in the Christian Scriptures, which the Trust altered to its present form. The cost of the publication has been met by many friends whom William Kingsland had helped to a truer concept of the realities of life through his deep understanding of the Ancient Wisdom. The contributors have been glad to assist in the production of this work as a memorial to one whom they regard with enduring gratitude and affection.    
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CHAPTER I. The Indictment 3 II. England's First Approach 16 III. Palestine and War Policies 27 IV. England's Original Interpretation 42 V. The Peace Conference 51 VI. The Mandate 79 VII. The Colonial Office Takes Hold 101 VIII. The League Takes Hold 118 IX. The "Crystallization" Process 145 X. We Rest Our Case 160 APPENDIX I. The Great Adventure II. The Churchill White Paper 173 III. The Mandate for Palestine 183 IV. A Defense of the Mandate V. Balfour's Protest VI. The Home Land Claim 221 VII. The Passfield white Paper 238 VIII. Winston Churchill's Views 286    
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THE MYSTERY WHICH HATH BEEN HIDDEN FOR AGES AND FROM GENERATIONS. These pages, containing thoughts from many minds, from Intelligences in the form and out of it, from Souls embodied and disembodied, have been gathered by the compiler, as a harvester garners a few sheaves that shall yield some little seed for planting when the seed time is at hand.    
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The method by which this original proposition is applied is as new as the proposition itself. No longer relying upon academic preconceptions, the authors have based their architectural and urban proposals on the analysis of life in the existing Soviet society and the directions of change within it. While the models and formal solutions are only sketched and presented hypothetically, they build upon the rich heritage left by Soviet architecture and urbanism in the twenties. Unlike Western architectural "revivals," which consistently turn toward the past and are pseudo-innovative, the Soviet heritage suggests the idea of a "revolutionary tradition" to serve as an example for future-oriented planning.    
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The late Maureen Heaton's manuscript of "The Impossible Dream" which has never been widely disseminated. Heaton was a first-class patriot who spent every day of her life for at least forty years researching the development of the Soviet system of management which was piloted first in California, aka PPBS, and is now being used by every governmental agency at every level for total control of the citizenry.    
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The choice of Paris for the historic Peace Conference was an afterthought. The Anglo-Saxon governments first favored a neutral country as the most appropriate meeting-ground for the world's peace-makers. Holland was mentioned only to be eliminated without discussion, so obvious and decisive were the objections. French Switzerland came next in order, was actually fixed upon, and for a time held the field. Lausanne was the city first suggested and nearly chosen. There was a good deal to be said for it on its own merits, and in its suburb, Ouchy, the treaty had been drawn up which terminated the war between Italy and Turkey. But misgivings were expressed as to its capacity to receive and entertain the formidable peace aimies without whose co-operation the machinery for stopping all wars could not well be fabricated. At last Geneva was fixed upon, and so certain were influential delegates of the ratification of their choice by all the Allies, that I felt justified in telegraphing to Geneva to have a house hired for six months in that picturesque city.    
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The following “Intimate Papers of Colonel House”, Volumes 1 – 4  provide a close-up   view of history in the making, written by President Wilson’s alter ego,  Col. Edward M. House.  The Colonel’s role in Presidential decision-making would affect not only the future of the United States but the rest of the world, to this very day.

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The following “Intimate Papers of Colonel House”, Volumes 1 – 4  provide a close-up   view of history in the making, written by President Wilson’s alter ego,  Col. Edward M. House.  The Colonel’s role in Presidential decision-making would affect not only the future of the United States but the rest of the world, to this very day.

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The following “Intimate Papers of Colonel House”, Volumes 1 – 4  provide a close-up   view of history in the making, written by President Wilson’s alter ego,  Col. Edward M. House.  The Colonel’s role in Presidential decision-making would affect not only the future of the United States but the rest of the world, to this very day.

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The following “Intimate Papers of Colonel House”, Volumes 1 – 4  provide a close-up   view of history in the making, written by President Wilson’s alter ego,  Col. Edward M. House.  The Colonel’s role in Presidential decision-making would affect not only the future of the United States but the rest of the world, to this very day.

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This remarkable book published by the American Jewish Committee will appeal to WWI history buffs and those interested in the plight of the Jews during that tragic conflagration.  The following excerpt provides just a taste of what is to be found within the covers of this book: 24 THE JEWS IN THE EASTERN WAR ZONE Count A. Bobrinski, a Conservative member of the Imperial Council, declared, in a statement to the editor
of the "Dehn" :*
"The conservative members of the Imperial Council raised no objection whatsoever against the recent Government measure granting permission to the Jews to reside outside of the Pale . I believe that we shall have to become accustomed to the idea of
seeing the Jews dwell in all parts of
Russia after this war is over .There can be no return to the old conditions. "The necessities of the war must lead us also to sanction future
concessions toward the Jews whenever the need thereof will be recognized by the Government in order to be able to place a Government loan in

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Once more the world stands at the edge of war. It is, therefore, of the greatest interest in judging events today and their probable results, to study the period immediately before the World War. It cannot be denied that at that time the central figure in the whole world was the German Kaiser and he occupies that place in this extraordinary book of Mr. Viereck. Of course I knew the Kaiser personally. He was possessed of much charm and a nimble brain. He loved to appear in the martial array of the Black Hussars with the skull and cross bones in the front of his busby; but that did not mean that he loved war . Perhaps he felt as Marshal Foch once told me that war was "a dangerous adventure ." Shortly after the outbreak of the war von Gwinner (now deceased) head of the great Deutsche Bank, confided to me that, at the last minute, the Kaiser had refused to sign the declaration of war, but that the officers of the General Staff, threatening to break their swords over their knees, had forced him to consent.    
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No comment can enhance the poignancy or add to the significance of the tale. Its story illuminates, as no other episode in the ghastly annals of Bolshevism has done, the real nature of the forces that have ruined Russia, and that still hold her in their bloody and tyrannical grip . It makes clear the purpose for which Germany originally sent Lenin and his Jewish confederates into Russia, and shows how thoroughly that purpose was achieved. Incidentally it places the characters of, the late Emperor Nicholas and of the Empress Alexandra in a new light, and proves them to have been loyal to the Allies even unto death. It clears them of many foolish and of some foul aspersions, and while it reveals at once their strength and their weakness, their folly and their virtues, brings home to the guilty the guilt for their death .    
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Asked to tell why he wrote this book, John T . Flynn replied : "As the weird story of Owen Lattimore unfolded itself in official documents and sworn testimony, I noted that it had one flaw. It was unbelievable. In a Dumas novel of intrigue at the court of Louis XV, it might be accepted. But in America, the America of the 1950s-it seemed fantastically out of place and utterly incredible. Much has been written about it, but now all the evidence is available. Few have the time or means of sifting the immense folios of testimony and incriminating documents, which were dramatically unearthed in an old barn, as might be done in a screen thriller.    
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The original two volumes of "The Life and Letters of Walter H . Page," published in 1922, were incomplete in one important respect. They contained only a very few of the Ambassador's letters to President Wilson. Page was a careful correspondent in that his writings represented his completely reasoned views on the great events that comprised his daily life, but he was a careless one in failing to preserve the record he had so conscientiously made. Sometimes he would finish a letter at a single sitting; more frequently he would work industriously until mailing time and hurriedly thrust the product into the diplomatic bag-no eyes having seen it except his own. In preparing his biography, therefore, it was necessary to assemble the letters from many sources. With the exception of the few of which copies had been made, Page's correspondence with the President was not placed at the disposal of his biographer. Mr. Wilson's death has removed the prohibition upon the publication of these letters. At the same time the State Department has consented to a selection from Page's war-time telegrams. These Presidential letters and telegrams-omitting, of course, those already published-form the basis of the present volume.    
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A Report for THE CLUB OF ROME'S Project on the Predicament of Mankind.---Out of this meeting grew The Club of Rome, an informal organization that has been aptly described as an "invisible college." Its purposes are to foster understanding of the varied but interdependent components-economic, political, natural, and social-that make up the global system in which we all live; to bring that new understanding to the attention of policy-makers and the public worldwide ; and in this way to promote new policy initiatives and action.    
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