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Immorality_ and_Our_Employments_Hereafter-JM_Peebl

The earliest literature of any people is sacred literature. The most exhaustive inquiries of the greatest minds of every age and nation have been inquiries pertaining to man's moral relations and the soul's future destiny. The religious literature of the race approaches nearest the character of immortality of all its mental products. When other books are forgotten, the sacred books continue a perennial fountain of thought and inspiration. This is true of Egypt, India, Babylon, and all the countries of the Orient.    
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As we were entering New York harbour one of the wealthiest Americans came out on his fine steamyacht and carried off his returning son. This young man had been such a genial and unpretending comrade on our voyage that it was only when we were approaching the figure of Liberty that her torch enlightened us as to her remoteness from Equality, the lesson being further impressed upon us-the millionless and yachtless -by our slow progress through the Customs. But the inequality created by pecuniary conditions is not all to the advantage of the millionaire. The comparatively impecunious are sure to invest him, without respect to his merits or demerits, with an unpleasing reputation. I never met this millionaire, but was told by honourable and well-informed business men that he was an irreproachable domestic character, not luxurious or self-indulgent, forbearing and generous towards those with whom he had dealings, and that like Dives in the parable be was popularly consigned to a bad place simply because he was rich.    
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Outcomes Based Education theory. Directly from the "Outcomes" journal, containing explanations by its own developers.    
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The Mystery Of Space and Time, Shadows, and Reality, Occultism and Love. Animated Nature, Voices of The Stones, Mathematics of The Infinite, The Logic of Ecstacy. Mystical Theosophy, Cosmic Consciousness. The New Morality. Birth of The Superman.    
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This book has been held up by the Censor for more than two years. From my own standpoint, this has turned out to be an advantage, so far as its prospect of usefulness goes. Now, more than ever before, Europeans and Americans are prepared to consider the relations of the white races to Asiatics as demanding very careful study . That Japan should be fully represented at the Peace Conference, as one of the Great Powers of the world, and that China and India, with their joint population of some 700,000,000 people, should claim the right to make themselves heard at the same gathering, of the nations, are events which cannot be overlooked. Asia, indeed, seems destined to play a still greater put in the future than she has played in the past. It is important, therefore, for the English-speaking peoples, to whom I primarily address myself, that they should recognise this at once. Self-determination and justice for all races cannot, be confined to Europe or America.    
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The Smoot Reports deal with subject matter from the Vietnam War to education, communism, the UN, and many other subjects of interest.    
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These lectures-or lessons, since they are now being put out in a correspondence form through Study Clubs-are designed to expose the economic, social and political fallacies of Socialism which are commonly designated under a variety of names such as "Communism," "Liberalism," "Internationalism," "Pacifism," "Atheism," etc. These lectures do not pretend to exhaustively cover the subject but instead are designed to furnish a basis for additional study and reading, or for quick reference for writers and speakers.    
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Since I came to this place I have been very restless, wasting my energies in the futile beginning of ill-conceived books. One does not settle down very readily at two and forty to a new way of living, and I have found myself. with the teeming interests of the life I have abandoned still buzzing like a swarm of homeless bees in my head. My mind has been full of confused protests and justifications. In any case I should have found difficulties enough in expressing the complex thing I have to tell, but it has added greatly to my trouble that I have a great analogue, that a certain Niccolo Machiavelli chanced to fall out of politics at very much the age I have reached, and wrote a book to engage the restlessness of his mind, very much as I have wanted to do. He wrote about the relation of the great constructive spirit in politics to individual character and weaknesses, and so far his achievement lies like a deep rut in the road of my intention. It has taken me far astray. It is a matter of many weeks now-diversified indeed by some long drives into the mountains behind us and a memorable sail to Genoa across the blue and purple waters that drowned Shelley-since I began a laboured and futile imitation of " The Prince." I sat up late last night with the jumbled accumulation ; and at last made a little fire of olive twigs and burnt it all, sheet by sheet-to begin again clear this morning. But incidentally I have re-read most of Machiavelli, not excepting those scandalous letters of his to Vettori, and it seems to me, now that I have released myself altogether from his literary precedent, that he still has his use for me. In spite of his vast prestige I claim kindred with him and set his name upon my title-page, in partial intimation of the matter of my story. He takes me with sympathy not only by reason of the dream he pursued and the humanity of his politics, but by the mixture of his nature . His vices come in, essential to my issue. He is dead and gone, all his immediate correlations to party and faction have faded to insignificance, leaving only on the one hand his broad method and conceptions, and upon the other his intimate living personality, exposed down to its salacious corners as the soul of no contemporary can ever be exposed. Of those double strands it is I have to write, of the subtle protesting perplexing play of instinctive passion and desire, against too abstract, a dream of statesmanship.    
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The history of an event, a movement, or a situation is never and can never be a completed task, for we bring to the study of history a series of questions which change continually with our changing interests . As we ask different questions and select our materials with respect to these questions, we arrive at a story of the past which may indeed approach nearer than before to our ideal of historical accuracy but which never, by the very nature of the process, can attain it. This history of the Commune of Paris had its origin in the socialist and communist interpretation of the revolution formulated by Karl Marx and embellished by his disciples. It examines the material and considers the issues very largely from the point of view of that interpretation. Since, to the socialists, the Commune is not merely an incident in the history of France, but an epoch-making event in the world struggle between proletariat and bourgeoisie, the questions it suggests and attempts to answer must conform to this conception.    
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On the 12th of September 1905 a group of young men met together in lower Manhattan, New York. Conditions in America were not ideal. These young men had an ideal. Consciously or not, it had been borrowed from the social structures of the Old World.--- The meeting took place in a loft above Peck's Restaurant, at 140 Fulton Street. Among the group were some who in later years were to become widely known for views which at that time were the catalyst bringing them together.---On that day nearly sixty years ago was organized the Intercollegiate Socialist Society.    
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