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America Bewitched - Daniel Logan&nb

IN THE LATTER PART OF 1971, THE AMERICAN PSYCHOANALYTICAL Association held a four-day meeting in New York City. Dr. Peter Hartocollis, a research director at the famous Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas, addressed the group of almost two thousand psychoanalysts. Dr. Hartocollis spoke of the current rising interest in areas of mysticism and the occult. "The resurgence of mysticism in America," Dr. Hartocollis told his audience, "can be seen in the mindexpanding drugs, the proliferation of religious cults-such as the Jesus Freaks-and a growing fascination with astrology, Oriental philosophies, rustication, monasticism, and matters of the occult. It is mainly extant among the young, who are finding that material progress is valueless, science is immoral and the corporate organization of modern society is oppressive.

America Bewitched-Daniel Logan-1974    

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And Theres Tomorrow - Alice M&
nbsp;Weir -1975-456pgs-SOC-PSY.sml.pdf

"Alice M. Weir" is a pseudonym . The author has chosen to conceal her identity in writing And There's Tomorrow for two reasons.
First, the book is partly biographical . Mrs . Weir, like Sarah, the story's heroine, was born in the early 1900's and raised in New England . She worked on a newspaper for many years and married late in life . Thus it might prove embarrassing for friends and family if the fictional areas of the book were confused with facts.
Two, the book is controversial . While "Alice M . Weir" has published much material under her real name and is known in the fields of religious and political discourses, this is her first attempt to reach the general public through the medium of fiction. Here, her arguments and reasoning are presented by
characters such as "Great Uncle John David Barr", "Mr . Carter", "Congressman Kahl", "Amy Dimmock" and "Sarah", herself. However, the narrative is not diffused by the "Causes" Sarah exposes . Detailed political information including names, dates, reports and referrals, can be found in the back of the book as an attached addenda .Thus a reader has the choice of delving deeply into an amazing conglomerate of mis-used and mis-guided
national power, or merely riding the surface of its devastating undercurrents.

And There's Tomorrow Alice M Weir-1975    

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Behavior Analysis and Behavior Modi
fication - Malott - Tillema -&
nbsp;Glenn -1978-499pgs-EDU.sml.pdf

We drew many of our examples from everyday life, from events familiar to us all, events that may often puzzle us even though we've seen them many times. Most readers find such everyday examples to be rewarding because we're talking about them. Most readers also find such everyday examples help them understand the points being taught because they already understand the examples themselves. And most readers find such everyday examples to be useful because they can apply our analyses to other similar examples they meet in their normal lives. But we've also drawn many of our examples from clinical cases and other areas involving professional behavior modifiers. Readers find these professional examples rewarding, because such examples often involve extreme cases of behavioral deviation, cases whose causes and solutions are not, at first,clear. And readers find such professional examples useful, because they help them understand the role of the professional behavior modifier, either for future jobs for themselves or simply as part of their general education.

Behavior Analysis And Behavior Modification-Malott-Tillema-Glenn-1978    

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Brainwashed Into Slavery - Kenneth&
nbsp;Goff -circa_1940-66pgs-COM.sml.pdf

Shocking expose of communist textbook on psycho-political warfare. Evidence of its use in schools across our nation, disguised as "psychology".

Brainwashed Into Slavery-Kenneth Goff-circa 1940    

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Brainwashing The Men Who Defied&nbs
p;It - Edward Hunter -1956-289pgs-P

The new word brainwashing entered our minds and dictionaries in a phenomenally short time. This sinister political expression had never been seen in print anywhere until a few years ago. About the only times it was ever heard in conversation was inside a tight, intimate circle of trusted relatives or reliable friends in Red China during the short honeymoon period of communism. The few exceptions were when a Red indoctrinator would lose his temper and shout out, "You need a brainwashing."

Brainwashing The Men Who Defied It-Edward Hunter-1956    

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Child Psychiatry - Brock Chisolm&nb

This document deals with the reasons for for early public child care. GENERAL CHISHOLM'S REMARKABLE LECTURES on The Reestablishment of Peacetime Society will undoubtedly startle many people. This is not the first time that wisdom has mercilessly illuminated the nature and consequences of the fantastic fabric of man's training and behavior. But I dare say that it is one of the few occasions in which pitiless disclosure has been accompanied by the drawing of a clear, cleanly-defined alternative which may inspire our efforts. General Chisholm is paradoxical. He not only pleads for mature men and women, but the nature of his plea discloses that he himself is that extraordinary creature, a man of maturity.    
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Community Mental Health Advances -&
nbsp;US GOV -1964.sml.pdf

The beginning of states building the public industry of psychology...A new era in the treatment of the mentally disabled of the United States has been ushered in by actions of the 88th Congress. Focused in the community, the bold new program will provide facilities and services to prevent and ameliorate the waste and tragedy of mental illness and mental retardation.    
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Community Mental Health Services -&
nbsp;California Department of Mental&nbs
p;Hygiene -Portia Bell Hume MD 

The beginning of states building the public industry of psychology...Between 1953 and 1957, the Department of Mental Hygiene studied, in collaboration with a number of agencies and organizations inside and outside of state government, the question of meeting California's largely unmet needs for mental health services. As a result of these investigations and several public hearings, the State Legislature passed in 1957, almost unanimously, the Short-Doyle Act for Community Mental Health Services.    
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Crisis In Child Mental Health 
- Joint Commision on Mental He
alth -1969-46pgs-EDU.sml.pdf

For the last fifty years, there has been a growing concern over the number of mentally ill and emotionally disturbed children in the United States and an increasing dissatisfaction with the unavailability of mental health services. When the previous Joint Commission on Mental Illness and Health, for unavoidable reasons, was unable to cover this important area, both professional and concerned citizen groups pressed for a study of the mental health needs of children. Members of Congress also responded to the need and, in 1965, Senator Abraham Ribicoff introduced an amendment to the Social Security Amendments of 1965 (P.L. 89-97) which provided the funds and framework for the Commission's work. Thirteen national professional associations joined the incorporators of the Commission to form a Board of Directors. The Board, with a grant from the National Institute of Mental Health, developed a staff and enlisted more than 500 of the country's leading authorities on early childhood, adolescence, and the young adult to work on Task Forces, substantive Committees, and the collection of specialized information. The collaboration and participation of both affiliate member organizations and specialists at every Governmental agency level provided the Commission with additional and invaluable contributions.    
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This book on educational philosophy comes at a time of crisis, for the theme that runs through critical thinking in the field of educational theory today is characterized by deep concern over both the preservation and the enrichment of human values. Can we maintain our democratic individualism in the face of the standardizing forces of the Western machine civilization which may also engulf the Eastern world? Can we offset the totalitarianisms which deify the materialism of an increasingly industrial culture?    
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There is probably no subject that engages the public interest as greatly as does mental health. Why not? Every one, minute by minute, in his feelings about himself in his dealings with other people, and in his relations with the realities of the world about him, is happy, congenial, and successful, or the opposite, depending in large part upon his own mental health.    
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Is the STATE to decide what is Normal or Abnormal?... Recognition Of Symptoms in Emotionally Disturbed Children. Our understanding of what's normal is more limited than our comprehension of the abnormal because normality has a wide range. What is normal for one individual may not be normal for another. Actually there is nothing in the abnormal, which is unrelated to or non-existent in the normal. With the premise that we approach each individual child as a total sentient being- body, mind, intellect, feelings - we recognize that the behavior at any point in his life, 6 or 16 or 60, is a symptomatic express : on of the sum total of all he has experienced biologically, emotionally, socially, during his life. Then we consider, how does this one child measure up with the average. in his whole social group of peers? Does he live, perform, adjust in a reasonably effective, happy, healthy way? Or is he different? If different, how different? When can we talk with him, counsel with him, manipulate circumstances or environment which will help modify his difference? When shall we seek the clinical help that is afforded by child guidance clinics in their team approach of psychiatrists, psychiatric social workers, and psychologists? To what should we be alerted? Of what should we be aware if we are to function as preventive agents of poor mental health, mental illness, maladjustment?'    
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Documentation that inclusion of "mental health, housing, nutrition, etc." in definition of "Health"can be attributed to recommendation made by Soviet agent Alger Hiss, President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Canadian psychiatrist Brock Chisholm, and other members of the World Health Organization's Interim Commission.. Also included in this pamphlet are excerpts from speech by Chisholm entitled "Re-establishment of Peacetime Society, Responsibility of Psychiatry" which included population reduction, UN Peace force, and redistribution of wealth.    
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The present issue of International Conciliation reviews the history of the Interim Commission through its last meeting in February. The first World Health Assembly will convene in June 1948. A brief introductory article has been prepared by Dr . Brock Chisholm, Executive Secretary, World Health Organization, Interim Commission. Dr. Chisholm is an eminent psychiatrist and served during the war as Director-General of Medical Services of the Canadian Army. The main discussion of the World Health Organization has been contributed by C.E.A. Winslow, Professor Emeritus of Yale University and Editor of the American Journal of Public Health. Dr. Winslow has been a member of the Board of Scientific Directors of the International Health Division of the Rockefeller Foundation, Medical Director of the League of Red Cross Societies, and Expert Assessor of the Health Committee of the League of Nations.    
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"Man : A Course of Study," published in 1970, is a social studies course (generally for grade five) developed with National Science Foundation support totaling over $7.4 million . GAO's study of that project suggests that administration of precollege curriculum projects could be improved to insure that sound business practices are followed by Foundation officials and recipients of project funds. Some projects produce income, such as royalties, which the Foundation may authorize project grantees or contractors to use, but such earnings and use are not reported to the Congress. The Congress may wish the Foundation to determine the significance of such income, and require a report of receipts and expenditures for use in considering the Foundation's annual appropriation request.    
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The actual process of work developed along the following lines On arrival each member was given a set of volumes containing the carefully edited work of the Preparatory Commissions in the various participating countries, and time was set aside for the study of these documents. After members had given each other some information about their respective backgrounds, it was found necessary to "clear the ground" by answering several fundamental questions.    
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With one or two minor verbal alterations and proof corrections, this pamphlet is an exact reprinting of the statement produced by the International Preparatory Commission for the International Congress on Mental Health which was held in London in August, 1948. It will appear in the Proceedings of the Congress, but many people who are concerned with the issues dealt with in this statement have expressed a wish for a wider, distribution of the original document. ---The International Preparatory Commission was a group of twenty-five people who met from July 24th to August 8th, 1948, in order to study the results of the work of about five thousand men and women of varying professions who through the previous year had been working in discussion groups of Preparatory Commissions in some twenty-seven countries. The international group set out to evaluate these findings and to prepare a statement to serve as a basis for consideration at the Congress.    
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Compulsory pre-trial psychiatric examination is becoming more widespread every day. The current Walker case puts it into the spotlight and well that it does for it literally could involve every person in our Land.--- The sequence of events in the Walker case is almost incredible. After General Walker was apprehended by U. S. marshals, he was rushed to a mental prison. He was put in solitary confinement and ordered to undergo pre-trial psychiatric examination for a ninety-day period.    
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Recent developments show that there is a predetermined connection between mental health assessments and world citizenship. However, there is more to the use of mental health by the power elite than world citizenship.    
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The Second Annual Educational Workshop of the Colorado Psychiatric Technicians Association, April 9-13, 1969, offered a new world of promise to the psychiatric technicians who came from hospitals hundreds and even thousands of miles away. Fourteen states across the nation sent delegates to Pueblo, Colorado, to attend the five-day interest packed sessions. The Workshop was an excellent example of the outstanding programming that technicians can achieve. The work had been hard - but the smoothness of the operation indicated that the effort had been well focused . The Colorado Psychiatric Technicians Association had done a tremendous job in gaining the support of the staff of the local hospitals and colleges and the members of the community in putting on a major production that did justice to the progressive theme of the Workshop "New Frontiers in Psychiatric Technology."    
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Having myself been through a social revolution it became steadily clearer to me that the propaganda employed by the dictators in their respective countries was leading to a far more momentous program than was apparent on the surface. When the free press and the rights of free assembly and all other vestiges of individual liberty were finally destroyed in the dictator countries, I became genuinely alarmed. My past boiled into my mind and I saw, dimly at first, but most vividly as time went on, an idealistic boy who desired to destroy a tyrannical old world so that a better one, a world where all could be free and equal and enjoy impartially the fruits of the earth, might be built upon it. That boy had been frustrated and disillusioned, for out of all the Russian struggle for freedom of so many years had come-Stalin. And the man saw that out of poverty and disorganization of the Italian kingdom had come-Mussolini. And the man, again, saw that out of the humiliation and hungry despair of the German Reich had come- Hitler.    
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The CIA's progran in research of behavioral modification through the use of drugs and mind control techniques on unsuspecting military and civilian populations.    
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This book marks a distinction between psychical research, on the one hand, and spiritualism on the other. The two terms are often regarded as synonymous, but they are not. Psychical research aims at being a science, while spiritualism or spiritism is a pronouncement of faith. It is true that psychical research deals with topics which are ignored by ordinary scientific people, but it deals with them according to the methods of science, and arrives at carefully deduced conclusions. The method of science in such a case is to stress all verve cause to the uttermost, and not to assume anything in the smallest degree supernormal unless all normal causes are carefully excluded . Among the normal causes, fraud and inaccuracy of statement have to be strenuously guarded against, and the effort at guarding against them in every new case must seem rather tiresome to those whose experience has shown that supernormal things actually occur. There are some to whom supernormal things are of such frequent occurrence that the prefix seems to them almost unnecessary: things ordinarily so called have become by custom practically normal. Hence they tend to theorise from a different basis, these who rightly call themselves spiritualists start from an assured platform from which occurrences, which to those with less or no experience seem incredible, range themselves among expected phenomena, and are just as intelligible as anything open to ordinary observation. Nevertheless, in presenting the subject to novices, or persons without this experience, it is wise and necessary not to assume any more than they are ready to grant.    
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Dr Joseph Douglass is a national security analyst and author with expertise in defense policy, threat assessment, deception, intelligence and political warfare, nuclear strategy, terrorism, advanced chemical and biological warfare agents and applications, and international narcotics trafficking. Since the mid-1980s, his primary focus has been research into various dimensions of cultural warfare and notably into the illegal drugs plague, with emphasis on its origins, support structures, marketing and the question: 'What can be done?'    
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The Myth of Mental Illness-Thomas&n

The problems to which I address myself in this book are easy to state but, because of the powerful cultural and economic pressures that define the "correct" answers to them, are difficult to clarify. They have to do with such questions as: What is disease? What are the ostensible and actual tasks of the physician? What is mental illness? Who defines what constitutes illness, diagnosis, treatment? Who controls the vocabulary of medicine and psychiatry, and the powers of the physician-psychiatrist and citizen-patient? Has a person the right to call himself sick? Has a physician the right to call a person mentally sick? What is the difference between a person complaining of pain and calling himself sick? Or between a physician complaining of a person's misbehavior and calling him a mentally sick patient?    
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Comments by Richey regarding the formulation of John Goodlad's involvement in the future of education in the US.--- American education is changing so rapidly and on so many fronts that analyses of change from the perspective of today are based upon data that will be incomplete next year . The reader will find the book's value enhanced if he, too, attempts what the author of the final chapter has done so well-if he pulls together the strands that appear in the chapters of the book and interweaves them with other influences "which seem essential to understanding the impetuses for educational change, the conditions which determine the kinds and amount of change, and the bases for hope that education may become more responsive to the needs of our society and the individuals who compose it." The Committee and the contributing authors have produced a timely, thought-provoking volume that will stand as a bench mark in the history of educational change in America. Herman G. Richey    
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This book is in response to literally hundreds of requests from parents and teachers around the nation who have looked to the author and to the Anaheim Bulletin for guidance in the controversy over sex instruction and sensitivity training in the schools.--- Readers of the author's daily newspaper column realize that the problem they face is multi-faceted and deals with much more than a few dirty words used in a classroom or the imparting of clinical knowledge to children before they are old enough to absorb it.--- Sex instruction is only one small part of a massive bulldozer operation to convert America's public school system into a series of behavioral science clinics for reshaping and restructuring the children into the International Child of Orwell's 1984.    
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The Smoot Reports deal with subject matter from the Vietnam War to education, communism, the UN, and many other subjects of interest.    
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The Astral Body may be defined as the Double, or the ethereal counterpart of the physical body, which it resembles and with which it normally coincides. It is thought to be composed of some semi-fluidic or subtle form of matter, invisible to the physical eye. It has, in the past, been spoken of as the etheric body, the mental body, the spiritual body, the desire body, the radiant body, the resurrection body, the double, the luminous body, the subtle body, the fluidic body, the shining body, the phantom, and by various other names. In recent Theosophical literature, distinctions have been made between these various bodies, but for our present purposes we may ignore these distinctions, and speak of the "Astral Body" as some more subtle form, distinct from the organic structure known to Western science, and studied by our physiologists.    
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"At the start of 1951 you could have bought the good will of our airline for a thousand dollars," said one of the Board of National Airlines. "Today you could not buy it for millions ."--- A feud which had lasted years, caused one of the longest strikes in airlines history, and was about to cause another one "was brought to a screeching halt as the result of Moral Re-Armament." So says W. T. "Slim" Babbitt, vice-president of the Air Line Pilots Association of America (ALPA). Two men were at the heart of this feud . One was Babbitt himself, the other G. T. Baker, president of National Airlines. "We were two deadly enemies," says Slim Babbitt. Baker is tough and square, a man who has fought his way up from the ground to the top of a large industrial enterprise.--- He was born in the Middle West with little in his pocket, but with a passion for flying in his heart. He began operating a one-man air service between Chicago and some of the Southern states. Then he moved to Florida and painfully, steadily, resolutely built up the enterprise known as National Airlines. It was a struggle every inch of the way, and in that struggle Baker became ruthless.    
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Trust_Me_Express-Cecile Caldemeyer-1989-46pgs-EDU-

During the 1987-88 school year the small community of the East Gibson School District in south-western Indiana was embroiled in a dispute over a "thinking skills" program which had been implemented that fall. Supporters viewed the new "knowledge transfer" methods as innovative blessings to help equip our students with the scientific and technological knowledge necessary for the twenty-first century. Another group which became a much larger group--recognized elements of hypnosis--an altered state of consciousness, at best an affective thinking which reduced children to "sponges" being programmed with information.    
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Since this book first appeared in 1934, sociometry has been through many stages in rapid development. It has been identified not only with the rigorous application of research techniques to specific problems in human behavior; it has also grown along the lines of social healing, diagnosis and therapy. Simultaneously, sociometry has come forth with a theory of human behavior-on one hand, as a system of propositions rather solidly grounded in research findings, and on the other hand through its speculative considerations, it has aimed at capturing the imaginative mind. It is fair to say that the all-important foundations of sociometry have, by now, been built. This basis is one which consists of thousands and thousands of investigations, generally limited to various types of groups and small communities.    
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