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The Aim of this Book-We must neither Mock nor Disdain the Occult Sciences before we Know them-The Immense Documentation of the Author-What called Occultism, its Origin, its Development, its Sleep and its Reawaking during the last Century-In how far Occultism is Moral, Therapeutic and Divinatory- Fatalism, Determinism and Free Will-The Justification and Experimental Reality of Astrology-The Astral Sign-Manual-What is Physiognomony and what are its Uses-The Planetary Types-Definite Interest Chiromancy-Graphology and its Useful Introduction into the Upper Schools-Theory of Cartomancy-Thoughts on Dreams-Clairvoyance and its Marvels--Word as to Magic,Witchcraft, Alchemy, the Kabbala, Psychism and Metapsychism-Attempted Deductions by the Writer of the Preface himself.    
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THE MYSTERY WHICH HATH BEEN HIDDEN FOR AGES AND FROM GENERATIONS. These pages, containing thoughts from many minds, from Intelligences in the form and out of it, from Souls embodied and disembodied, have been gathered by the compiler, as a harvester garners a few sheaves that shall yield some little seed for planting when the seed time is at hand.    
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