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Magic_and_Mystery_in Tibet-Alexandra_David_Neel-19

THIS is the believe-it-or-not story, of a strange land and a mysterious people. It records the author's fascinating experiences while traveling for fourteen years through forbidden Tibet. It is a thrilling story, told without bias or exaggeration, by one of the foremost of women explorers. Alexandra David - Neel is the only European woman to have been honored with the rank of a Lama. She speaks and writes all of the Tibetan dialects fluently, and is a practising Buddhist. Having become, as she explains,a complete Asiatic, and being recognized as such by the people among whom she has lived, she has gained the complete confidence of the most important Lamas of the country. Her knowledge of Tibet and its people comes to her, therefore, at first hand.    
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Extremely important research for those seeking information relative to the evil effects of magic, the occult, etc. Not for the uninitiated or curious, or for those without a purpose. Excerpt follows: The actual question before us is after what manner, if any, magical procedure draws anything from secret tradition in the past, and so enters into the general subject of such tradition, whether in Christian or anterior times. It would and could only 'be of tradition on its worthless, side, and it will not exalt a subject which the records of centuries have shown to be incapable of being raised ; it will, however, let us know where we are.    
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