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Practical Advice to Teachers - 
;Rudolph Steiner-232 pgs-2000-EDU.pdf

Information on the Steiner Schooling System by the Waldorf System.    
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Skull and Bones-Living_Deceased_and_Catalogue

Original roster for Skull and Bones. This three volume set was published by Bones for members only. Obviously it got loose and here it is for the world to see.    
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The Mystery Of Space and Time, Shadows, and Reality, Occultism and Love. Animated Nature, Voices of The Stones, Mathematics of The Infinite, The Logic of Ecstacy. Mystical Theosophy, Cosmic Consciousness. The New Morality. Birth of The Superman.    
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Tam individual who deals with the by-paths and mysteries of that great Science which we term loosely Occultism, courts neither personal notoriety nor publicity for the strange proceedings, in which he plays a part. I have always been an energetic student of psychic matters, drawn thereto by the possession of certain unusual gifts with which Nature has endowed me. Throughout the history of mankind there have always been a certain number of individuals who have kept alive the sacred fire and held the secret keys of many mysteries, and from time to time an advance in general human knowledge or in an applied art or science has revealed to the vulgar some small part of the outer mysteries that have always been known to the initiates. These disclosures are hailed as discoveries and set in their ordered place in the catalogue of human knowledge.    
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Witchcraft in the second half of the twentieth century, and in the seventies specifically, is enjoying a renaissance the like of which it has never experienced before. Where previously it was hounded and persecuted, and more particularly misunderstood, it now enjoys a certain freedom, a certain respect and a certain understanding. But, one must still ask, what does it all amount to?    
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The Aim of this Book-We must neither Mock nor Disdain the Occult Sciences before we Know them-The Immense Documentation of the Author-What called Occultism, its Origin, its Development, its Sleep and its Reawaking during the last Century-In how far Occultism is Moral, Therapeutic and Divinatory- Fatalism, Determinism and Free Will-The Justification and Experimental Reality of Astrology-The Astral Sign-Manual-What is Physiognomony and what are its Uses-The Planetary Types-Definite Interest Chiromancy-Graphology and its Useful Introduction into the Upper Schools-Theory of Cartomancy-Thoughts on Dreams-Clairvoyance and its Marvels--Word as to Magic,Witchcraft, Alchemy, the Kabbala, Psychism and Metapsychism-Attempted Deductions by the Writer of the Preface himself.    
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THE MYSTERY WHICH HATH BEEN HIDDEN FOR AGES AND FROM GENERATIONS. These pages, containing thoughts from many minds, from Intelligences in the form and out of it, from Souls embodied and disembodied, have been gathered by the compiler, as a harvester garners a few sheaves that shall yield some little seed for planting when the seed time is at hand.    
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