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A Program For The Jews And&nbs
p;Humanity - Harry Walton -1939-230

Since 1914 great historic events have taken place. There was the World War, the Russian revolution, and the upheavals in Europe and elsewhere. These historic events brought to mankind disillusionment and bitter disappointment. The World War, which was expected to end all wars, only prepared the ground for still more frightful wars; the Russian revolution, which was expected to bring to the working masses freedom, emancipation and communism, only brought them an oppressive dictatorship, a more intense exploitation and state capitalism; and the upheavals in Europe and elsewhere, which were conceived in democracy, internationalism and socialism, only brought fascism, an insane nationalism and Hitlerism.

A Program For The Jews And Humanity-Harry Waton-1939    

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A World Without Jews - Karl_Ma
rx -1959-95pgs-REL-PHI-POL.sml.pdf

Karl Marx was not only born a Jew, he came from a rabbinical family. His father Heschel Marx accepted Christianity in 1816 in order to practice law in Prussian territory. Like many converts, Marx found it necessary all his life to justify the mass conversion of his family by attacks against his blood brothers. Anti-Semitic expressions of his are to be found mainly in the present essay, in his Class Struggles in France, In the Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, and in his Letters to Engels, censored by Bebel and Bernstein. Some of the editors of his writings attempted to modify the vindictiveness of Marx's aggression. Others, like Mehring, even intensified them.

A World Without Jews-Karl Marx-1959    

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Anacalypsis V 1 - Godfrey Higg
ins -1927-786pgs-REL.sml.pdf

An Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil of the Saitic Isis ; or an Inquiry into the Origin of Languages, Nations and Religions. When I say that I have not written this work for fame, it must not be understood that I affect to be insensible to the approbation of the great and good : far from it . But if I had my choice, I would rather rank with Epictetus than with Horace, with Cato or Brutus than with Gibbon or Sir Walter Scott. Had either present popularity or profit been my object, I had spared the priests ; for, in Britain, we are a priest-ridden race : but though I had died a little richer, I had deserved contempt for my meanness.

Anacalypsis V 1-Godfrey Higgins-1927    

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Anacalypsis V 2 - Godfrey Higg
ins -1927-643pgs-REL.sml.pdf

An Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil of the Saitic Isis ; or an Inquiry into the Origin of Languages, Nations and Religions. When I say that I have not written this work for fame, it must not be understood that I affect to be insensible to the approbation of the great and good : far from it . But if I had my choice, I would rather rank with Epictetus than with Horace, with Cato or Brutus than with Gibbon or Sir Walter Scott. Had either present popularity or profit been my object, I had spared the priests ; for, in Britain, we are a priest-ridden race : but though I had died a little richer, I had deserved contempt for my meanness.

Anacalypsis V 2-Godfrey Higgins-1927    

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And Theres Tomorrow - Alice M&
nbsp;Weir -1975-456pgs-SOC-PSY.sml.pdf

"Alice M. Weir" is a pseudonym . The author has chosen to conceal her identity in writing And There's Tomorrow for two reasons.
First, the book is partly biographical . Mrs . Weir, like Sarah, the story's heroine, was born in the early 1900's and raised in New England . She worked on a newspaper for many years and married late in life . Thus it might prove embarrassing for friends and family if the fictional areas of the book were confused with facts.
Two, the book is controversial . While "Alice M . Weir" has published much material under her real name and is known in the fields of religious and political discourses, this is her first attempt to reach the general public through the medium of fiction. Here, her arguments and reasoning are presented by
characters such as "Great Uncle John David Barr", "Mr . Carter", "Congressman Kahl", "Amy Dimmock" and "Sarah", herself. However, the narrative is not diffused by the "Causes" Sarah exposes . Detailed political information including names, dates, reports and referrals, can be found in the back of the book as an attached addenda .Thus a reader has the choice of delving deeply into an amazing conglomerate of mis-used and mis-guided
national power, or merely riding the surface of its devastating undercurrents.

And There's Tomorrow Alice M Weir-1975    

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Archbishop Stepinac The Man And&nbs
p;His Case - Anthony Henry Cou
nt O'Brian of Thomond -1947-111pgs

Ever since the arrest of Mgr. Stepinac I have considered it my sacred duty to tell all men of good will that all the accusations brought against him are either pure falsifications or gross distortions and malicious misrepresentations of the facts. Close connections with Yugoslavia for over a quarter of a century certainly give me the right and the competence to do so. For more than five years I stayed in that country-two years and a half of them in Zagreb where I had the opportunity of speaking with Mgr. Stepinac once a week at least and thus becoming fully acquainted with his personality and his activity, his views and his opinions.

Archbishop Stepinac The Man And His Case -1947    

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British History Traced from Egypt&n
bsp;and Palestine - Rev LGA Ro
berts Com RN -1927-172pgs-POL-REL.sml.pd

The following treatise owes its origin to the fact that there is no authentic and continuous history of the greatest nation the world has ever had to deal with. The British Empire and the United States of America, English-speaking people, own between them one-fourth part of the universe, and by far more than half its wealth and natural production. The influence of this people far exceeds that of all the former empires which have governed mankind . The Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Grecian and Roman, all put together, do not vie with Britain and the United States in power, in wealth, in moral integrity, or nobleness of character. Whereas their power was autocratic, and maintained by the sword, the dominion of the British and Angles is founded, or constructed, mainly by the democratic freewill of those under its genial and benign sway.

British History Traced From Egypt And Palestine-Rev LGA Roberts-Com RN-1927    

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Christ Was Not a Jew - Ja
cob Elon Conner -1936-178pgs-REL.sml.pdf

This is by no means the first defense of the postulate that Christ was not a Jew. Ebionitism, "the earliest of the heresies," rested upon the same false assumption that is herein called into question. That heresy denounced Paul and the other apostles who carried Christianity to the Gentiles without first converting them to Judaism. The Ebionites were Judeo-Christians-more Jewish than Christian. Hence, this is but a new answer to an old fallacy in the light of the present. In a book of this limited size and well-nigh boundless scope, much must remain unsaid. I have aimed to state the case for the affirmative of my postulate, cover the main points as outlined, and give my conclusions backed by ancient and modern sources.    
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Conquest Through Immigration - Geor
ge W Robnett -1968-404pgs-POL-REL.sml.pd

The purpose of this volume is to deal as realistically and factually as possible with certain blurred pages of some recent and very important history. This is a studious effort by the authors to put into the record a rounded and authentic account of one of the most extraordinary political action and minority-power movements of the twentieth century - outside possibly that of the Bolshevik revolution. It is doubtful that a more sensitive topic than the central theme of this book could have been selected since, of necessity, the subject-matter involves, in varying degree, the three most delicate issues in the whole category of human discussion, religion, race and politics.    
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Gentile_Folly-The Rothschilds-Arnold_Leese-1940-67

This little book has been produced with the object of filling a vacancy which the author considers has too long existed. Works on the Rothschilds are many, but nearly all these are either purposefully inaccurate or, like Count Corti's masterpiece, long and rather dry.. This book of mine contains no padding and needs to be read slowly. I am not concerned with anecdotes about the Rothschilds, nor with registering their " wise-cracks," nor with their " charity." I take no interest in the Rothschilds as men or robots, but only as Jews ; this book, which has been condensed so as to be within the reach of any working-man or woman, deals with the principal aspects of control over the Gentile by sheer weight of money-power, a control used for purposes not Gentile.    
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Among the absurd notions as to what the Talmud was, given credence in the Middle Ages, one was that it was a man! The mediaeval priest or peasant was perhaps wiser than he knew . Almost, might we say, the Talmud was Man, for it is a record of the doings, the beliefs, the usages, the hopes, the sufferings, the patience, the humor, the mentality, and the morality of the Jewish people for half a millennium. What is the Talmud? There is more than one answer. Ostensibly it is the corpus juris of the Jews from about the first century before the Christian era to about the fourth after it. But we shall see as we proceed that the Talmud was much more than this ... The very word "Law" in Hebrew-"Torah" - means more than its translation would imply. The Jew interpreted his whole religion in terms of law, It is his name in fact, for the Bible's first five books the Pentateuch. To explain what the Talmud is we must first explain the theory of its growth, more remarkable perhaps than the work itself.    
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To deny the existence of an evil is not to destroy, but to intrench it . This is essentially true of anti-Semitism in America- an evil often denied or ignored, yet which incontrovertibly exists today. Hence, when formulating the subject of the Essay Contest on which this symposium is based, the editors Of OPINION invited consideration, not of whether anti,Semitism exists, but of how to combat it. They held that the time had passed for polite reticence and passive optimism ; that like other prejudices, anti-Semitism would never be eliminated in the United States until it had been openly exposed; and that this could best be done by public discussion of ways and means by which to end it.    
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Jewish Encyclopedia_326pg_Rel_sml.pdf

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In this volume on Jewish life in South America, Rabbi Cohen has performed an important service in relation to the whole of the American Jewish community, perhaps the more important and enduring because it was rendered as a phase in the task of identifying American Jewry with the Americas in their entirety and solidarity. In his book, which is an echo of personal and immediate impressions set down in precise diaries and accurate reports, Rabbi Cohen has brought the very mood and quality of the South American democracies to the Northern Democracy . The report on his recent visit to South America is particularly important in the light of the forthcoming Inter-American Jewish Conference at Montevideo, Uruguay, July, 1941.    
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How did the Jews, after the capture of Jerusalem, organize themselves to lead their own life, that life which protects their faith while safeguarding their nationality? How were these sacred books formed, the Michnah and the Talmuds, a jurisprudence which appears to us arid and which has made them forget the interior religion, so comprehensive and so intense of the Prophets and the Psalms? To what dogmas is the faith of Israel attached nowadays, and, after centuries of waiting, what has become of that immense Messianic hope which permeates the whole of the Old Testament? What system of morality is professed by the Jew who lives side by side with us, and what is the cult practised by him in the privacy of his home or in the Synagogue?    
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In its issue of September 5, the number three weekly news magazine, US. News and World Report, which boasts of being"RatedAmerica's Most Credible News Service," ran a major article by its reporter Jay Tolson, titled, Inside the Masons. The purported facts set forth in the article by staff writer Jay Tolson, actually are contradicted by the true f acts set forth in the official Scottish Rite monthly magazine, the New Age, which underwent a name change in the early 1980s. One aspect of the article also is contradicted by a news article in The Washington Post some years earlier. As a matter of fact, the US. News article is typical of a variety of articles on Masonry that have appeared over the years with some regularity in a variety of newspapers and magazines across the country. Apparently the purpose is, and has been to dispel - as one letter writer from Indianapolis wrote in the magazine's September 19 issue - "misinformation about the [Masonic] fraternity ." Those newspaper articles, have all the appearance of press releases by the Masonic fraternity, leading the public to believe that this late 18`' century Fraternity is comprised of a group of good of boys dedicated to helping their fellow man by their support of hospitals dedicated to ministering to burned children, and spreading good cheer among all people by their parades and circuses. Cities, large and small, across this country have two things in common: a Protestant Church and a Masonic Lodge. However, little known to the public at large, research shows those lodges are themselves a type of a church teaching the pagan Ancient Mysteries and other occult matters, as a review of Masonic literature will certainly evidence, particularly the New Age, and the magnum opus, Morals and Dogma, written by their late 19th Century Grand Commander, Albert Pike.    
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This book seeks, as a major aim, to bridge the interval between the founding of the religions and their present state. It is hoped, incidentally, that the frequent quotations from the original source materials—or from authoritative accounts—will make the highly human quality of each religion evident, and thus excite the reader to further reading in a vast field.    
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The Plan of the Ages, 680th Thousand, published by Watch Tower, Bible and Tract Society, Allegheny, PA., USA, 1898

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It was with much pleasure that I accepted the mandate, offered to me by The Jewish Publication Society of America, to contribute an essay on Zionism as one of a series dealing with prominent Jewish movements. Whichever side of the question appeals to us, we must all recognize that under the name Zionism a solution of the Jewish problem has been presented which must be of much moment for the future of the Jewish people . I venture to think that it is the only solution and to hold that the weal or woe of our race depends upon our espousal or rejection of it. In saying so much, I am practically affirming my standpoint. I make no excuse for the trend of my thought. I have written frankly as a Zionist, and I believe that the Publication Society and its many members will be served best by the presentation of all such subjects at the hand of those whose sympathy for them has made them able to understand their essence.    
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As we were entering New York harbour one of the wealthiest Americans came out on his fine steamyacht and carried off his returning son. This young man had been such a genial and unpretending comrade on our voyage that it was only when we were approaching the figure of Liberty that her torch enlightened us as to her remoteness from Equality, the lesson being further impressed upon us-the millionless and yachtless -by our slow progress through the Customs. But the inequality created by pecuniary conditions is not all to the advantage of the millionaire. The comparatively impecunious are sure to invest him, without respect to his merits or demerits, with an unpleasing reputation. I never met this millionaire, but was told by honourable and well-informed business men that he was an irreproachable domestic character, not luxurious or self-indulgent, forbearing and generous towards those with whom he had dealings, and that like Dives in the parable be was popularly consigned to a bad place simply because he was rich.    
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Fascinating 1941 Time Magazine article giving background of Church of England involvement in plans for world government. 

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Only recently has it been possible to state with any thing like accuracy, the dates when the occurrences mentioned in the Old Testament took place, for the reason that history is not reliable beyond 600 B.C . ; but the great organized societies of the United States, England and France have sent astronomers, mathematicians, doctors, teachers, students, preachers, etc., etc., to Egypt, Palestine, Babylon and other ancient settlements of earth to dig up, uncover, figure out and interpret the inscriptions on monuments, bricks, slabs, walls, tombs, statuary, pottery, pyramids, buildings, etc., which were made by the inhabitants of earth long before history was written in orderly manner; and they have brought to the surface many things which throw light on the dates when some of the occurrences mentioned in the Bible took place; and in every instance the discoveries have confirmed the Bible narrative. It is the hand of God at work to stun and drive to the wall the people, who have become so wise in their own conceit that they have been denying the accuracy of the Bible, and are now so bold as to deny even the existence of God Himself, right in the face of facts now occurring, which clearly show His movements over the earth with great power, like the rumblings of the thunder, so that the heavens and the earth are trembling under His footsteps and the governments of men are being shaken to pieces.    
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The charge will be made that this book is an attack upon religion. If this book be read with merely ordinary carefulness, that charge will stand wholly disproven.--- The Man of Galilee was certainly not open to the charge of being irreligious, yet his scathing criticisms of ecclesiastical leaders, constitute the high-water mark of righteous denunciation.--- The present general uprising against the extrareligious activities of powerful leaders of ecclesiastical organizations and appurtenant societies, is an uprising not of men and women who despise religion, but of men and women who love religion and who earnestly seek to perpetuate the correct interpretation of it, as the only hope for our civilization.    
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The purely political opinions expressed in this book, much as they may interest and command attention, cannot be publicly endorsed by me. One may take a detached view of the world's concerns, and mark the ebb and flow of political forces. From the vantage point afforded by the study of such a life as this, we can watch the tide that has gone on mounting up till it has reached high-water mark during the life of Pius XI, when he is well-nigh spent with his labours to direct the Christian world towards peace in a renewal of religious life. He showed from the beginning of his reign that he understood the world crisis which is upon us ; that it would end, if left to the violent handling of extremists, in utter wreck. As we witness the struggle of right against might, of justice and charity against wrong and hate, the. words of the old Greek chorus ring in our ears "Sing woe I sing woe I but let the good prevail." The battle is stern and deadly the cost, but the undaunted Pius XI, Father of all the faithful, inspires hope and courage; the final triumph, as in the worst periods of the Church's history, will rest with the power of the Cross.    
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How will religion impact government and foreign policy in the 21st century? This joint paper, prepared by the World Academy of Art and Science and the Forward Study Unit of the European Commission was presented to representatives from various Foreign Offices of European countries in preparation for the "Brussels Seminar, "May 26, 1998, as a way of thinking about Europe's approach to "Religion and Governance."    
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Contrary to some reports and rumors, there has not been any improvement in the situation of the Jews of Germany. Indeed, the events of the past year show that the men now in control of the government are determined to go forward with the completion of the program begun in April 1933, of degrading the Jews and Christians of Jewish descent to a status beneath that of aliens.    
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The Declaration to support the Jewish National enterprise followed the military penetration of Palestine during the successful campaign inaugurated by Great Britain in the late summer and the autumn of 1917. This pledge was published on behalf of the British Government by the Honorable Arthur J. Balfour, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, in his letter to Lord Rothschild, on November second of that year. Since that time, Great Britain has proceeded with the consummation of her purpose by effecting the complete military occupation of Palestine and by the installation of the Zionist Commission, which administers, under British protection, the affairs of Jewish Palestine.    
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THE biographer, one Lucas of Syria, whose amazing story of the world's most successful man of business we are about to examine, begins his work with this brief literary gem, which for true artistry certainly deserves a high place among the world's greatest prefaces . Even the various English renderings show that scarce a whit of its noble dignity is lost in translating it from its original setting in Greek.    
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This book is the last work of the late William Kingsland and is published under the auspices of "The Kingsland Literary Trust." This Trust was inaugurated by the author shortly before his death, and is by his wish composed of the Council of the Blavatsky Association, who are thereby empowered to publish his MSS. at their discretion. The "Gnosis" had occupied much of Kingsland's time and thought during the last two years of his life, and was not completed , until shortly before his death, he had, indeed, hoped to make a few alterations to the manuscript but did not live to do so, and except for the correction of some typist's errors it is published as it left the author's hand. In this work Kingsland shows how the fundamental teachings given to the world at the beginning of the Christian era were derived from the Gnosis or Ancient Wisdom, but in time have become so perverted that the modern interpretation of Christianity represents merely their debased survival. It should be mentioned that the author's title for this work was The Gnosis in the Christian Scriptures, which the Trust altered to its present form. The cost of the publication has been met by many friends whom William Kingsland had helped to a truer concept of the realities of life through his deep understanding of the Ancient Wisdom. The contributors have been glad to assist in the production of this work as a memorial to one whom they regard with enduring gratitude and affection.    
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CHAPTER I. The Indictment 3 II. England's First Approach 16 III. Palestine and War Policies 27 IV. England's Original Interpretation 42 V. The Peace Conference 51 VI. The Mandate 79 VII. The Colonial Office Takes Hold 101 VIII. The League Takes Hold 118 IX. The "Crystallization" Process 145 X. We Rest Our Case 160 APPENDIX I. The Great Adventure II. The Churchill White Paper 173 III. The Mandate for Palestine 183 IV. A Defense of the Mandate V. Balfour's Protest VI. The Home Land Claim 221 VII. The Passfield white Paper 238 VIII. Winston Churchill's Views 286    
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THE MYSTERY WHICH HATH BEEN HIDDEN FOR AGES AND FROM GENERATIONS. These pages, containing thoughts from many minds, from Intelligences in the form and out of it, from Souls embodied and disembodied, have been gathered by the compiler, as a harvester garners a few sheaves that shall yield some little seed for planting when the seed time is at hand.    
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This remarkable book published by the American Jewish Committee will appeal to WWI history buffs and those interested in the plight of the Jews during that tragic conflagration.  The following excerpt provides just a taste of what is to be found within the covers of this book: 24 THE JEWS IN THE EASTERN WAR ZONE Count A. Bobrinski, a Conservative member of the Imperial Council, declared, in a statement to the editor
of the "Dehn" :*
"The conservative members of the Imperial Council raised no objection whatsoever against the recent Government measure granting permission to the Jews to reside outside of the Pale . I believe that we shall have to become accustomed to the idea of
seeing the Jews dwell in all parts of
Russia after this war is over .There can be no return to the old conditions. "The necessities of the war must lead us also to sanction future
concessions toward the Jews whenever the need thereof will be recognized by the Government in order to be able to place a Government loan in

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These lectures-or lessons, since they are now being put out in a correspondence form through Study Clubs-are designed to expose the economic, social and political fallacies of Socialism which are commonly designated under a variety of names such as "Communism," "Liberalism," "Internationalism," "Pacifism," "Atheism," etc. These lectures do not pretend to exhaustively cover the subject but instead are designed to furnish a basis for additional study and reading, or for quick reference for writers and speakers.    
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"Having read `The Rape of Palestine,' I stand amazed at the scholarship, the courage and the competence of William B . Ziff, its author. The book is full of political dynamite -in its documented indictment of the British camarilla which in betraying the Jewish nation is betraying the British nation as well ; in its unsparing exposure of self-deluded Zionist leadership ; in its passionate and convincing demonstration that anti-Semitism threatens to annihilate not only us Jews but everything connoted by `Christian civilization .' It is a moving and powerful andvastly significant book, the kind of book, it seems to me, that makes history." - Eugene Lyons "The Palestine problem is not a local issue. It has become one of major significance to the world at large . Mr. Ziff's great book is a splendid contribution to the clarification and ultimate solution of that problem. It is a perfectly amazing historical document. Its clarity and charm of style, its forthright logic and masterly presentation' of facts make it one of the outstanding books of this generation." William Griffin, Editor and Publisher, New York Enquirer    
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After a total sus ension of news from Russia lasting between twenty-four and forty-eight , hours, news reached England of the Revolution and the abdication of the Tsar. I remember going to my club and witnessing the enthusiasm of the members : "Have you heard the glorious news from Russia?" My suggestion that it was a great disaster was received with pitying incredulity, and for months afterwards' the censorship imposed upon the Press the obligation of "writing up" the Revolution . Three months later, in a'postcript to Birkbeck and the Russian Church (S.P.C.K., 1917), I attempted to appraise the effect on the Church of the great change in its position . But neither I nor any other individual' at that time could foresee the extent of the catastrophe or could believe that it presaged the most ferocious attack upon Christianity that the world has ever seen.    
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THE Church Times, in its issues of September 9th, 16th, and 23rd, 1888, devoted a considerable portion of its space to a criticism of this book, and has now reprinted these articles as a pamphlet of thirty-two pages. It is generally understood that this is the recognised reply of the Ritualistic party, and therefore it has been thought well that I should answer it in these pages.    
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Many people today are keenly interested to know what the Jewish Talmud really teaches about Christians, and for an accurate, authentic treatise on this subject, there is no need to go further than the scholarly work of the Rev. Father B. Pranaitis, an able Roman Catholic theologist and Hebraist, formerly on the staff of the Roman Catholic college of the Imperial Academy in old St. Petersburg. His work is in Hebrew and Latin and bears the imprimatur of his ecclesiastical superior.--- This is an accurate translation of Father Pranaitis' Latin text, and it is felt that it will be appreciated by those who are interested to know what this great scholar wrote on this important subject from original Talmudic sources. Father Pranaitis was one of those "liquidated"* by the Cheka during the Bolshevist revolution in Russia.    
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There exists nowhere a collected and authentic recital of the Theosophical Movement of the nineteenth century. Yet, although a scant half century has elapsed since the foundation of The Theosophical Society at New York City, the work there begun has spread into all portions of the civilized world, until the word Theosophy is a familiar term to every educated mind. The teachings known under that name have been more or less investigated and adopted by millions, while its more earnest students who have accepted it as a complete and satisfactory explanation of all the problems of life, here and hereafter, are numbered by thousands in every country and of every race.    
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THE following chapters are an attempt to elucidate the questions, " What are the facts of the world's history and chronology? " ; " What are the facts as to the nature, object and fulfilment of Bible prophecy? " ; and, " Are the facts of one borne out by the facts of the other ? "--- Such was chiefly the subject-matter of our What Saith the Scripture?...first published in 1922, and reissued in 1924 as Prophecy and its Fulfilment, now out of print.    
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Five years ago, we published Light Bearers of Darkness, largely based on articles appearing in the Patriot from 1925 to 1930, being the result of our own experiences and investigations into various individual secret societies, their affiliations, their occult practices, their pseudoreligious and political activities. Today, in The Trail of the Serpent; we issue a further instalment of these researches, built up almost wholly from contributions to the Patriot from 1930 to 1935. Going back to Patriarchal times, we attempt to trace, step by step, the worship of the ancient Serpent, the Creative Principle, the God of all initiates, from the early Cabiri, through Paganism to the pseudo-Christianity of the Gnostics and Cabalists, these latter largely emanating under the influence of the Hellenised Jews of Alexandria.    
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This is a story about the underground battles regarding whether the U.S. would be dominated by Catholicism or Protestantism. Told in more of a civilian form it should prove to be of a historically societal interest to the reader.    
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The words of Harlan Cleveland, long-time internationalist change agent who served as the first U.S. Ambassador to the Common Market, are of utmost importance. This paper prepared by Cleveland and Marc Luyckx for the European Union seems to have set the stage for future discussions of the role of religion in the new EU Constitution and especially the role of traditional Christianity. The second to the last paragraph is clear regarding the relegation of Christianity to a position of "equality" with other non-Christian religions. It reads: "The transmodern way of thinking outlined in this paper is ACTIVELY tolerant. It acknowledges that it is important for all civilizations to be receptive to that which is alien, whatever form this may take. It is open to the transcendental, while resisting any authoritarian imposition of religious certainty. The truth is at the centre of things; each person converges toward it with his/her own culture, along his/her own path. Nobody has a monopoly of the truth any more "yet it does exist."    
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These last ten years and more I have been asking myself, with increasing urgency, a number of questions: Is there any special significance in the distinction I have so long cherished-the distinction of "Jew-gentile"-not to be found in the class of distinctions implied in "American-Foreigner" or "Englishman-Foreigner"? Is there, between us Jews and you gentiles, that is between the Jew on the one hand and the Englishman, the Frenchman, the American on the other hand, that which transcends all the differences which exist among yourselves, so that, in relation to us, you are gentiles first, and afterwards (and without particular relevance in this connection) Englishmen, Frenchmen, Americans?    
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